Title: das deutsche Ebenteuer

Author: Robin Elizabeth

E-mail: superstarscannonballs79@hotmail.com

Keywords: LGM, Jimmy, Yves, Jimmy whumping (most likely), who knows what else I'll throw in, vary by part

Rating: will vary by part, this is G

Spoilers: nothing in this part

Disclaimer: Any characters not regularly seen on LGM are owned by me. CC owns the rest. This story is Copyright (©) 2001, all rights reserved.

Notes: Was not beta'd. Not to be distributed without my express permission.  Later on there will be lots of German, I'll decide what to do about it then. The title means: The German Adventure.

Summary: LGM and company are in for some overseas excitement.


Jimmy was sitting in a chair by the phone, just flipping through an old magazine he found. He wasn’t expecting anyone to call, just wanted to be near the phone in case someone did. And sure enough, just as he got engrossed in an article, the phone rang. Jimmy jumped from the chair and snatched it after the first ring. He noticed Frohike and Langly out of the corner of his eye.

“Office of the Lone Gunmen. This is Jimmy,” he said rapidly.

Frohike and Langly approached, listening to Jimmy’s end of the conversation.  By the end, they figured out they had a date with someone set for the following evening. Byers soon joined Frohike and Langly, all staring at Jimmy impatiently.

“We gotta meet this girl tomorrow night, 7:30 at this coffee shop called ‘Riverside’ on Hoyt Street. She said she’ll be sitting in the corner, reading an issue of the Lone Gunmen with a cup of coffee on the table,” Jimmy said, reading from the notes he took.

“Did she say what she wanted?” Byers asked.

“Not a word. She said she’d explain tomorrow night,” Jimmy answered.

“Ok, you and I will go. Frohike and Langly can do surveillance from the van,” Byers suggested with Frohike and Langly in agreement.

After a brief discussion, the four went their separate ways. Jimmy went to bed that night with an unexplainable excitement. In the morning, Jimmy allowed himself to sleep in, content knowing that there was something happening this evening he should be excited for.

When he did get up, he found no one there. Shrugging, he looked for a note, but there was none. Jimmy got into the shower with a bounce in his step that he didn’t realize. After some brunch, he turned the TV on to find 
out what was going on in the world. But he soon got bored and turned to the Cartoon Network. He was in the middle of watching Scooby Doo when he heard the buzzer go off.

The monitor showed Byers, Langly and Frohike. Jimmy immediately let them in, with all three brushing wordlessly by him.

“Hello to you too,” he mumbled, following them.

“Here’s the plan for tonight…” Byers began, delving into the details of what would happen for the meet.