Title: Drops of Jupitor pt. A
By: Amanda
Rating: PG
Summary: Learn a little about Anderea's past. Mulder's P.O.V.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, would like to though. 
Note: this is after "Drop From Jupitor"

The Lone Gunmen Headquarters
8:05 a.m. 

I pushed the 'doorbell'; but here was no sound. This was weird...even
considering where I was. I turned the knob; no alarm. 'I'd better go
When I walked in all I could hear was what sounded like the Ramones
coming from the kitchen. Langly? An automatic thought. I peered into
the kitchen, there was a figure standing in front of the counter. Long
blond hair, rock tee and boxers; all pointing to Langly. But if he had
a pair of legs like that than I should really pay more attention to

Before I had a chance to say anything the figure turned around.
"JESUS!" It wasn't Langly and she had a knife pointed at me. 
"Hey relax...it's okay," I backed up, trying to get her to put in down
and relax her. She looked scared. "Guys, little help here!" I called.
Byers and Frohike came bounding out of their rooms. 
"Mul--," Frohike stopped when he noticed the girl standing in the
kitchen. He didn't seem concerned, just pissed.
"Oh," Byers noticed too. 'Very little concern for me here.' He went
over to her, "Anderea, it's alright. We trust him."
"Jesus, Langly!!" Frohike called for the youngest member of the trio. 
He peeked out of his room, "Watch the blood pressure--," he bolted for
this Anderea girl the moment he saw her standing in the kitchen. "Hey,
what's wrong?" 
Byers pointed to me.
"Man, I'm sorry about this Mulder," the blond one told me, "but you
must have really 
spooked her." He took her into his room.
"Good thing we don't keep guns lying around," Frohike shook his head,
"Or we'd have one dead G-Man on our hands."
"Shut up Do-hickey."

I looked to Byers and Frohike for an explanation. Byers gave it.
"Her apartment was ransacked and her research was stolen," Frohike
interrupted by huffing and rolling his eyes. Byers shook his head and
continued, " She's just a little on edge. Had a bad run in with men in
suits," he chuckled a little, thinking of his own clothing I assume. 
"And we know nothing about her," Frohike was the one on edge. 

I figured the best way to get more information about her was to get rid
of Frohike, for now. "You're security system's down."
"That's how you got in! That's ALL I need now!" He continued to mutter
to himself as he walked over to the system's mainframe.
Now that he was out of the way, "What was this research?" 
Byers was about to reply when Langly and Anderea re-entered to room.
She now looked less like Langly, a lot less. She was in jeans and a
tank top. I felt really dumb for EVER thinking someone that cute could
be Langly.
"I'm really sorry," She said it, and ment it. 
"I shouldn't have snuck up on you like that, miss...." I smiled. 
"Anderea Jupitor," she extended her hand to me, "I'm unarmed now." She
smiled. Wow, that was some smile.
"Agent Fox Mulder," I took her hand and shook it.
She looked a little surprised than nodded and took her place in front
of one of the computers.

"So Mulder, what brings you by?" Langly asked.
Before I could answer Frohike wandered back over to us, "I've got to
get a new part now! Damn it!"
"Actually, Frohike called me," I wanted to know why I was 'summoned'. 
"You bastard!" Langly yelled than lowered his voice, "You want him to
check on Anderea."
"Well do you blame me?" the short man replied. "First you get some late
night email and than you end up with a run in with Fletcher and a bump
on the head. Am I supposed to trust her?" he didn't care about his
voice level. I was sure she could hear all this. 
Langly searched for words but gave up in frustration. 

"So, what am I supposed to do?" I asked breaking the odd silence.
Frohike replied, "Well, I wanted to check out her apartment."
Langly threw up his arms in protest.
"...to see if it the break in was faked," Frohike continued, "I need
you to watch her."
"Baby-sit?" I was more than a little surprised.
"Frohike that's low!" Langly was on the defensive, "Why don't I stay
with her?"
"Because you are the only one who knows where her apartment is,"
Frohike replied, "And now I need to pick up a new part for the system
and you're the only one who can talk the guy at the yard into giving us
it for free."
"It probably wouldn't hurt just to see, Langly," Byers didn't seem to
have a side in this. He wasn't with Langly who totally trusted her and
wasn't with Frohike who didn't. 
Langly reluctantly agreed, so I became the baby-sitter.

The guys all got dressed and I watched Anderea. She seemed to be in her
own world typing away at the keyboard. Langly came out first. Not
really a surprise he didn't really do much to himself. He walked over
to her and hovered over her shoulder. He was whispering something to
her and she smiled. She did have a great smile. 

Langly then waved me over to them. 
"So, you're gonna baby-sit me?" She asked with a half smile. 
"If you don't mind," I replied smiling back at her. 'Man, you just had
to smile around her.' "They just don't want you to be left alone."
She nodded.
Frohike called Langly, "Let's go you punk!"
Langly made a wave to acknowledge Frohike than said goodbye, "We'll be
back soon. See you Mulder," he patted me on the back. 
The three men left us alone in the warehouse. It was really quiet.

"So, you met Morris Fletcher?" I asked. 
"Yahe's a really creepy man," She shuttered.
"Try switching bodies with him sometime."
She gave me a confused look. 
"It's a long story," I replied, she nodded and went back to her

The silence was awkward. Just the sound of her typing. I wish I at
least had a bag of sunflower seeds to tide me over while I was here.
"So?" I had to fill the silence.
"You can, can the small talk Fox," She didn't even look up, "I know
Melvin wants you to check up on me."
There wasn't really much I could say to that. She hit the nail right on
the head.
"You won't find anything on me, not even my name. My father made sure
of that," She looked up at me now. 
"Made sure of it?" her statement sounded a little sorted.
She nodded, "You knew him." 
I searched my brain.
"Deep Throat," her voice cracked, like she never called him that
I was shocked; I never thought of him as any sort of a family man. 
"He changed my name the day he...the day he died," It seemed like she
had never told this story out loud. I suspect she hasn't. "He knew he
would be trading his life," she swallowed hard, "for yours." 
I felt a pang in my chest. I was sitting with the daughter of a man who
gave his life for mine. 
"He had a lot of faith in you," She said it like she needed to make me
feel better, "He told me that you could fix everything he saw falling
apart around him."
I never really thought he thought so highly of me. He made it a point
to knock me down. It was hard to remember him like that. But she didn't
seem to put that much emotion into it. 
"I wasn't close to him," She explained herself. "My mother left him to
get away from all this," she smiled sadly at the irony, "But that
didn't help her or Frank." She started to tear up.

I searched my pockets to find a klenex, and handed it to her. 
She declined and continued, "They killed them all just to keep the
secrets that my father knew. My stepfather didn't even know him...but
that didn't matter to the freak car accident. They killed him and my
mother. I was supposed to be int be car." Now her tears fell. I offered
the tissue again and she took it. While she wiped away her tears she
continued, "He changed my name the Jupitor so I couldn't be traced back
to him or any of my family. I don't even exist."
"Why'd he pick Jupitor?"
She shrugged, "He said that would make sense later. But it's nine years
later and I still have no idea." She smirked than grew serious again,
"I've never told anyone this."
"Why did you tell me?"
"Well, first because the guys trust you, and so did my father," She
looked up into my eyes, "And because you won't tell them for the same
reason I can't tell them yet."
I met her eyes, "You don't want them to get hurt." 
She shook her head, "Or killed." Her eyes were red and brimming with

10:45 a.m.

When the guys came back I met them at the door, leaving Anderea to
"Find out anything?" Frohike pressed me as soon as he saw me.
Once all three of them were listening I told him, "Don't ask me to
explain, but I trust her. She's on our side." Before I could get any
questions I left.