TITLE: No Freakin' Idea
AUTHOR: Meghan O'Connor 
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DISCLAIMER: The LGM and anyone else you recognize are 1013's. 
However, Rachel Ann MacGregor is all mine. 
SPOILERS: The X-Files, all up to the last season finale, and the LGM 
SYNOPSIS: Rachel thinks about the American tragedy of last week. 
Sometimes it doesn't hit you `til later. 

Jimmy had just left to have a beer with a buddy from school. He had 
become an entrepreneur, but they were celebrating the fact that he 
had stayed home to see his son being born rather than fly through New 
York last Tuesday. Mulder was home watching William, since the FBI 
put every agent they had on alert and investigation. Frohike and 
Langly were on the computers, and Byers was doing some filing as she 
watched TV.

Rachel was helping sort some references as she listened to the 
television. A note fluttered to the floor as she shuffled the pile. 
Curious, she lifted the hand-written note in Byers' hand and 
paled. "Coffee, Mike C Tues., 9-11, Pentagon café cart." Byers 
looked up when she spoke, her voice choked with dread.

"Byers… Who is Mike C.?" Langly and Frohike also looked up as he 
stayed silent, then dove for the phone. A quick dial and a few 
mutters, and his whole body relaxed. After a moment, he hung up and 
came back to the group. He took the note from her hand and stared at 

"We both forgot that we were going to have coffee. I never forget a 
meeting. But we both forgot. He was home sick on Tuesday." 
Langly's eyes got wide. Frohike looked vaguely ill. Byers looked up 
at Rachel again. He had some files for me. They've most likely been 
destroyed in the fire now. We were supposed to go meet him for 
coffee at the little cart outside the north entrance. Dear God."

Rachel stared at him for a long moment, then moved silently to his 
side. He didn't protest when her arms went around him in a 
breathless hug of fear and gratitude. Arms still about his waist, 
she looked over at Frohike and Langly. She gestured with one hand 
and they rose to join the embrace. Wordlessly they stood, grasping 
tightly to their compatriots, full of shock and thanks for what 
hadn't been.