Title: Long Day
Author: Robin Elizabeth
Part: 2/5
E-mail: superstarscannonballs79@hotmail.com
Keywords: LGM, Jimmy, Yves, Jimmy whumping
Rating: PG-ish (nothing graphic)
Spoilers: Just a bit from last week's ep
Disclaimer: The only character I own is the doctor and Kiely. CC owns the 
rest. This story is Copyright (©) 2001, all rights reserved.
Notes: I'm not sure what to make of it. Was not beta'd. Not to be distributed without my express permission.
Summary: Just what the title implies.


"Never mind Frohike," Byers replied, seeing that Frohike's treatment of Jimmy was beginning to affect the young man.

"I wish I could," Jimmy replied softly.

They arrived at their post, with Byers reporting in. Both Byers and Jimmy were in the back of the van, watching the surveillance equipment carefully. A couple hours went by with nothing happening.

A knock on the van door interrupted their silence. Neither man got a chance to say anything before the door was slid open.

"Out, now!" a large man growled with a gun pointed at Byers.

Byers slowly left the van, with Jimmy unsure of what to do. When Byers was out of the van, the man had turned his back on Jimmy, like the young blond wasn't there. Jimmy pursed his lips, thinking while watching the scene 
before him.

"Why are you watching us?" the man demanded.

Byers just stood there, not a word being said in answer. Then Jimmy noticed the man look around, then train the gun on Byers. Now Jimmy knew he had to act. He jumped out of the van, and tackled the guy from behind. On 
instinct, Byers took a few steps back while Jimmy tried to wrestle the gun away. But Byers knew something was wrong the second the gun went off.

"Jimmy!" Byers yelled.

The unidentified man got off of Jimmy and ran down the street. By then a few people had gathered to see what the commotion was about while Byers kneeled by Jimmy's side. The blood was staining Jimmy's shirt dark red 
around his abdomen quickly. Byers quickly took off the outer shirt that Jimmy had on, tearing it apart so he could place it over the bullet wound and applied pressure. Then Byers took off his own sportscoat and placed it over the pale man.

"That wasn't supposed to happen," Jimmy whispered.

"Shh Jimmy. Just relax," Byers said.

“Frohike’s gonna be so mad at me,” Jimmy replied.

“Jimmy, just relax alright. You’ll be fine if you relax,” Byers said.

He noticed Jimmy’s eyes slowly blink a few more times, his blue eyes not fixed on anything specific. Then Jimmy’s eyes shut, not opening again.