TITLE: Jimmy: He Only Means Well
BY: Amanda
FEEDBACK: greenfreakgirl@tomgreen.com
DISCLAIMER: CC really should learn to share.
SUMMARY: ....the 155 word LGM challenge continues.... Just getting the muse
warmed up. 
DATE FINISHED: June 15, 2002

* * * *

“Guys,” a wide smile from ear to ear. 

“Down boy,” Langly snarled, pushing his way into the warehouse followed by the
others, grumbling. 

“Didn’t go well?” his eyes wide and sympathetic. 

“Something like that,” Langly threw his duffel. 

Sadly, he nodded.

Frohike searched the oddly tidy tables, “Where are the files? Where are they?”

“I cleaned up while you guys were gone,” he smiled proudly. 

“Then where are they?” Frohike had no patience for this, or him. 

“Ah, which ones?” his brow knotted, searching his brain. 

Frohike gritted his teeth, “The ones we left here,” he laid his hand on the
table top, “before we left.”

“Oh. I think I kinda shredded them,” he bit his bottom lip, “’Leave no proof’
like you said.”

“I’m gonna throttle him!” Frohike lunged, “He destroyed our work.”

“Frohike, you can’t,” Byers stood between the two, repressing his anger, “Jimmy
was trying to be helpful. He only means well.” 

* * * *