TITLE: First Bliss, Then Trauma -1/3?
AUTHOR: Meghan O'Connor
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RATING: PG-13 Violence
DISCLAIMER: The LGM and anyone else you recognize are 1013's.
However, Rachel Ann MacGregor is all mine.
SPOILERS: The X-Files, all up to the last season finale, and the LGM
SYNOPSIS: When misunderstandings happen, clear them up. You have no
way of knowing if there'll ever be a second chance or a later.
Follows "Dawn's Early Light" by a few days.
NOTES: Again, Krycek isn't dead. I refuse to believe it. He's just
too easy a bad guy to use. Even for just a mention, he's still

On the surface, it had seemed like a good plan. The long Gunmen
agreed to help Mulder and Krycek set up a member of the Consortium in
order to get a disk full of information that was being transferred to
the Russians. Krycek had used some of his connections, and it was
all in place.

It would take place on a small airfield. They would get captured by
the Consortium's people, then Mulder's guys would come in and do a
takeover, claiming to be an even more secret group called the
Council. They had to show the Consortium that they mean business, so
one of them would be taken in the small hangar, and his shooting
would be faked. He'd remain "dead" for a week so as to enforce the
story in case anything went wrong. Byers could see now that letting
Frohike volunteer wasn't the greatest idea they'd had. But managing
to get Rachel to come along to have an authentic reaction was
certainly the stupidest Mulder have ever come up with. Byers
seriously thought for a moment about hurting Mulder when he saw
Rachel with him. They were surrounded by men with guns, and two of
them grabbed her when she protested their dragging Mel off to the

Mulder's people were getting the disk from the Consortium member when
the shot rang out. All of them jerked, Langly shouted, their
reactions were genuine since they agreed not to practice it. Rachel
was frozen in place, her eyes glued on the hangar door. As the
shooter rolled the door open enough to come out, she saw Frohike
lying on the ground, face down with a dark pool underneath him.
Byers struggled, Langly yelled again and Mulder cursed. The man
closed the door and walked back to the limo he had arrived in.
Rachel didn't even see the deal go down and the Consortium member get
dragged off by Krycek's men. She didn't notice the others being
released. She simply stood there, staring at the closed hangar
door. Scully finally looked over and gasped. Rachel looked the same
way she had felt when she thought Mulder was truly dead, but worse.
There was something blank behind her eyes. She went over and took
her arm.

"Rachel?" Rachel slowly pulled her arm out of Scully's grip and
looked at her. Scully felt a surge of rage at Mulder for bringing
this girl into all this. She obviously loved Frohike, and Scully
couldn't tell her the truth for at least a few more days. Damn him.
Rachel's voice was flat and colorless.

"Agent Scully, I'd like to go home now. Please."

She nodded and hurried back over to Mulder. "I'm taking Rachel
home. When this is all over, you're in deep shit." She whirled
angrily and went back to Rachel, ushering her to a car and driving
off after a last glare at the guys. The ride back was deathly
quiet. Rachel just sat and stared out the window sightlessly. As
they neared Takoma Park, she softly directed Scully to the appliance
shop. They pulled up outside of the storefront less than 10 minutes
later. "Rachel, is this where you really want to be?"

She turned back to Scully and nodded. "Yes. I will give the guys a
few days off and reschedule the deliveries. I'll have to get a
friend of mine to take over the scheduled repairs, but he said he
would if I ever needed anything. Thank you, Agent Scully."

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