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What is this site for?

It archives the stories posted on the Lone Gunmen Fic list on yahoogroups. The list was shut down as of July 20, 2002.  I will be archiving fic personally until further notice.  Please email me with your submissions.

Can I submit to this site directly?

Yes, You can.  Please send me your stories in .txt format.  They are easier to format - I will then tell you when I updated the page so you can view them. I also notify the mailing list that your story has been added.  Please make sure your stories have been spell checked and beta read before submitting to the page.  

What do I need to include to submit stories to you?

Here are a few guidelines to post fics.

* The subject line of your post should include the title of your fic, 
as well as the part number. For example: "Bump in the Night" (1/?)

* Please put in the subject line if the story is 'slash,' Rated R, or Rated NC-17 as a warning to people who are reading.

* Please tag your fic with the necessary information. Suggested format:

Where can I find more information on The Lone Gunmen show?

The show has a nifty website, located at lonegunmen.com.  It hasn't been updated in quite some time.

I heard The Lone Gunmen was cancelled.  What can I do to help bring it back on the air in reruns?

The X-Files is no longer on FOX and has ended it's 9 year run as of May 2002.  You can write to FOX at:

Or in Canada:

Another station in the states might pick it up like UPN. Their address is:

The Sci Fi Channel in the United States will be showing the X-Files starting the Fall of 2002. TNT is also showing The X-Files There is a chance that they could show the reruns of the Lone Gunmen.  You can write to the Sci Fi Channel at:

Also, there are many web pages that are featuring ways to get the Executives at FOX's attention.  Please make sure, if you use snail mail, that FOX is accepting mail.  You can check out the status of the mail at the Official X-Files Site.

These pages are featuring mailing campaigns to put The Lone Gunmen back on the air and their support for the decision of the show's creator to eliminate them from the X-Files universe.  These are fan sites that also have memorial web pages for the Lone Gunmen: