155-word challenge: The Gunman Standard
My contribution to the 155-word challenge
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The Gunmen trooped into the dingy motel room, weary and grateful to 
find somewhere to sleep.

Langly headed for the TV and picked up the remote. "We're not 
stopping here unless they've got the Sci-Fi channel."

Byers had disappeared into the bathroom. "I just hope the bathroom's 

Langly surfed quickly through the channels and then threw the remote 
down in disgust. "Okay, guys, we're outta here. No Sci-fi channel."

Byers reappeared from the bathroom. "It's disgusting in there. 
Let's go. I'd rather sleep in the van."

"No way, boys. We're staying" came the voice of Frohike from behind 

They turned to see their friend spreadeagled on his back on the bed, 
a blissful expression on his face. They noticed a soft humming sound.

"Okay, why?" they chorused.

Frohike gestured towards the switch by the bed. "Magic Fingers."