TITLE: Papa Dear, Part 2
AUTHOR: Meghan O'Connor 
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DISCLAIMER: The LGM, Skinner, and anyone else you recognize are 
1013's. However, Anne Jacobs/Hanna Jean Frohike is all mine. 
SPOILERS: The X-Files, all up to the last season finale, and the LGM 
CATEGORY: Drama, LGM/Skinner/Other 
SYNOPSIS: Does Frohike want to see the daughter that was taken from 
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This series will be called the "Home at Last" fics. 
The title is inspired by the song from the movie "Yentl". See if you 
can catch the clues to an important part of her and Frohike's lives. 
First person to guess gets the privilege of writing a sex scene 
between her and another character of my choosing later. (evil grin)

She merely raised an eyebrow at the number of locks Frohike had to 
open to get in his own home. Anne really looked forward to meeting 
his two roommates and co-workers. She just wasn't thrilled with the 
idea of not saying she was his daughter. She followed him into the 
darkened cool clutter. However did he work in this light?

He called out as they neared the computers. "Hey guys, I want you to 
meet someone." Byers and Langly looked at each other, surprised, 
then stood to greet the guest. "I invited her to stay for dinner. 
This as an old friend of the family, Anne Jacobs." Byers was 
naturally the first to greet her.

She had a firm grip for a woman, he noticed. "John Byers, ma'am. 
Pleased to meet you." He liked the way her warm brown eyes sparkled 
in the weak light. She wasn't much taller than Frohike. Slender but 
not skinny by any means, she carried herself with confidence. Her 
dark hair fell down her shoulders in a soft silky sheet. Just as she 
smiled, Frohike interrupted.

"And this rude little hippie is Ringo Langly." She stepped over to 
the table and held out her hand. Nervously he shook it lightly as 
she looked up into the most lovely eyes she'd ever seen, the color of 
a storm-tossed ocean. His hair swung in curls of molten gold as he 
snapped at Frohike. 

"Can it, Doohickey, not in front of a lady." He turned back and only 
then let go of her hand as she giggled. He normally didn't like a 
girl's high-pitched laughter, but this seemed so spontaneous and 
honest that he caught himself smiling at her. "Just call me Langly. 
Or just call me." Man, did he really just say something that 
cheesy? She laughed again and blushed a little Frohike was SO gonna 
kick his ass.

She whispered to Frohike in the kitchen as she helped him cook the 
meatloaf. "You didn't tell me he was cute, Pop." He glared at her.

"Who? And don't get any ideas." She stood there smiling 
quietly. "What is so funny?"

"Nothing," she said softly. "I just realized how much I missed 
having you there to threaten my boyfriends."

His eyes grew sad as he drew her into a hug. "I'm so sorry, Hannah. 
I missed you too. I was so angry at your mother, not for leaving, 
but for taking you." She pressed her forehead against his, sniffling 

"It's not your fault, Pop. Mom was greedy and ambitious, and not 
willing to work on things. I was furious at her for many years for 
taking me away from you." She paused and looked him directly in the 
eyes. "I want you to know, I never wanted my name changed to hers. 
I'm actually currently getting it changed back." He hugged her 
tighter, and Langly entered the room.

"Oh break it up, you two. Wait `til after dinner." He passed 
through to get something from his room. A look of surprise came over 
her face, and she looked angrily at Frohike.

"Now you fix this, Papa. I will not have your friends thinking I am 
you conquest, although I am curious as to what kind of reputation you 
have. You tell them at dinner or I will, but that assumption just 
isn't right." He put up his hands in surrender.

"OK, ok. Sorry. Haven't been a monk, you know." Now it was 
Hannah's turn to put up her hands in an unconscious copy of his 

She sat at the table as Frohike served up the meatloaf and veggies. 
Langly and Byers came in with the drinks. Hannah looked vaguely 
upset at the glass of milk Langly sat in front of her. "Oh, Langly, 
I'm sorry . . . I, um . . ." Frohike saved the day by grabbing her 
glass of milk and heading for the kitchen. As he came back with a 
Pepsi, he explained somewhat nervously.

"Sorry, I forgot you are a little allergic." Only Byers caught the 
strange look she gave Frohike, as if she didn't know what he was 
talking about. Suddenly, comprehension dawned in her eyes.

"Oh, thank you. Don't worry, Langly, I forgot to tell you. You 
couldn't have known." She placed her hand over his on the table and 
smiled directly at him. He got kind of uncomfortable after a moment 
as Frohike glared at them. She looked over, noticed, and removed her 
hand. She took a deep breath. "So, you guys seem to think Frohike 
and I were some kind of couple back when."

Byers blushed and Langly stammered. "Well, we . . . uh . . ." She 
smiled again.

"Please, let me assure you that it's nothing of the sort, even if he 
didn't tell you the whole truth. So if you want me to call you, he 
may mind, but he can't stop me." Now it was Langly's turn to blush 
crimson. She patted his hand, then turned to serve the 
potatoes. "Well, shall we have a nice dinner, then?" Her small grin 
indicated that she was waiting to see how long it would be before 
curiosity overtook them. It wasn't five bites into the meal before 
Byers spoke up.

"So, how long have you known Frohike, Anne?"

She smiled again. "Oh, all my life, it seems." Her eyes twinkled 

"And how did you meet, if I may ask?"

"Well, I was screaming my head off at the world, and I calmed down 
the minute he picked me up. Isn't that right, Pop?" Langly almost 
snorted his milk through his nose as Byers' eyes got wide. Even 
Frohike was grinning now. Langly made a choking sound and almost 

"He's . . . Doohickey's your DAD?" Byers was nodding, as if he just 
figured out why she looked familiar. They had the same eyes and 
similar mouths. She could just hear Langly calculating in his mind 
how soon Frohike was going to kill him for flirting with his 
daughter. She giggled again.

"That's what her mother told me, and I believed her at the time." 
That just made them all break into laughter. After a moment, they 
calmed down and she told them of how she'd been taken as a child, 
searched for her father, then finally ran fatefully into a nice man 
that knew him. After a nice meal and conversation, she looked at her 

"Oh my, I have to get going. It's almost 6 o'clock." She helped 
clear her dishes, talking to Frohike quietly in the kitchen. "Thank 
you, Pop. I had a wonderful time, and you have such nice friends. I 
almost wish I didn't have to go so soon." He put water in the pan at 
the sink.

"Why don't you stay?" She looked at him for a moment.

"Pop, I never gave up on that, either. I have to get home. You can 
call me Sunday if you want."

"I will, hon. Believe me, I will."