Title: Long Day
Author: Robin Elizabeth
Part: 4/5
E-mail: superstarscannonballs79@hotmail.com
Keywords: LGM, Jimmy, Yves, Jimmy whumping
Rating: PG-ish (nothing graphic)
Spoilers: Just a bit from last week's ep
Disclaimer: The only character I own is the doctor and Kiely. CC owns the 
rest. This story is Copyright () 2001, all rights reserved.
Notes: I'm not sure what to make of it. Was not beta'd. Not to be distributed without my express permission.
Summary: Just what the title implies.


Byers went back to the waiting area and sat. A doctor showed up a few minutes later, asking if he were a friend of Jimmy's.

"Yes," Byers answered.

"Does he have any family in the area?" the doctor asked.

"No," Byers answered. *We're the closest thing he's got as far as I know.*

"We had to take him to the OR to repair some damaged organs. It will be touch-and-go for a while since he did crash in the ER, but we got him back. I'll come get you when he's out," the doctor explained.

"Thanks," Byers managed to reply.

Byers sank into the nearest chair. *Touch and go? Crash? God, what happened?*

"Byers?" Frohike asked, laying a hand on his friend's shoulder.

Byers looked up to see the concerned faces of Langly and Frohike, and Yves.

"We had a visitor while you were gone," Langly said, pointing to Yves.

"How's Jimmy?" she asked.

Byers related to them what the doctor had said. Frohike sat next to Byers while Yves and Langly stood motionless.

"Why did the big dope have to get himself shot?" Frohike asked to himself.

"He was saving my life," Byers answered.

A silence loomed over the four. It lasted for a long time, until the doctor came out again.

"Jimmy is in recovery right now. He crashed again in surgery, but was quickly revived. He is in a coma right now, and the next 24 hours will be critical. As far as the surgery goes, it was successful," the doctor explained.

"If the surgery was so damn successful, why is Jimmy still in a coma?" Langly shot.