Title: Gifts for the Gunmen
Author: lammasday@yahoo.com

Twas the night before Christmas
When Santa came down
To Takoma Park
In Washington Town.

With gifts for the Gunmen
Crammed in his sack
He had to leave Rudolf
Waiting out back

He looked at the parcels
To see what he had
For four noble Gunmen
Who hadn't been bad. 

For Langly a teeshirt
The brightest of pink
Will he wear it tomorrow?
What do you think?

For Byers a beard kit
To keep it in trim
So even more women
Will ogle at him.

For Mel his ambition
To put on his wall
A poster of Buffy
In nothing at all.

For Jimmy it's easy
Just let me tellya
His favourite video
A tape of "Old Yeller".

He had one for Yves too
But she wasn't there
She'd gone home to England
Christmas pudding to share.

He stood in the alley
Puzzled and grim
So many locks there
He couldn't get in!

He tried every doorway
The windows no doubt
But all was tight bolted
To keep danger out.

He had a tight schedule
He just couldn't stay
So Santa he hurried
Back to his sleigh.

But what will happen
When they wake the next day?
Confusion, disaster!
What will they say?

"It must be an X-file
Mulder should know
If Santa's been kidnapped 
By an UFO."

So blessings to Gunmen
With presents or not
At least you should know
We all love you a lot.

And Greetings to Gunfen
Both far and near
Bless you this Christmas
And a Happy New Year!