TITLE: It's Not Over
BY: Amanda
FEEDBACK: greenfreakgirl@tomgreen.com
SPOILERS: my "Jupitor Series"
DISCLAIMER: Didn't your mother ever teach you to share your toys, CC? Hmm?
SUMMARY: just when you think the past is all wrapped up it bursts through the
NOTES: There's no such thing as season 9, there's no such thing as season 9,
there's no such thing..
DATE FINISHED: June 19, 2002

* * * * * 

Life seemed to be moving along normally for everyone. Well normal considering
the people involved, but mainly normally normal. Dana had moved out of her
apartment and into a new one, with Fox and William. They wanted the new family
to have a fresh start, free from all the events of the past. I felt it best not
to pry into just what events they meant. Fox, Dana and little William relocated
to a new building much closer to Mrs. Scully, Maggie's as she insisted on being
called, which surprised me when Dana asked if I would baby-sit. But I don't
look a gift horse in the mouth, this gave me a chance to get out of the
warehouse on something that wasn't business, which is always a treat. 

Dana gave me a complete run down of for the evening: a schedule for William and
for them, just in case I needed them: Dinner, non fat tofuti rice dreamsicles
and a trip to the batting cages. 
"Batting cage?" the image of Dana there made me laugh, especially considering
the suits I've seen her wear. Even her version of casual didn't fit that. 
"Outta that whole list, you find the cages the strangest? What about tofuti?
Doesn't anyone eat real ice cream anymore?" Fox muttered in his usual good
"We'll both have our cell phones," she added, shaking her head, "The numbers
are by the phone." She seemed apprehensive about leaving her miracle child. 
I nodded, "Willy and I'll be fine." We all looked over at the year old boy
sitting on the living room floor, quietly playing. 
For a moment I could see her eyes that she didn't want to leave. 
"Scully, we'd better get going," Fox still used their 'pet names' for each
"I know, I know," she smiled faintly, "Give mommy a kiss," she crouched down to
be the boy's level, kissing the top of his head, "You be a good boy for Anderea
now." Rising to her full height she continued, "If he starts making things
float again," se motioned with her hand, "just ignore it. He'll stop in a
minuet or two." Not the usual babysitting warning, but this isn't the usual

The first time I saw William do just that I was in a state of fright and awe
and wonder. It was only for a moment, but he made his mobile spin. The more I
saw him do it, the less freaky in seemed, he just started making his toys
hover. A new telekinetic trick. 
"Okay," I nodded.
"And feel free to raid the kitchen," Fox added quickly, leaning down to kiss
his son, "But no boys," he added with a sly smile. 
"Oh yes sir, Mr. Mulder," I faked my best little girl voice, "No you two have
fun," I ushered them closer to the door, "How can I break the rules when you're
still here?"
"Thanks again," Dana smiled, still in the doorway, "Call if anything..for
"Scully," his voice was almost a whine, "I'm sure she can handle it, she lives
with the Gunmen for Christ sake. Babysitting is her life," He gave me a quick
peak on the cheek before following his partner out. 

I locked the door first thing after it closed, all three locks. It's just out
of habit. 
"Looks like it's just you and me William," I didn't get much of a reply from
him. He looked up than back to his toy. I would only have his company for
another half an hour before it was is designated time for bed. 

After putting the toddler to bed I glanced around the apartment, and it was
clearly 'theirs'. Fox's court shoes and basketball were carelessly thrown in a
corner. Something that would never be seen in Dana's old apartment, neither
would the scattering of toys. This was a family home. A happy, perfectly
normal, fully functional family. The idea and image was warming. Someone to
come home to or coming home to you and a healthy child hugging and reaching out
for you. It was my secret fantasy. It had to be everyone's secret dream.
Something so normal. Something that can only be achieved when everything is

A ringing ripped me from my peaceful daydream. It was only after I attempted to
answer the home phone did I realise it was my cell. The guys insisted I have
one, just in case they needed me or I needed them. Personally I think it's just
so they can keep taps on me easier. 
"Hello?" I answered around the fifth ring.
"Five rings? What took you so long?" Langly whined. 
I couldn't help but smile at his impatience, "Well, Hello Ree. I'm fine, thank
you so much for asking."
"Okay, okay," he laughed a little, but went back to his original question,
"What took you so long to answer?"
And still no hello. "I was with another man," I waited a beat, "putting William
to bed."
I swore I heard him sigh in relief, "Than you're out of stuff to do, I should
come over. You know, just to keep you company."
I giggled, "Mmm can't. Mr. Mulder said no boys."
He outright laughed. 
"And besides, you have to put the paper to bed. That's part of the reason I'm
"I'd much rather take you to bed," he lowered his voice to an almost husky
whisper, suggesting the guys were in ear shoot. 
"oh, that sounds really good, but I'm gonna have to hang up now and I'll call
you when I need to be picked up," I rushed through the statement, not wanting
to give him the chance to talk me out of it. 
"Is that story done yet Langly?" 'Hike bellowed in the background. 
"Now get some work done," I was working on hanging up, "Love you."
"Love you too," I know he blushed, "I'm still coming over!" He rushed his last
comment before hanging up. 

The apartment fell silent, still and dark. Even with the lights and television
I couldn't shake an eerie feeling that came over me, a cold chill, the
disappearance of normal. I wished Ree had put up more of an argument to 'drop
by' or made more than an idle threat before hanging up. I was rubbing the sides
of y arms in an attempt to shake the chill when the front door shook under
someone's knock. I made my way to the door as it shook again. 
"Hello?" a voice that didn't sound like mine asked as I peered through the peek
A fair sized man stood on the other side; dark features and medium hair. He
didn't look familiar. He tired the knob. 
"Can I help you?"
Again he turned the knob, this time successfully turning it hard enough to snap
the lock. And with one push he opened the door; breaking the chain and dead
bolt. The force sent me back, crashing into the alcove wall. 
"What do you want?" I asked of him, recovering from having the wind knocked out
of me, "What are you doing here?"
He ignored me, continuing in. 
"Hey!" I grabbed at his arm, only to be swatted to the floor. "Excuse me!" I
staggered to my feet, latching on to his forearm, "Get Out!"
Again he swatted me away, only with much greater force, sending me crashing on
to a side-table. I cradled my arm, taking several breaths to take my mind off
the pain, "What do you want?"
He didn't need to answer, I knew what he came for. He went straight for
William's bedroom. 

It's amazing how an adrenaline rush can drown out pain and panic. Maybe it was
a sense of duty. I scrambled to my feet, taking a stance between him and the
door to the room. Not that I had any idea what to do. What I wouldn't have
given for a baseball bat, or another blunt object. 
"You can't stand in out way," the first time he spoke.
"Probably not," I reached for a lamp on the hall table, I have to remember to
replace these, "But I can fight you," I crashed the lamp into the side of his
He barely flinched, "you're becoming an annoyance." In one movement he reached
out and tool hold of my neck with his hand, squeezing. His force lifted my feet
off the floor. 

They say that when your life is in danger it flashes before your eyes. I didn't
get a picture show, mostly because I've repressed most of my past and because
my concentration was on his tightening grasp. I gasped for air, scratching
desperately at his hand for release. I opened my tear filled eyes, hoping to
find something in his, but what I saw surprised and shocked me: Recognition. 
"1019756," he released his hold, letting me collapse to the floor like a
rag-doll, landing on my already injured arm. 
"Oww," I cried out in pain, taking haggard breaths. I must have past out, the
next thing he was gone. 

"Oh God, William!" I tried to get to my feet, but was too weak and battered,
and the pain from my arm made crawling to his door harder, but I managed.
"Thank God," after pushing the door open I saw William sitting on his toddler
bed, his little hands covering his eyes, "William?" I called to him. 
He uncovered his eyes, and smiled. 
"It's okay now, but I want you to stay on the bed okay?" I left the door open,
so I could constantly see him. 
I dragged myself to sit against the wall, trying to get some sort of order in
my head. I have to call them, I have to find the phone. With shaky hands I
managed to find my cell in the wreckage that was the living room. 
"Lone Gunmen Newspaper Group, Byers speaking," his voice rang through. 
"John, I need you guys to come over, someone was here, he went for William-",
he had to break through my rambling. 
"What happened? Anderea, are you alright?"
"William's fine," I had to continue on my train of thought, "He left after he
said," the numbers went around in my head. Oh god, my I.D. Number. He knew my
project I.D. number, "Ohmigod.....It's not over...it's never gonna be over." 
"Derea, what is it? You okay?" At some point Ree had taken the phone from John. 
"Could you call Fox and Dana?" I let the phone drop.

The End...Or is it a beginning?