TITLE: Frohike: Man for Action
BY: Amanda
FEEDBACK: greenfreakgirl@tomgreen.com
DISCLAIMER: For some reason CC won’t share! Meanie! 
SUMMARY: The 155 word Gunmen challenge continues... 
DATE FINISHED: June 13, 2002

* * * * *

“Oww,” he grumbled, holding an ice pack to his shoulder. 

“That’s what you get for playing street hero,” Langly scoffed.

“Hey the scum stole her purse, right in broad daylight. I couldn’t let’m get 
away with it,” he defended, “I just didn’t plan on landing on my ass.”

“If you did land on your ass, you wouldn’t be groaning. Too soft,” again Langly 
laughed at him. 

“Oh cram it ya hippie,” he shook his head, popping a few pain killers into his 
mouth and swallowing – sans the water, “I had my reasons.”

“Yeah,” Jimmy agreed, sitting in awe like a child during story time at the foot 
of his mentor, “Why did you do it? Taking down the criminal element? Making the 
streets safe?” 

“Ah, yeah, that too,” he cleared his throat, “But it was also a good way to get 
her number.”

“Frohike!” Byers called out in surprise. 

He shrugged, “What? She was hot.”

* * *