Title:  MSTing for Eine Kleine Frohike
Author: Robin Elizabeth
E-mail: superstarscannonballs79@hotmail.com
Spoilers:  Eine Kleine Frohike

Disclaimer: Any characters not regularly seen on LGM are owned by me. CC 
owns the rest. This story is Copyright (©) 2001, all rights reserved.


Frohike: Oh, you moron. He files The Warren Commission under “T” The Warren 
Mike: Well, The does start with a T.
Tom Servo: Maybe he fell asleep during library class.
Crow: zzzzzzzzzz

Byers: If we let him go, it’ll crush him.
Jimmy comes in.
Jimmy: Crush who? Who’s gonna get crushed?
Tom Servo: You! By the Magnificent 300-Pound Crusher.
Crow: It crushes, it squishes, it does it all.

Frohike: You are so fired!
Crow: as Frohike Just for being an idiot.

Frohike: Just get out of here.
Jimmy: I get it. I get what you’re trying to say. Old Yeller. In Old 
Yeller, the kid yells at the dog to make him leave.
Crow: I’m hoping he’s only pretending to be this stupid.
Tom Servo: Have you seen any of the other episodes?
Crow: No.
Mike: He’s that stupid.

Jimmy: I don’t mean to sound stupid, but should I know who that is?
Tom Servo: Too late!
Mike: See!

Jimmy: Nazis. I hate those guys.
All: We do too!

Frohike: Prepare…to get mooned. Drops his drawers and all avert eyes in 
Crow: God help us all!
Tom Servo: I’m now blind.
Mike: That’s a good way for Pearl to drive us nuts.

Jimmy “Risky Business”ing to “Bad to the Bone”
Mike: I hear all the little girls screaming.

Jimmy: The guy we thought was the son of the guy who died wasn’t the son. 
He’s the son of the lady that killed the guy.
Mike: Huh?
Crow: Translation into English.
Tom Servo: That was in English.
Crow: Into English that non-idiots understand