Title: Drops of Jupitor pt. B
By: Amanda
Rating: PG
Summary: Find out what the guys did while Mulder and Anderea talked.
Byers P.O.V.
Disclaimer: *Blah blah blah* Lucky CC and 1013, owning the greatest
geeks ever!! 
Note: after "Drops From Jupitor" and "Drop of Jupitor pt.a"

The Lone Gunmen Headquarters
8:30 a.m.

It made me uncomfortable splitting the group up like this. I mean
Langly was so against checking up on Anderea while Frohike was so set
on it. I guess I can understand both sides though. Trust is a very big
issue for us. It has to be to survive this business. I still don't
like the separation between us on this. Myself, I'm not sure about her.
Part of me trusts her, the other doesn't. 
"Let's go punk," Frohike was on a rampage with Langly. 

I sat in the back of the VW with Langly, figured it was better to stay
as far away from Frohike as possible. 
"Byers?" Langly whispered.
"Yes," I figured I should keep with the tome Langly used. He must've
not wanted Frohike to hear.
He took a deep breath and paused while Frohike muttered to himself.
"Does Anderea remind you of Suzanne?"
There was a question I wasn't expecting. I hadn't heard her voice out
loud in years. But I had thought about her everyday. Maybe Anderea was
like Suzanne and that's why I couldn't trust her fully. But maybe she
wasn't. I couldn't tell. 
Langly was looking for an answer. I assume he thought that I had
already thought about any comparison between the two of them. But I
"I don't think so," that's all I had to tell him.
He smiled and relaxed. I think he cares about her. *Really* cares about
her. I really hope for his sake that she's not like Suzanne. I wouldn't
wish this kind of pain on anyone. I dug my hands in my pockets and
found her ring. 'Someday' Why do I carry it around with me still? Do I
really expect to just run in to her one day? I really hope Anderea's
not like her.

"Where's the apartment?!" Frohike bellowed from the front seat,
snapping me back to the reality. 
"Do we really need to do this?" Langly was still protesting the
invasion into Anderea's life. Much like Jimmy when we went to, what we
thought was Yves hotel room. 
"Just tell me!" Frohike was in an exceptionally rotten mood today. 
"Turn down here," Langly crossed his arms over his chest. 

Elevator in Anderea's Apartment Building
8:49 a.m.

"What floor?" Frohike was completely on edge. 
Langly pressed the floor number, "5".
Such a normal apartment building, I wonder if she had a normal life?
But how could she if she was looking for the truth like us?

When the elevator doors opened Frohike forced a smile and a nod for the
elderly couple waiting to board. I pressed the button to hold the door
open for them. I can only imagine what they must be thinking seeing the
three of us. *laugh* 

Frohike pushed Langly down the hallway, "What apartment?" I followed.
We walked to the end of the hall, near the stairs and stopped. "56".
Langly stood in front of the door, "This is it, right?" He looked at
"Let's just get in there," He pushed the taller one to one side and
pushed open the door. The place was in a shambles. It was even worse
than the mess we leave in the warehouse. The computer was over turned,
books and papers were thrown all over the place. It did appear that
someone had been looking for something. 
"Just stay out of her personal stuff," that was Langly's last protest.
It was obvious that Frohike couldn't be deterred from his 'mission.' He
stood there with crossed arms as Frohike started to rummage through the
"Are you just going to stand there?" Frohike pulled a gadget out of his
duffel bag. 
"What do you expect me to do?" Langly was make sure to be as
uncooperative as possible. 
Frohike clasped his fingerless-gloved hands into firsts, "Just stay out
of my way." He turned back to the duffel bag. 
I just stood there. It's usually better to stay out of their way when
they fight.
"I'm going to get some of her stuff together," Langly disappeared into
the bedroom. 
Frohike only grunted as he started to dust the computer with his
fingerprinting kit. 
"They trashed this room too," Langly reported from the other room. 
"Don't touch everything in there than, I want to fingerprint," Frohike
demanded. He was a little more civil to him this time. 
"You know if you find her finger prints, that doesn't prove your little
theory," Langly couldn't just let Frohike calm down, "She does live

9:29 a.m. 

The last half-hour was spent in compete silence, except for the
non-sensical muttering from Langly and Frohike. Langly packed up some
stuff for Anderea. I could only imagine what that guy would think a
woman would need. *sigh* Frohike finished dusting and going over the
apartment with a fine tooth comb. He didn't say if he found anything or
not. Myself, I thought about Suzanne. She always drifted into my head.
I sometimes wish she'd drifted out of my heart. I slipped the ring on,
no I could never really wish that.

The trip down to the VW van was in the same silence. This time I sat in
the front with Frohike, hoping I would be able to talk to him. Langly
was in the back on the van, I think he was sorting out what he packed
for Anderea. 

Fred's Junk Yard
10:19 a.m.

Frohike gave Langly the old part from the security system, "Use that
charm of yours and get us a replacement."
"I think Fred likes me a little *too* much," Langly whined. 
"I don't care if he wants your skinny ass," Frohike was a little more
like himself, "go get the part." 
"The guy smells like cat-food...and I don't see any cats around here,"
Langly muttered to himself as he walked throw the fence gate into the

This was as good of a time to ask him what was wrong as any, "Frohike?"
I wanted to make sure he wouldn't bite my head off.
"Ya, Byers," he was relaxed a bit, but just stared out the windshield.
I had to find the right to word this, "What's got to you today?"
He tightened his grasp on the steering wheel, "This story is a little
too familiar."
"What is?" I wasn't all that clear about what story he ment. Did
Anderea remind him of Suzanne?
"The ransacked rooms, and government ambushes," he replied, "My brother
used to tell me the same thing."
"You have a brother?" I was surprised. None of us really talk about our
pasts or families, but I was still surprised that I didn't know. 
"Had," he tightened his hands on the wheel, "Frank, my older brother."
"Frank Frohike?" I had to try not to laugh at the alliteration. 
"No, he was just my half brother, different fathers. So he missed out
on the Frohike Sex Appeal," he laughed a little. "We all didn't come
from 50's style sitcom families," He let go of the wheel and wiped his
mouth. "He'd tell me about coming home to his house being ransacked.
Said it had something to do with the father of his wife's daughter. I'd
say that's what caused his accident too" 
I looked at him.
"Car accident. Wiped out the whole family as far as I know. Happened
about ten years ago. Girl was sixteen," he choked up a little. 
"And you think Anderea is connected somehow?" I was trying to put it
all together. 
"What Langly told us sounds the same, and the room. But they came out
of it," Frohike was deep into thinking about this, piecing it all
together. Then he changed, softened, "You know I'm just looking out for
him, for us."
I nodded.
He looked out the windshield toward Langly who was trying to avoid Fred
while they talked. "No matter how much he annoys me...he's like my
younger brother," He sniffled, "You guys are my family." I know what he
wanted to say after that, so he didn't have to say it. We all cared
about each other. We just never said it in words.
"I got your damn part!" Langly jumped into the back of the van. 
Frohike took off his glasses and wiped his eyes, "It's about time," his
voice was still shaky.
"Well next time you talk to cat-food man," he leaned on the tops of the
front seats, sticking his head between us. "What's wrong? You guys seem
like someone died."
'Insert your foot in your mouth there Langly.'
"You would have been if you took any longer," Frohike had regained
himself and started the van. 

The Lone Gunmen Headquarters
10:45 a.m. 

Mulder was basically waiting at the door for us. I think that worried
"Find out anything?" he asked the agent as soon as he got close enough.
"Don't ask me to explain, but I trust her. She's on our side." Mulder
rushed his reply and rushed out. I think he wanted to avoid any other
question's Frohike or any of us would have. 
Langly had an I-told-you-so look on his face, "Satisfied?" 
Frohike shook his head. He took the part and went to fix the system. I
think he was hoping for some closer from this. Langly didn't ask me if
I was happy with the revelation. I think he was happy enough when I
said Anderea wasn't like Suzanne. He rushed to see her, carrying her
bag like a prize for her. He really did care about her. 
I wasn't all that convinced that everything was fine just because she's
not like other people. And I wasn't sure I couldn't trust her because
she had the same story as someone else. I think Mulder's words sealed
it for me, "I trust her, she's on our side." That was comforting. 

The lights dimmed than went back to full power.
"Ah shit!" Frohike yelled from behind the mainframe, "I blew a god
damned fuse!"