Proof Positive
By: Brenna "Snakelady" Dawkins

~Frohike, Jimmy, Mulder, and Scully belong to Chris Carter and 1013 
Studios. This story is a work of fiction and was no way endorsed or 
acknowledged by C.C. Rated Pg. ~

Frohike glanced at his watch, impatient as always. What was taking 
so long? Jimmy ran out of the drug store.

"I don't have enough change." He panted.

Frohike glared at the blonde man.

"Why don't you just buy it?" Jimmy grumbled. "It's 
embarrassing having the clerk stare at me."

Frohike didn't answer Jimmy but gave the man extra change. 
While Jimmy went back into the store, Frohike felt a conflict of 
emotions. Before now, he knew she was and he knew it was his; he 
didn't need to get her the test to be certain of it. But she had 
made it clear that she wanted to be positive that she was before she 
made the announcement. 

Mulder had been gone for almost two months now and still no 
one had a clue as to where he was. He had consoled her during that 
long absence. It happened just the one time, in her apartment. It 
surprised him more than it had surprised her. But they never spoke 
of it after it had happened. It had been a fluke and he knew she was 
embarrassed about it, but he never was. To think upon it gave him 
strength when he needed it most. 

Jimmy finally came out and gave him the paper bag with the 
purchased item inside and Frohike didn't wait for Jimmy to buckle up 
before he pulled out of the parking lot. There was silence all the 
way to the Warehouse. Frohike dropped Jimmy off at home and went to 
deliver the requested item.

When he was at her door, he hesitated a moment before 
knocking, trying to divine what her reaction towards a positive 
reading would be. Would she be happy? Angry? Sad? Would she keep 
it or want to get rid of it? A thousand questions turned into an 
anxious miasma of self-doubt. He wanted to turn back. He didn't 
have to do this. She could go out and find out on her own, he didn't 
have to be there while she did it. But he knew that was a lie. He 
did have to be there. He couldn't abandon her like Mulder had. 

She opened the door after he knocked. Her face, lovely as 
always, did not show the anxiety he knew his did.

"Come in, Frohike. Would you like something to calm your 
nerves while I see to this?" And she took the paper bag from his 

"Yes, I think I would, Scully."

"I told you, when we're alone like this, it's Dana." She 
smiled back at him and escorted him to a lounge chair.

He was a nervous wreck and gratefully accepted a cup of hot 
Chamomile tea while she went to the rest room. His stomach was all 
knotted up and he thought he was getting a headache, then he realized 
his teeth were clamped tightly shut and tried to relax his jaw.

It felt like hours had passed. He hadn't kept track of the 
time. His head jerked up as he heard the bathroom door open and he 
stood as she entered the room, carrying the test with her, her face 
unreadable. Was he sweating?

"I'm pregnant, Melvin." She said simply and showed him the 
tests results.

Frohike blinked and felt his heart jump. "Now what happens?"

"The Bureau has excellent child care benefits."

"You're going to keep it?" He asked hopeful. Please, God, 
let her keep it!

She nodded. "Can you please use discretion with this, 
Melvin? I want to be the one to announce it."

"They'll ask who it belongs to, you know." Frohike looked 
her in the eye.

She shook her head. "No, they wont."

And he knew she was right. They'd all assume that it was 
Mulder's. He supposed it would be better that way. Only the three 
of them needed to know the way of it. It was, he supposed, the way 
it had to be. He was not meant to be a father, at least not yet. He 
had no time to devote to it. Part of him regretted that, but it was 
true. He took her hand. Her hands were soft despite the fact her 
gun finger had the calluses of repeated use. They squeezed each 
other's hands in mutual understanding and not long after, Frohike 
left, trundling back to his less than ordinary life with the 
knowledge that he would be a silent father. She would refuse his 
financial aide towards child support, but she would not begrudge him 
emotional support. 

He went to bed that night but did not sleep, too aware of 
what the future denied him. Or was it what he denied himself?