TITLE: Oooo, Tasty!
AUTHOR: Meghan O'Connor 
EMAIL: gyrfalcon@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: I own nothing but Rachel and I make nada off this, so 
bugger off.
NOTE: It just came to me while I was having some... If you think 
something naughty, it's your own fault.
Rating: PG

Byers and Langly stopped downstairs when they heard the voices coming 
from the kitchen. They stared at each other in silent shock as they 
listened to what was being said. Frohike spoke first.

"Don't be greedy, you already licked it clean!" 

Rachel answered him teasingly. "Please, just a little more? My 
mouth really wants it."

"Oh all right. You're never satisfied, are you?"

"No. I can't help it. Oh my, that's quite a lot."

"Well, you want it, you get it all."

"Put it right here." Byers looked like he was going to 
hyperventilate at the moans of pleasure coming from the other room. 
Langly dashed up the stairs with Byers close at heel. He ran into 
Langly as he stopped suddenly. Looking over, they saw Frohike at the 
sink, wiping out a bowl as Rachel was taking a fork from her mouth 
with an ecstatic look. She glanced over and waved, swallowing 

"C'mon, guys, before the chocolate raspberry cheesecake's all gone!"