Title: Jimmy's Point of View 3/3
Author: Jackie
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Not much, but if you haven't read my first two (Songbird 
and Colbi), you'll need to, or nothing will make sense.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, would like to. Danny Cunningham is my 
character. Please don't use her unless you ask me first, then I'll 
consider it.
Author's Note: Delving into Jimmy's mind was . . . interesting. 
That's all I'll say.


9:49 PM

Danny and I were on the rooftop of Peterson Technology's Research and 
Development building. It had been a little hard getting there 
unnoticed; there were more guards there than the last time. Still, we 
made it there in one piece and were now just waiting for the guys to 
set up. They were hiding nearby in the van. We had changed into our 
work clothes: black shirts and pants and shoes. I was helping Danny 
secure the rope around her waist. She checked her harness and made 
sure her headset was secured. "Testing," she said softly.

"Copy that loud and clear," Frohike's voice said through our ear 
pieces. "You ready to go in?"

"About as ready as I'll ever be," Danny replied. "How are things from 
your end?"

"Everything's good to go," Langly said.

"Then let's do some funky poaching," Danny said. We went over to the 
skylight. "Langly, let us in."

There was a pause. "It's open."

The two of us lifted up the latch and opened the skylight. Danny 
checked where she had tied her rope one last time. "Jimmy, keep an 
eye on that rope."

"You got it," I said. I watched her climb onto the ledge of the 
skylight and look down before she started her descent into the 
building. I leaned over and saw her lower herself to the ground. She 
unhooked herself from the rope and looked around. 

"Okay, guys, you are my eyes and ears," I heard her say. "Where to?"
I listened in as Langly, Byers, and Frohike guided her through the 
building to the laboratory. It was amazing how we all worked 
together. We were a team. We were a -

"Halt!" a male voice shouted.

"Oh crap!" Danny said.

"Danny?" Byers said.

"I've been spotted," Danny shouted. I could hear her running. 
"Jimmy, get ready to pull me up."

I looked over and saw her run back under the skylight. She grabbed 
the rope. I immediately pulled her up just as a bunch of security 
guards came running over. I pulled her up and grabbed her hand, 
helping her back over the ledge.

"Guys, get over here, now," Danny said as we gathered up the equipment 
and hurried over to the edge of the roof. We looked down and saw the 
van pull up. We started unwinding the ropes when the roof access door 
opened and some of the security guards burst through. I saw a garbage 
bin below us.

"Jump," I said as I grabbed her hand. I jumped over the edge, pulling 
her with me. It was a few seconds' rush, and then we landed hard in 
the bin.

"Ow!" Danny groaned, slowly sitting up. We climbed out and hurried 
over to the van, just as Langly opened the side door. We jumped in 
and Frohike drove us away. Danny leaned against the side, trying to 
catch her breath.

"License plate," Byers said. Frohike pushed a button near the 
steering wheel and we heard the back license plate being pulled in. 
That's a pretty cool invention, really.

"We're not out of the woods yet," Frohike said. We all looked up as 
the van approached a chain link fence with a bunch of guards around 
it. "Hold on." Frohike floored it, and the guards jumped out of the 
way. We burst through the fence and were on our way back home.

"They following?" I asked.

"No sign of them," Langly said, looking at the side view mirror.

"What happened?" Byers asked.

"They spotted me," Danny replied. "It looks like they beefed up 
security since last night."

"Well, there's another op botched," Frohike said.

"Not really," Danny said. She reached into her pants pocket and 
pulled out a small circuit board. She smiled.

"You got it," I grinned.

"Yeah," Danny nodded. She handed it to Byers. "One front page 

"Cool," Langly grinned.

"And Jimmy?"

"Yeah?" I asked.

"While not one of the best escape plans ever, thanks." Danny rubbed 
her back. "Although, I think I'm going to be a little sore for 

I could feel myself blushing slightly as I grinned. I really think 
that she's starting to like me. I mean, I remember when I 
accidentally crashed her computer; she almost tore me limb from limb, 
literally. Yep, she's starting to like me.

I leaned back as we went home. It was always after a job well done 
that I liked to sit back and think about what it is we're actually 
doing. Knowing that we're making a difference like we are, fighting 
for the rights of every American citizen, it gives me goose bumps. 
But I also knew our work would never be finished. Everyone has a 
purpose in life, and ours is to write the stories no one else wants 

So, you see why I am contented with where I am? Life is funny, 
because all I ever dreamed about was being the coach of a blind 
football team. But then the Gunmen came along and showed me what it 
truly means to fight for something important. And together, the five 
of us - Byers, Frohike, Langly, Danny, and myself - will continue our 
fight as long as there are people willing to squash the American dream 
like a cockroach. Sort of like anti-cockroach squashers, in a way. 
Yeah. That is who we are. 

Ain't it great?


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