TITLE: Don't Upset This Mess
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DISCLAIMER: These characters belong to
Chris Carter and 1013.
CLASSIFICATION: 155 Gunmen Challenge

Don't Upset This Mess...

He opened the door and when the full force hit,
he narrowed his eyes. Violation had never
felt like this. An outright invasion of his
jealously-guarded privacy. Nobody had the right
to just come in here and mess with his stuff.

He'd been talking about getting him one, but
he didn't think he'd have the nerve to go out,
buy it, and then stick the monstrosity in
the what was now, the tidiest corner of his room.
More of his natty co-conspirator's sneaky doing.

Emphasis on the *rat*.

The fuming blond counted to three and then at
the top of his lungs bellowed, "Byers, man you
better get in here and haul this twisted piece
of ugly crap the hell outta my room!"

The guilty party suddenly appeared from behind
the door, and meekly asked, "Something wrong,