Title: Langly's POV
Author: T'PeeJ
Email: tpeej@hotmail.com
Summary: Langly's thoughts on the guys, himself and their lives.
Disclaimers: None that I can think of.


Here we are getting ready for another edition of the Lone Gunmen newsletter. Byers is on the phone checking with his sources and Frohike is in the darkroom developing some pictures that he took.  Me, I am on the net rechecking the facts. Only God knows where Jimmy has taken off too. He is around some place. I just hope he doesn't ruin anything.

Have you ever wondered what the hell are we doing together?  It would be a good question. We wonder it sometimes too.  Since we are nothing a like.  Byers looks like a Professor at any University. He is always dressed in a suit and tie. Everyone says Byers looks NATTY. What the hell does that mean? Hey I am on the net, I can look it up. I don't believe it's a real word. I will go to Microsloth site and look it up.

Natty: [náttee] (Comparative nat-ti-er, superlative nat-ti-est) adjective. Dapper: neat and fashionable in appearance or dress. [Late 18th century. Origin uncertain: perhaps a variant of earlier netty "neat", from net "clean, tidy"]

I'll be damned; it's a real word. I didn't believe it was real. It does describe Byers to a tee. Frohike looks like a rejected from a Hell's Angels. He is short, fat and dresses in leathers.

I still like my blue jeans and band t-shirts. I know I am in my thirty's, I should have give up this type of dress, but I can't help it. I am comfortable dressed like this. As Byers in comfortable in the suits and Frohike in the leathers, then I can keep my jeans and t-shirts. Subject closed.

Some people wonder how we get anything done around here. We are so different in our methods of thinking, but we do come around to the same answer. Byers is so logical in he's thinking. I believe if Byers had pointy ears and up swinging eyebrows, he would be Mr. Spock. He thinks like a Vulcan's. I swear, he does. How he can even think with that tie on is beyond me. It's a proven fact that ties cut the blood off to your brain. That is why they should be outlawed. He likes them, not a whole lot I can do about that.  Frohike and I start in the same place. Our thoughts come our guts.  It's after that we go our different ways.  Frohike takes that gut reaction and mulls it over.  I also go by gut reaction, but I don't need much of anything else to know that to go off of. Sometimes we talk things to death, but it's important to our operation. We may not look like it, but we do agree more then we disagree.

How we got together is all Byers' fault. If he hadn't played Knight in shining armor, we wouldn't have become the Lone Gunmen.  If it hadn't been for Byers, Frohike and I would still be playing games at one-upping each other.  There are times I would hunt down Suzanne and strangle her scrawny neck.  Then there are the times I just want to grab her and give her biggest wets kiss in the world. Thank the Maker that Byers can't read minds or he would kill me. I'm grinning over that. Suzanne was hot, but not my type. I like them a little wilder then that one, but I digress off the subject. Our purpose, our reason for the things we do.

So here we are playing our versions of Don Quixote, tilting at windmills and spinning our wheels. We do get it right, even though most people think we are crackpots. We know what we are taking about.  Our mission in life is to right the wrongs that the government lets happen. They like to play with our minds. That's not right.  The government can try what they will to us, but we will win over them and the American people will know what is going on.

Byers just got off the phone and is looking over here at me. I have to get back to work with this rechecking stuff or Byers is going to start on the lecture on being good journalist and blah, blah, blah. I wonder if he prerecords those lectures he gives me. So back to the net I go. This really blows.