Title: Baby Blues (2/3)
By: Amanda Paweska
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Rating: PG
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Although, Anderea Jupitor is all mine. 
Notes: I think my Lone Gunmen/X Files time line is a little outta wack. But
shhhhhh!  No one needs to know. Also, to understand just who Anderea
is, I hope you’ve read “Project Jupiter”

Baby Blues PART 2

When Ree came into my room I was laying on the bed just staring off.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” he sat on the bed’s edge. His words snapping me into
“Huh, ah,” I sat up and a faint smile crossed my lips, “I don’t know if it
would be wrong.”
Ree’s forehead crunched in confusion.
I was about to say it, but remember what was going on, “How are you today? The
smile had completely disappeared from my face.
“The same as yesterday,” he sighed heavily as he lay down in the space I had
just left with his head resting on my lap. His blond locks fanned carelessly
over my leg, “Could really use some good news.”
“What would you consider good news?” I saw an opportunity open, but show I take
He looked up at me, “What’s on your mind?”
“Nothing really,” I shook the idea out of my head.
“Those wheels are turning in side that head of yours,” he wrapped the ends of
my hair around his finger and almost pouted, “Tell me.”
It took all my control to deny him, “It’s just not a good time, considering
everything,” shaking my head, “just forget it.”

He sat up, supporting himself on one arm. His face was open and sympathetic, “I
don’t want you to think you can’t talk to me. Than it would just be about the
sex,” his lips curved into a mischievous grin, “But I could live with that.”
“Something tells me you wouldn’t be living long,” I crossed my arms across my
chest, mocking an appalled reaction. The thought of making love with Ree was
anything but appalling. "I don’t think ‘Hike would let you breathe too long
“Hmm, good point,” he stroked an imaginary beard like he was pondering my
realisation, “See that proves my point, you have to tell me to save me from the
little dwarf.”

I had to laugh. God he looked cute, but if what I thought was true he would
need protection from the leather clad elf.
“So?” he stared at me impatiently, but his eyes still warm. 
I opened my mouth to start, but where do I start? It’s not like I ever had
practice at this. I just closed my eyes and jumped in, “I’m late.” I waited for
a reaction, but there wasn’t any until I opened my eyes. “It’s probably
nothing. It’s not like I’m sure of anything or anything…..”
He put his hand up for me to stop, “Wait. You’re late for what?” His expression
dropped when the realisation hit him, “You mean late late?”
I just nodded slowly.
“Wholly shit,” he leaned back on his other arm, shocked.
“I know we never talked about a the possibility of a baby or anything,” he
mouthed the words ‘a baby’ as I spoke, “I’m not sure, it’s just ---.”
He cut me off, entrapping my mouth with his. The kiss was deep, having the
forcefulness of need. 

“I didn’t expect your reaction to be like that.”
“What did you expect?” he was stroking my hair absolutely softened.
I shrugged, “I donno. Just more of a reaction I guess.” I was nervously peeling
the nail polish off my fingernails.
He thought for a moment before he spoke, “Well, I guess it’s just…..you know,”
his cheeks started to blush as he struggled with his words, “I wanna be with
you forever…..cause how much I love you. So I guess a baby is like, normal or
something,” he shrugged a little. 
The meaning behind the words hit me really hard, in a great way, but I did
start crying.
“What?” he brushed the hair off my face.
A smile broke threw, “We might have a baby.”
My smile was mirrored on his face, “Yeah.”

continued in part 3