Title: Dreams, Lone Gunmen and a whole lot more
Author: T'PeeJ
Email: tpeej@hotmail.com
Rating: PG
Summary: Worlds collide when reality and dreams aren't working out.
Disclaimers: I don’t own any of this expect Donni. So please don’t mind me borrowing the world or Charmed or The Lone Gunmen. I just wanted to play with them once together. Please don’t sue; all I own is a couple of books, a hope, prayer and sometimes even a promise. OK so I like Charmed and the Lone Gunmen. You wanted me to leave this one alone?? I don’t think so!!!


Langly turned to look for Byers and Frohike; they were coming down the hallway that the tall, skinny man had just come. “Hey,” he called out to his friends. “Where the hell are we?” The whole place was a dull gray shades. Nothing looked like it should.

Byers reached Langly first, “No idea. This is just on the edge of unreal. I don’t understand any of this. I thought I had gone to bed and next thing I know I standing in a kitchen.” Byers in his forever suits and well-trimmed beard and mustache, looked a very uncomfortable.

“You did better then me,” said Frohike. I was in bed and then I was on the library with a candlestick in my hand. Now I am not much into board games, but if a dead body shows up any where around here, I am out of here!” Said the short bald man as he looked around the place.

“Langly, Byers and Frohike glad you made it,” said a voice out of nowhere. Out of thin air a rather large man appeared. To anyone else the sight of a red and black person would have frightened him or her, but the Lone Gunmen had meet Belthazor, the demon before.

“Belthazor, did you bring us here?” asked the three men.

“Yes, I need to talk to you guys. Since I have no idea where you guys really are in the real world, I brought you here in your dreams again. I hope you don’t mind.” Said the Demon as he walked down the hallway. He stopped and turned back to them. “Are you coming?”

“Right,” said the Lone Gunmen as the followed him into other room.

“I am not as good at this dream thing as Donni is, but I will try to get to look a little better for you,” said Belthazor. “First thing, am I wanting you to see my human side. I am not sure why Donni went to all the trouble of not showing it to you in the first place, but I am part human like she is.” Belthazor changed into his human side of Cole Turner. He smiled at them. “I like being like this then Belthazor any more. Love will do that to you.” Closing his eyes, Cole thought about the room they were in. He let him mind wander back to his childhood. It was his father’s study. He could still remember thinking this was the biggest room in the world. Now that he was an adult, he didn’t see it that way, but he still clung to the memory. The grays started to fade away and the real colors of the room started to fill up the spaces.

Byers just watched the desk change from a dull gray to a rich dark brown color. It was just a matter of seconds for the change to take place. It amazed him. He had never seen Donni or Belthazor-Cole use their demonic powers before.

“Bel-Cole, sorry.” The mortal man seemed a little nervous. “What is going on? Why would you pull us in to a dream?” asked Byers.

Cole looked at Byers, “Do you know why Donni pulls you guys into dreams? Do you know why she never lets you see her when you are awake? Why you never remember any of these dreams?” looking at the other two Lone Gunmen.

“I am still trying to figure out why a Babe like Donni would even bother with us? Dreams or other wise, she has more up stair department then most.” Frohike walked away from the others towards the windows. “It has got to do with something to do with Byers.” Looking at his partner. “Come on, Woman love me, but women fall in love you all the time. I do wish you would share your secret with us.”

“Oh geez not another love slave for Byers,” said Langly. “I am getting tired of being shot at, tied up and arrested for your girlfriends, Byers. Would you please pick one and let us to live our miserably lives in peace.” Langly stomped away from the group and sat down heavy in a chair.

“Now look, this is not my fault. I can’t control if Donni or any other woman has fallen in love with me. I never would encourage it. I love only one person and…” said Byers.

“Your heart belongs to Suzanne, yes we know,” said Langly and Frohike.

“Cut it out you two,” said Cole. “Look, yes Donni was in love with you. That was a long time ago. Now this is what is up, you guys know she is married?” Looking at the three men. They just stared at Cole. “Well she is. To Thomas Thuters.”

The Lone Gunmen where up and in Cole’s face in milliseconds. “The guy who is half a billion dollars poorer then Bill Gates?” asked all three men.

“Yes,” said Cole. “She married a guy with a dream and now look he is one of the riches men in the world. Computers, you have got to love them.”

“We do,” said the Lone Gunmen.

“So what about Thomas Thuters,” said Byers.

“He is jealous of you and Donni is afraid that he might try do something to you or friends here. She had to promise not to see you ever. She didn’t want to give up you as a friend. She didn’t want to put you in danger either. She started to come and visit you in your dreams. Then once you started to hang around with those two she added them to the dreams.” Cole watched the three men. He was wondering if the three had checked out of their bodies. The Lone Gunmen were all lost in thoughts.

Langly was the first to come out of the silence “Would he hurt us to hurt her?”

“It is what she is thinking. By the way, Donni doesn’t know I am here telling you any of this. When she does find out, she is going to hurt me badly. It’s a good thing I can handle her. I am bigger then her as Belthazor.” He smiled and walked away from the men. He had dropped a nice little bomb on them. He stopped at the door and looked back at them. “I’ll be right back.” He disappeared on them.

Langly turned to Byers, “Are you OK, man?”

Byers seemed lost in thought. He turned toward his friend/business associate and shook his head yes. “It’s all making sense to me now. Why I have no really memory of Donni expect in dreams.” Byers stopped and looked at Langly and smiled. “If you don’t say it, I won’t say it either.”

“OK, I won’t but please no more Orbison cues.” Said the longhaired man. He looked over at Frohike; “Hey you are being too quiet over there. What’s up?”

The oldest member of the group stood at the window looking out. He had been lost in thought over what Cole had said. Just what they needed a jealous billionaire hot on their assess. What could be worse? Frohike turned around to his associates, “Did you know we are in San Francisco?”

The other two jumped up and came over to the window and joined Frohike. They could see the Golden Gate Bridge from there. The three of them looked at each other and back out the window. This dream traveling was something.  They had been in Takoma Park, MD and now they where in CA. What a way to get around. Not once did Byers freak out on the take offs or landing either.

Below Cole could be seen in the driveway. He was talking to a beautiful woman. He opened the car door for her.

“Hello Phoebe,” said Cole with a smile. Opening the door, the witch got out and kissed him on the lips. Cole wrapped his arms around her and prayed that this is how it would be for the rest of their lives.

“Did you get Donni’s friends here?” the witch asked when she was able to pull her lips apart from Cole’s.

“Yes, they are upstairs now. I told them about Thomas. What I still haven’t figured out is why Thomas is jealous of Byers. The two look so much alike, they could be brothers or at least cousins.”

“There is your answer Cole,” said Phoebe. “Thomas is most like likely afraid that if Byers would snap his fingers, Donni would be history. She would up and leave him for the one, she really loves.”

“Yea, but Pheebs, if Donni didn’t love Thomas, why would she marry him? He wasn’t rich at the time. He was just another guy on the street with a dream. Donni told me once that Thomas was down to his last five dollars and then things took off.” Cole stopped talking and walked away from Phoebe. “Do you think Donni used her demonic powers to make the company work?”

“Cole, I can see that, but I don’t think she did do it for him. I believe Thomas would have freaked over that more then Byers.” Phoebe looked up toward the windows upstairs and saw three faces looking down at her. “I believe we have an audience up there, Cole. Think we should get in there and see what we can do to help them, help Donni. I am still trying to get use to call her Donni. I am afraid she is going to kill me for calling her Donni. Belladonna is what I am use to calling her.”

“Don’t worry about it, Phoebe, if Donni didn’t want you to call her that, then she would have told you already.” Cole took Phoebe’s arm and led her upstairs.

“So who is the Babe?” asked Frohike.

“Frohike,” yelled the other two.

“What?? I was just wondering. It seems that she most defiantly Cole’s any way. I would rather be shot in the head then make a move on her and be killed by him. Did you see how big he is as Belthazor? I know he hunts bear with a switch. He doesn’t need any thing else to kill it,” said Frohike. He moved away from the window and sat down in one of the chairs. Langly jumped into the chair he was in the last time. Byers was slowly moving over toward his friends.

“So what are we going to do?” asked Byers. He looked at the other two. They did everything as a committee there was no reason to stop now even over a dream. “Should we tell Donni not to pull us into the dreams any more or should be just tell her to get her husband here and lets talk this over like adults?”

“I vote for no more dreams,” said Langly. “I will live with not being a King on a white steed. I can play my game on the computer if it gets that bad. I am tired of the hell we have or could be put into over a woman.”

“Shut up Langly. If you had a woman go through this much trouble for you, then you can bitch about it,” Frohike looked like he might jump out of the chair and club the youngest member of the Lone Gunmen. If Jimmy was there, then he was the youngest, but he wasn’t so Langly was given his honored position back. “I don’t see why we don’t kick Thomas ass’ ourselves and be done with it.” He looked at Byers, “So what do you want to do?”

“I think we should talk to him. It is the best way to handle it,” said the bearded man. He looked at the other two. They all had said what they thought and somehow they would work it to the right thing to do.

Frohike looked at Byers and shook his head, “OK we’ll talk to him. Do you think Cole could do that for us?”

“Do what for you?” said Cole as he and Phoebe came into the room.

The three men jumped to their feet when they saw Phoebe come in.

“Hello,” said Phoebe.

“This is my girlfriend Phoebe Halliwell,” said Cole.

“Well hello there, Miss Phoebe Halliwell,” said Frohike. “My San Francisco has beautiful ladies here. Maybe we should move out here, guys.” Frohike took Phoebe’s hand and kissed it.“You must be Frohike?” said Phoebe with a giggle. “You are the charming one.” Looking at the other two, Phoebe walked over to Langly, ”Your highness, King Langly?” He bowed to her. She bowed to him too. Looking over at Byers, “You must be Byers then. I am happy to finally meet you, you all. Cole told me about some of the dreams he was pulled into and about you. I can see why Donni likes you all so much. You are very different then I thought you would look like. Good thing too.” She walked over to Byers and shook his hand. Phoebe smiled at them all.

Langly turned away and turned back, “did you guys hear something?”

“Like what Langly?” asked Byers and Frohike.

“I am not sure, but it sounded like someone was singing, ‘O Canada’.”

“Donni!” said them all at the same time. They all left the room and went down the hall to a ballroom. There in one corner was Donni with a baseball bat in her hands singing, “O Canada’.

When she finished, she yelled, “Play Ball!” Throw something in the air and hit it with the bat. The object flew across the room and she started to run the bases when she got to second base, she saw the Lone Gunmen and Cole and Phoebe standing in the doorway. “Hey guys, you want to play ball. Seattle and Toronto playing. I have the whole game in my head. We can do the whole game here and now. Seattle does win though!!! I get to be Junior though.”  She laughed as she ran the rest of the bases back to where she started. She looked at the others, they weren’t laughing. “What’s up?”

“Donni,” said Byers. “We need to talk. Cole told us about Thomas.”

Donni changed into her demon half, Belladonna. She was a good three or four inches shorter the Belthazor and she was blue and yellow color and was across the room in a millisecond. She grabbed Cole by the front of his 
shirt, “How dare you stick your nose in my business. If something happens to them, I swear, Belthazor I will hurt you somehow.” She had him against the wall. Belthazor had the powers, he could do a lot of things, but Belladonna had little power. Her power was from good thoughts or other up lifting things. Shimmering was something all demons could do, so could she.

Cole changed in to Belthazor and pushed Belladonna off him. “I don’t want to do this like this, Donni. Calm down. I told them because I thought they should know. You are messing around with their lives. You have to talk to them and Thomas about this. You can’t keep hiding this from your husband. Your only other choose if stop seeing them in their dreams. It has to be one way or the other.”

“Who is hell dead and left you boss of my life??” yelled Donni as she changed back into her human half. Geez if I wanted my Mother, I would have gone to heave and looked for her, thank you very much. I came here to help you with the Halliwell witches to swing Prue and Piper all the way over to your court. I didn’t come here so you could stick your nose in my dreams or their dreams either.”

Cole had switched from Belthazor back to his human side, “You help me, I help you. What is wrong with that?” He was getting ready to start screaming at her when Phoebe and Langly stepped in between them.

They looked at the mortals and moved off in different corners of the room.