Title: Project Jupiter Pt. Eleven
By: Amanda
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Rating: R for sexual situations and language. 
Summary: Anderea's past fits together with her present and that of the
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen and other X Files characters are the
property of CC, 1013 and FOX. I do not make any money off of these.
It's a labour of LOVE! But Anderea is purely MINE!!mmmhahaha
Note: Part of my "Jupitor Series"


"This counts as assault guy," a whiney voice came from the front door.
"Do you ever not whine?" Jimmy's voice followed as he dragged the other
man in by his ear. 
Anderea looked confused as Jimmy pushed the scrawny man onto the stool.
"This is Kimmy," he introduced, "And this is Anderea."
"So, you must be who deflowered our virgin prince," Kimmy pushed his
glasses up his nose looking her up and down, "I figured you didn't
"Well, here I am, in the flesh," she shrugged, trying to read this new
"I see that," he looked her up and down again, smiling, "Would you
consider doing me the same favour?"
Anderea looked shocked and disgusted and Jimmy slapped Kimmy up side
the head. 
"Ow, Watch it lurch!"
"You're just lucky we need you for something or I could really hurt
you," Jimmy glared at him. 
The lanky nerd rubbed the back of his head, "What is it you NEED from
"Can you decode this?" she pointed him to Langly's computer.
He cracked his knuckles, "Of course..but what do I get for it?" he
raised his eyebrows at her.
"I won't put you in the hospital," Jimmy supplied an answer. An empty
threat, but Kimmy seemed to believe it. 
The nerd swallowed hard, "Okay." He sat at the computer and started

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

It had taken over an hour before Kimmy cracked it. 
"You're definitely not as good as Langly," she commented as she walked
over to the computer. 
He scrunched up his face, "What is this anyhow?"
"Blue prints," she stated the obvious, "That's where the guys went."
"A military compound?!" Kimmy started to stand but Jimmy pushed him
back down.
"We're still gonna need you," Anderea told him than turned to the other
man, "Can you get a hold of Yves for me?"
"I think so..why?"
"I've got a plan," she told him, "and we'll need her."

Jimmy nodded than dialed Yves' cell number. 

The van was parked behind a small cluster of trees. Yves had joined
them from wherever she hide her car. The four of them sat in the back
devising their strategies when Yves' cell interrupted. 
"Excuse me," she answered the ringing, "yes?"
'It's Jimmy.'
"What is it?" she hated having the three watching her. 
'Anderea said we need your help.'
"With what?"
They leaned in a bit, in hopes to hear the caller.
'All she said was a plan..will you come?'
"Yes," she replied quickly, "I'll be there as soon as I can." She hung
up without the goodbyes. "I'm sorry gentlemen, but I must be going,"
she pushed open the van doors.
"Where are you going?" Byers leaned out the back.
"That was my emergency phone boys..I'm sure you can deal without me."
She crept back to her car.

Byers pulled the doors shut a little surprised by Yves exit, "Well,
we'd better get to work than."
Langly searched through the duffel bags, "Where's the disk? I can't
find it."
"Didn't you bring it?" Frohike's eyes blared.
"I was getting everything working Doohickey," Langly shot back.
The older man growled and clenched his fists.
Byers leaned between them, "We better think of a productive way out of
"Well I don't know what we can do, punkass probably didn't even copy it
to the hard drive," Frohike snarled. 
"Listen you -," Langly stopped himself, "We're still gonna do this.
We'll just go in blind."
Frohike and Byers' eyes bugged. 
"We're not leaving until we help Anderea," he took his stand.
"You're gonna get us killed," Frohike shook his head, "Let's go before
I get smart."

The three managed to bypass the security into the main hall.
"If I was a record's room, where would I be?" Langly whispered
receiving annoyed glares from the other two. 
"Just find it," Frohike pushed the lanky man forward.
"Maybe I can help you," a voice came from behind them, followed by a
series of gun's clicking. 
The three men turned with their hands up. 
"Fletcher," Frohike was the first to identify him.
"We've really got to stop meeting like this," Morris Fletcher
instructed his hired guns to move the Lone Gunmen into a room.

The room was bare, just two sliding doors. The guys were standing in
the centre of the room.
"Can you tell me why you three are bothering me at work?" he was
clearly annoyed.
"Sorry Fletch, that's classified," Frohike smiled smugly. 
"You know guys, I really should have shot your freak asses last time I
had the chance," Fletcher pulled his gun from its holster. "But I plan
on fixing that this time," he aimed the gun at Langly, "Blondie, it's
been swell."

The second door slid open and two more hired guns stepped through; one
large and one the opposite. They had someone between them.
"What now?" Fletcher lowered his gun actually disappointed by the
"We caught her poking around outside," they pushed the girl out in
front of them.
"Anderea," the gunmen's mouths all dropped. 
"Ah, Beauty and the geeks," the G-man laughed at his own joke, but
received no laughter in reply. "So, did you change your mind on me?" he
smiled slyly as he looked her up and down, his eyes lingering on her
Anderea felt sick, "Err, if I wanted to be drooled on and panted on,
I'd get a dog."
Fletcher's face fell.
"I'm sorry. That was an unfair comparison," she nodded, "For the dog."
Fletcher's ace now hardened and he pointed his gun at her, "I really
don't need another bitch, I am married to one." He fired twice.

"NOOOO!" Langly lunged forward, but Frohike and Byers held him back
while trying to keep themselves back. "You fucking bastard!" tears were
streaming down his face as Anderea's body hit the floor. 
"Aw, you're breaking my heart. Take her away," Fletcher instructed the
two men who brought her in.
They picked her up, one by the feet the other by her arms, carrying her
out the door they came in. The larger man was evidently stronger,
lifting with ease. 

They returned almost as quickly as they had left. Looking completely
unfazed by just witnessing a murder and carrying off the evidence.
"Dispose of them too," Fletcher ordered, he looked to the three, "I've
wasted far too much time on you. Ta ta boys."
The two who had taken Anderea and a third escorted the gunmen into the
same room where her body lay.
Langly let out a loud sob and fell to his knees next to her, "Derea."
"We can handle them," the larger man pulled out his gun as the third
nodded and left.

"Never knew Goldilocks was such a crier," the scrawnier man laughed,
"For me to keep this under wraps, it'll cost you. All your D&D secrets
Byers, Langly and Frohike turned to him, all with the same look of
confusion on their faces.
He pulled out a retainer shaped voice changer out of his mouth,
"Actually, you all owe me big time for this. I put my neck out on the
Frohike's eyes narrowed to look at the man, "Kimmy?"
"Were you expecting the Easter Bunny?"
Byers looked at the other man, "Jimmy?"
He removed his voice changer, "Right on Byers man."

"So....Anderea," Langly's voice shook as he stared down at Anderea's
blood soaked shirt. 
Her eyes fluttered and she slowly moved to rub her head, "I must've
passed out," she mumbled. 
Langly started to shake her gently, "Derea....Derea."
She tried to sit up, but was shaky, "Awe I felt everyone of those." She
lifted her shirt to feel the bullets in the bulletproof vest. 
"You'll be a little bruised, but otherwise fine," Yves made her
presence known.
"Oh god," Langly let out a deep sigh and took Anderea in his arms,
"Don't you ever die on me again. EVER!"
"Okay, I won't," she smiled a little, still feeling pain from where the
bullets hit.
He kissed her full on the lips his remaining tears falling down his
"You'd better not," Frohike took off his glasses to wipe his eyes.

"We'd better get out of here," Yves peeked her head out the one door,
checking the hall.
"But we didn't change the file," Byers pointed out, still obviously
effected by the scene that played out: his eyes red and watery.
"I took the liberty while the theatrics took place," Yves explained,
"It's all taken care of."
"Thank you," Anderea stood with the help of Langly and Frohike, "I
couldn't have done this without you." She walked the few steps to hug
the other woman, taking everyone by surprise. "Sorry about the ink,"
she pointed to the cat suit. 
Yves just smiled, rather shyly. 
"This was all your idea?" Langly asked of his proudly smiling mate.
"You've got a clever one on your hands here," Yves nodded, "I must
emphasize our need to leave before it's not ink we're wearing."
"Right," Byers nodded and turned to Anderea, "Can you handle walking?"
"I think so."
"And if not, she's got me," Langly put his arm around her, "always."

The group made their passage through the compound. Guards Jimmy and
Kimmy were at either end to imitate them escorting them out of the

"Where can we drop you Spider Lady?" Langly asked as they piled into
the van: Byers, Frohike and Kimmy in the front and Langly and Anderea
in the back. 
"My car is just over there," Yves declined.
"Alright, hop in Jimbo," Frohike instructed.
"Ah, actually I'm going with Yves," Jimmy tore the latex of his face,
"See ya at home."
"You kids behave," Anderea smiled as what was showing of Jimmy's face
blushed as they left for her car.

"Can we get out of here? I've already been here longer than I want to
be," Kimmy whined, peeling the latex off his own face, "Man this stuff
is uncomfortable."
"But it's a vast improvement," Langly snickered, his arms still around
Kimmy turned to glare at him, "Can I ask you something Chickie? Why are
you with him?"
Her smile spread across her face and her blue eyes lit up, "Cause,
smart is SO DAMN SEXY!"