Title: Drops From Jupitor
By: Amanda
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Rating: PG Language
Summery: Langly meets and tries to help a girl, who's a little like
Disclaimer: Same as always. The gunman sadly aren't mine, they belong
to another. Although, Anderea is mine. But if you wanna use her, ask. 
Author's Note: the "O" in Jupitor is not a type-o. That is her name. I
wanted it to be different from the planet. Also the title is inspired
by the Train song, "Drops of Jupiter".


The Lone Gunmen Headquarters
2:30 a.m.

Byers and Frohike were asleep. I could tell by their snoring.
It could wake the dead. I couldn't go to bed, I was just to close to
winning. One more level and I'd be crowned "King Langly"
again...without Frohike to unplug it. 
"Fuck!" I yelled as the computer created voice told me, 'You've got
Mail' as the In-box popped up disconnecting the game. 
"This better be damned good" I muttered to myself.
'Something you might be interested in' an intriguing subject but the
sender was blank. I figured it must be some advertising or something
and was going to delete it when I remembered I had a SPAM blocker. And
this was my personal email no one had it. So, I checked it.

Richard Langly,
I have some information that may be of interest to you and your
publication. I cannot list what it is I know here. It is unsafe, I am
sure you understand. If you are interested, come to the All Night Diner
on Maguire at three a.m. I will be waiting. 


Well that was vague. But it did manage to get my attention. But should
I really go out after a story without the guys knowing, and after such
an unexpected email message? Yeah, might as well, I'd really like to
get my hands on whoever disconnected my game! And anyway the walk over
to Maguire would cool me down a bit. I closed my laptop, grabbed my
jacked and left.

All Night Diner
3:03 a.m.

There were more people there than I thought would be. For three a.m.
this place was busy. How was I supposed to know who this 'A' person
was? Than I spotted her, it just had to be her. She was in the back of
the diner in a booth, staring into a cup of coffee. It had to be her.
She was the only normal looking one sitting by herself. I don't know
why she'd be sitting all alone is she wasn't waiting for someone. She
was cute. She had a sweet face and long blond hair down just past her
shoulders. (You know I'm parcel to the hair.) I smiled and she looked
up, like she knew I had noticed her. 

She eyed me for a few moments. Like she was trying to figure out if she
could trust me. I thought it was better if I went over instead of
staring at her from across the diner. There's a stretch; me thinking it
was better to go over and talk to a woman. 

I walked over and she never took her eyes off me. She was watching me. 
I cleared my throat, "I'm...Langly."
She waved her hand for me to sit as she looked around to see if I was
followed. She was paranoid. This must be some stuff she's got!
She leaned across the table, "I'm Anderea Jupitor." She whispered it so
no one other than me could here it.
"So, why did you email me?"
"I..." she started to explain when the waitress came over to the booth.
Anderea hid her face as the waitress asked what I wanted. 
"What she's having," the waitress gave Anderea an odd look as she
walked away. 
Once the waitress was out of earshot she looked up at me again and
continued, "I have the proof that the government is using satellitesand
I have the access codes." She turned her head again when the waitress
returned with my black coffee. 

Could she really have all this information? Is it even possible for a
non-government official to get their hands on this shit? Was she lying?
As if she knew I was questioning her in my mind she pulled a diskette
from her backpack, "It's all on here." She slid it across the table,
but didn't take her hand off on it. She was staring at the waitress.
The waitress was on the phone, but watching Anderea. 
"What is it?" I felt dumb asking.
She leaned across the table and whispered in my ear, "Wait five
seconds, than follow me." She took back the diskette, grabbed her
backpack, knocked her coffee off the table and bolted out the door. 

This is nuts! Even for mebut the worst part was that I followed her. I
left much slower and less chaotic than her exit, even taking the time
to leave two dollars for the coffee. As I walked down the street, I
didn't see Anderea, but I did see the dark Sedan pull up to the diner
and three men in dark suits get out. "Jesus!"

I continued down the street when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me
into the ally. Their hand covered my mouth and whispered in my ear,
I could tell it was Anderea. Her breath sent shivers down my spine. She
took her hand off my mouth but kept speaking in my ear, "After the
Sedans come the black vans and more guys in suits." She never took her
eyes off the street.
"This happen a lot?" I whispered to her, but she wasn't listening. Two
vans had pulled up to the diner. The men from the Sedans shook their
heads. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down the ally. "Where we
"To my place," she was running fast, dragging me behind her and
frantically looking behind us to make sure we weren't being followed.

We entered the apartment building through the side service entrance.
"Do you ever use the front door?" I had to break the silence. It's not
like me to be quite.
She laughed. What a cute laugh, she should do it more often. "I like to
sneak in and out of places," she pulled me into the elevator and pushed
the "5".
"I don't know how people can't notice you," oh man, I was blushing! 
"Hmm," she smiled but watched the numbers light as we past each floor.
She seemed to have relaxed when the doors opened on the fifth floor. 

We walked down the hall to her apartment, number "56". She went to open
the door but stopped, it was already open. 
"Fuck!" she threw her arms up.
I slowly pushed the door open. From the dim lights in the hall you
could see that place was trashed. Someone ransacked it. 
"All my stuff," she covered her face in defeat and leaned against the
hall wall.
What was I supposed to do? Or say for that matter? A simple "there,
there" didn't seem right. When I was about to pat her shoulder she
looked up. 
I pulled back, "Hey, I wasn't"
She put her finger to her lips, "Shhh." She stared down the hall, "The
I turned to look and saw the number light, than she pulled my arm and
started for the stairs. 

We ran down the five flights of stairs and out to the parking lot.
"Do you still have the proof ?" I remembered why I was there, while I
caught my breath.
"Yeah," she pulled her laptop out of her backpack and set it up on a
car hood. "It's all there," she turned the screen to face me. 
I walked over. Ohmigod! It was all there. Government files, official
memos, pictures and a code sheet. "Wholly shit!" I turned to her, "It's
like a wet dream! Everything is here!" I was excited.
She wasn't. She looked like she was far, far away. She was staring up
at the sky.
"What is it?" I walked over to her. 
"When I little I used to stare at the sky all the time. I never thought
about government bullshit," she pointed to the computer, "The stars
were all I saw and the mystic of them." She laughed at herself. "Do you
think I'll ever be able to do that again? After all that?" she pointed
to the computer again. 
I walked over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. I didn't answer
her. We both knew the answer, but neither of us wanted to make it real
by saying it. 
She gave a sad laugh, like she was fighting off tears and leaned back
on me. I let my arms wrap around, to hold her. It seemed like she
needed it and I think, I needed to do it. 

Our still moment was broken by a voice in the shadows, "I really hate
to break this up," he stepped into the light, Morris Fletcher. "I know
how little Blondie gets to touch real women." He laughed at his own
"Fletcher," I let go of Anderea and stepped closer to him.
"Aw you remember me, I'm touched," he pulled out his gun.
I stepped back. 
"Yeah, you wouldn't wanna play hero now," he rolled his eyes. "I'm just
gonna take this and go." He stepped closer to the car the laptop was
sitting on. "Nice of you to leave it out for me." He closed the laptop
and tucked it under his arm. 
"You bastard!" Anderea yelled at him, she looked like she was going to
"Now, now. No need for such name calling," Morris waved his gun from
side to side as he walked closer. "You know you're kind of cute," he
looked her up and down, "You don't need to hang around with The Lone
Nerd here. You could be better," he motioned to indicate himself.
She looked like her skin was crawling, "Ew no." I smiled and laughed. 
Morris didn't find it quiet as amusing, "Suit yourself." He nodded to
the two men who came out of the darkness behind us, "Thank you again."
CRACK! The one man brought the butt of his gun down on the back of
Anderea's head. She fell to the ground.
"You really are a bastard," I said as the second man did the same as
the first to my head.

The Back Parking Lot
5:34 a.m.

Oh man I rubbed the back of my head. Why do they always hit me in the
same place? Fuck! I sat up. Still kind of dizzy so I leaned against the
building. I rubbed my head again. I looked around and saw Anderea still
on the ground, curled up in the fetal position. This must have been
some night for her, hell it was some night for me. Waitshe was knocked
out before me, she should be up before me. 

I crawled over to her and heard she was awake. She was sobbing.
"...hey..." I put my hand on her back, "You okay?" I can't deal with
crying women. 
She sat up and fell against my shoulder, "I'mfine," her voice was
cracking and she was wiping under her eyes. 
"...how's your head?" I couldn't stand how quiet it was. I felt the
back of her head, just a bump but she started to sob again. "Is it your
She curled up against me; "They just stole the last two years of my
Again I had nothing to say to her. There wasn't anything I could say.
We just sat there.