Title: Baby Blues
By: Amanda Paweska
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Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Chris owns the boys. Sadly I don’t….but maybe, someday. *sigh *
Although, Anderea Jupitor is all mine. 
Notes: I think my Lone Gunmen/X Files time line is a little outta wack. But
shhhhhh!  No one needs to know. Also, to understand just who Anderea
is, I hope you’ve read “Project Jupiter”

The gunmen, feeling more comfortable without invitation, made another visit to
the new family at mother Scully’s apartment. This time bringing their female
counter part, Anderea. The slightly askew Gunmen Family didn’t come baring
gifts, but the salvation for all new parents: adult conversation. 

“Developed minds,” Mulder smiled, opening the door while cradling a barrage of
baby supplies.
Scully appeared behind him, cuddling baby William in her arms with a coy smile
on her lips, “That’s a matter of opinion.” Her dry wit only slightly weakened
by her obvious lack of sleep. 
Frohike walked in and over to the new mother and child, “You know, he really
shouldn’t hear such things about his gifted Uncles.”
“The sooner he finds out the truth, the better,” Scully leaned down to accept
the waiting kiss from the shorter man on her cheek. 
“I wish someone had told me about you,” Anderea teased as she joined her Uncle
to fawn over the drowsy baby.
“Remind me again why we keep her around when she abuses us like that?” Langly
addressed Byers while crossing his arms over his chest.
“’Cause I’m so cute,” she smiled at her lover who moved his arms around her. 
“That must be it,” he planted a soft kiss on her lips.
Frohike glared at them, “What did I tell you two about public displays?”
They both glared back, “Yes daddy.”
“What did I tell you about that?”
Scully giggled.

Mulder returned from dropping the baby paraphernalia, feeling like something
was missed, “You boys have something you wanted to tell me, or show me?
Anything?” He was starving for the classic good old days of conspiracy theories
instead of dirty diapers and midnight feedings. 
“Well, actually, there is this system we’ve uncovered…..” Byers started,
gathering all the gunmen and Mulder together in the dinning room to explain
their latest findings. 

“Boys and their silly little theories,” Anderea giggled as she and Scully
watched them flock.
“Yeah,” she started to agree but yawn interrupted, “Sorry. Long night.” The
bags under her blue eyes gave the evidence. 
“Why don’t you take a nap? I could watch William,” the younger woman offered,
holding her arms out to accept the child.
“If you’re sure,” giving her no chance to change her mind Scully passed William
into her arms, “Are you sure you can handle, everything?” she was more
concerned with Anderea dealing with the theory swapping group that formed in
her living room. 
“Living with them, I’m sure I can handle anything,” Anderea shifted William in
her arms, “You go and sleep.” She had to practically push Scully into her room.
“Al…..ri…..ght,” The yawning was clearly taking over, “Wake me…..if…..you

“We’ll be fine. Right Willy?” She smiled at the warm weight in her arms.
Staring down at the little face her mind drifted back. 

Back ten months ago.
Almost a life-time ago it seemed.

Fox was missing. The guys were trying to deal. And Scully; pregnant and

Each one of the guys were dealing in their own ways. 
John, he was following every lead that came his way. No matter how far fetched
or hopeless. He’d get the call, email or fax, and off he’d be.

Uncle ‘Hike was much less productive. He drank. Alone. Either locking himself
in his room with bottles of whiskey or taking off to seedy bars. 

Jimmy wasn’t around the warehouse much. Not that I blame him. I think he spent
his time with Yves. But he was on 24 hour Frohike call. Thank god. He’d pick
Frohike up, long after he was fall down drunk, and bring him home. I must have
praised and hugged Jimmy millions of times for that. 

Ree, well publicly he was a stone wall, but at night he’d let me hold him. He
was so scared and saddened. As they all were, but Ree let me comfort him. The
only thing I really could do. The sex was needful since he was filled with such
a great need. I understood it. And was glad he let me be there for him. 

Weeks went by, essentially the same. An errie silence and stillness had fallen
over the warehouse. Like someone had died. Oh, god forbid! I couldn’t handle
seeing them if he did. They’d die right alone with him. 

The paper would have stopped to, but it gave me something to do during the day.
I’d piece it together from old stories and files that were saved on various
disks and from a few things Jimmy had worked on. Uncle ‘Hike would have freaked
if he hadn’t crawled into a bottle to hibernate. 

There was no real talking. Only John, to whom ever called and ‘Hikes’ mumbling.
Even at night, Ree would just lye with me in bed. WE didn’t use verbal
communication, but than what words were there anyway?
It must have been at least two months or more since Fox was missing when the
possibility crossed my mind. There couldn’t have been a more impossible time. 

continued in part 2