Title: In the Heat of the Night
By: Amanda
Feedback: greenfreakgirl@tomgreen.com
Rating: NC17 I guess
Summery: Langly and Anderea's relationship heats up.
NOTE: after Drops from and of Jupitor.
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen belong to CC and 1013 and FOX. Anderea is mine!! hehe


God it was hot in the warehouse. Frohike had blown the fuse for the air conditioner when he rewired the security system. I would have been trying to sleep naked if I wasn't rooming with Anderea. Although I'm not complaining. Far from. She's amazing. We'd usually talk until she fell asleep, than I'd watch her sleep for about an hour before I would drift off. Tonight there wasn't much of a difference. I just hadn't fallen asleep yet. I was still watching her tossing and turning in the heat. She still looked great.

She seemed to have given up on sleep and sat up, "It's so damn hot," she sighed.
"I hadn't noticed," I joked.
"Real funny Rich," she smiled and crawled off the bed. "Isn't it any cooler on the floor?"
"I wish."
She shrugged, "I'm gonna get a drink, Need anything?" She stood in the doorway in a tank top that hung just above her knees. The fabric clung to her skin in the heat. 
All I could do was shake my head. I couldn't trust what would come out of my mouth. She's amazing. Smart, witty, sweet and just as weird as me. Not to mention adorable. She's a goddess. Not out there, but in my world.

She returned to the doorway holding a glass of ice water and was running a piece of ice on the back of her neck and chest. The words "Dear Penthouse" popped into my head. I couldn't help but laugh.
"What's so funny *Ringo*?" She only called me that when we were about to *fight*. 
"Nothing," I couldn't help smiling.
"I see," she walked over and put the glass on the table next to the bed, "I'll show you nothing."
"Really?" I sat up.
She nodded and with the rest of her ice cube she held it on the small of my back. 
I jumped up, "Man, that's cold!"
She laughed through that beautiful smile of hers.
"Oh you just wait," I fished an ice cube out of the glass. 
"No, no," she shook her finger at me as she backed away. 
I smiled and held the ice up for her to see when I walked closer to her. 

She giggled and turned to *run* away from me and the evil ice. But having long legs has its advantage; I *caught* her. I ran the ice up her back. 
She shirked, jumped and turned, landing on my chest, in my arms. Despite the sticky heat we stayed pressed together.

She brought her hand up to my face and brushed my head behind my ear than twirled the ends in her fingers. I dropped the ice and wrapped my arms around her. God it felt good to hold her like this. She must have noticed how mush I *cough* liked it. I leaned in, but pulled back. 'Man I wish I had more practice at this...or any practice at it.'

Instead she leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were so hot and soft as they moved down my neck. I lifted her chin bringing her lips back up to meet mine. I had to taste her again. 

We kissed our way back to the bed. She lied over me, kissing my neck and chest while my hands explored under her clothes. Her skin was so soft. She sat up and pulled the shirt off over her head and threw it to the floor before going back to kissing me. My hands caressed her bare, soft skin. 

Her lips and tongue trailed down my chest as her hands pulled at my boxers. I wiggled out of them and tossed them to meet her clothes on the floor. She lied back over me. Kissing and guiding me. Moaning as I entered. 'God she felt so good.'

(It wouldn't be nice to go over all the details.) After we raised the temperature in my room, it was normal again. I was watching her sleep before I drifted off. Only now her head was resting on my bare chest and our legs were twisted together. The biggest change was that I had a smile on my face. 'She's so amazing.'
'I've got to remember to thank Frohike for breaking the air conditioner.'