TITLE: Langly: Who I am
BY: Amanda
FEEDBACK: greenfreakgirl@tomgreen.com
DISCLAIMER: Same old thing. 
SUMMARY: The 155 word challenges are now being extended to The Lone Gunmen 
DATE FINISHED: June 11, 2002 (5:03 am)
NOTES: At end

* * * 

“A rock tee? You can’t be serious about wearing that,” Byers’ voice pleaded for 
a change. 
A grunt and crossed arms was his reply. 
“Buddy, at least do something about the hair. Cut it? Brush it? Tie it?” Frohike 
added his suggestions so they could leave. 
He gives a firey glare from behind his black rimmed glasses, pushing them up his 
Byers shook his head, exasperated; “You just can’t go to this convention wearing 
those warn-out jeans, an old tee shirt and with that hair.” 
That comment sent a flush on anger to his face. 
“You won’t even consider changing?” Byers hoped, all but crossed his fingers.
He shook his head. 
“Why must you insist on dressing like this?” Byers had had enough. He was, 
again, down to his last nerve, at the end of his ever giving patience. 
With a snide tone to his voice Langly replied, “Because this is who I am.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

I challenge YOU to write 155 words on a Gunman! There hasn’t been nearly enough 
fanfic out there Gunfen.