TITLE: Who Pushed the Button? (1/?)
AUTHORS: Rose and Zealnote (her 15 year old daughter)
SEQUELS: Unknown


CONTENT WARNINGS: Language and some romance

SUMMARY: A mysterious woman comes to the LGM for protection
and before they know it they are "Lost in time!"

STATUS: unfinished

DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognizable characters are
the property of FOX Television, 10-13 productions,
Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Background on me. This is the first Fic I
ever wrote. And I had my 15 year old, that writes Digimon
fics, to help me with it. So please bear with me I'm learning.

Chap 1

"Get going girl! Hurry up!", an old whispering male voice said,
"They are almost here! And you got to get this to the Gunmen.
They will protect you! Trust me they will know what to do with
this!", the voice said out of breath as if it's owner was running
from something.

"Grandfather, please tell me what is going on. Who are these
Gunmen?", said a soft voice in the darken warehouse office.

Old knobby hands grabbed a black backpack from the floor. And with
shaking hands, quickly pushed it on to a pair of young smaller ones.
The only light, in the room, came from a computer screen on the desk.
Her terror and confusion was reflected on the screen as she watched her
grandfather pull open a wall safe.

"Grandfather what is going on?", she asks and hears as she silently
begs the computer to hurry up and burn the file. The old man just mumbles
about time running out and got to hurry up. And gunmen will watch over
them. She watches as her grandfather opens a wall safe with a bang.
Which made her jump and look around hoping no one heard them.

When she could breathe again the CD popped out and she quickly put it
in a case. Looking over to the only family she knew, she watched in fear
as his old hands quickly threw the contents of a wall safe in the
backpack. In went a few CD's, cash, some papers and a few pictures and a large
black box with a red button on it. Along with a few overnight clothes,
books, and make-up she always keeps in the bag.

He quickly took the CD from her fingers and put it in her inner jacket
pocket telling her, "Keep that with you. Never let it out of your sight into
you get to The Gunmen!"

Ranalla to confused complain or argue, for once in her 26 years, just
nodded to him.

"To the window girl hurry!", he pulled up his granddaughter and started
to push her to the open second story window. And with more strength that an
old man should have, he almost threw her out it. The old blue eyes looked at
his granddaughter.

'Poor thing, he thought, she will never hear it from me that we did it.
We really made it. She never knew what we were working on. My poor
girl. My poor Ranalla girl. Well they will protect her and what I made. I
protect her where I could not. I did the best I could not telling her what we
were really doing. I did the best I could by her.'

She on the other hand, looked at her grandfather her blue green eyes
wide with fear as she hung on to a pipe outside the window. "Grandfather?",
she question with fear raised in her hushed voice.

"I love you girl. You have been my light these last few years. Don't
ever forget that. Now go. Go to them! Hurry Ranalla get out of here!", the old
man told the woman as he touched her cheek softly and zipped up her leather jacket.
Tucking in a newspaper in her pocket as he did.

She looked down at the ground, which seem more than the 10 feet it was.
"How am I do that? Fly?", she question with raised eyebrows.

The old man laughed and pushed the woman off the pipe into a dumpster
below. Where she squeaked in anger from the fall. Glad for once it was just paper
in it not trash-trash. Looking up at the window she shook her fist at the old man
watching her with a smile.

"Old Fool!", she hissed up at him but waved to him to show she was ok.
'How did he talk me into breaking into the office at this late hour? And why all
the cloak and dagger stuff? What has he not told me?' Ranalla thought to herself
wondering what this was all really about.

Just then as she waved, she heard the sound of cars pulling up fast
with many booted feet getting out and running up the stairs. Quickly she hugged the
back and hid in the trash, hoping they did not see her and her grandfather would be ok.
After a few minutes with nothing happening. No gun shots. Or hands pulling her out of the trash. She peeked out of the trash and looked around. Finding that there was no
one around she pushed the paper from her body and sighed glad to be alive. Even if
her butt hurt from the fall.

Quickly she threw the backpack out of the dumpster the pulled herself
out. Falling to the few feet she landed on the street with a thump. Listening she put
on the backpack and was gone in the night holding a newspaper called the Magic Bullet.

Ranalla looked over her shoulder at the office as she carefully walked
into the night holding the newspaper tightly in her hands, "What did you just get me
into Grandfather?" She mumbled to herself, she hated it when she didn't know everything
about her current situation.

After wandering about a few minutes she finally made her way to the bus
station, fighting the urge to think this was just a bad dream. Always looking
over her shoulder in fear a hand was going to pull her into the darken alleys, Ranalla
made it there in one piece. Once there she bought a ticket to Maryland.

Luck would have it that the bus was ready to pull out and she just
happen to get there in time. Sitting down something caught her eye-a man. Not just any
man but a man in a black suit. He stood out more than she did, not that she stood out
much. For she was dressed in jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and a leather jacket. That suit of
his stood out of the crowd.

Fear leap in her throat when he looked at her through the window and
started to push his way threw the crowd. Luckily, the door closed and the driver put
the bus in gear and started to pull out. Pulling out as she watched him into he was
out of sight, then and only then did she let out a sigh of relief and felt her eyes close.

Many hours later, a hand was on her shoulder and she was jerked awake
to the sound of a man's voice that said, "We are here Miss. We are in Takoma Park."

Ranalla looked at the large friendly eyes of the bus driver and gave
him a weak smile, "Thank you.", she softly said her blue green eyes filled with sadness
in them.

The man looked at her with worry in his eyes as he thought - she is
trouble, one fine looking woman with that long red wavy hair that makes you itch to touch it. Those pink lips that almost begged to be kissed. And she has that innocent look
that makes a man want to care for her. He shook himself to get over these feelings.
But he had to ask, "You have family that is waiting for you? Will you be ok?"

Tears falling from her eyes she said as she held the paper in a death
grip, "No Sir, I don't have any family. Not anymore. That is I hope I do. But I'm
afraid that I don't. I'm here to met someone though. Friends of the family.", she said at
an another thought.

"Be careful girl.", the driver said as he seemed drawn into her sad eyes.

She smiled at him and nodded, getting her pack on and zipping up her
jacket. "Thank you I will, Sir. And you be careful too. Thank you again.", she said in a
soft voice of as she walked off the bus.

Yea, he thought as he watched her get off, she is trouble. Fine
looking trouble but trouble.

Ranalla looked down at the paper and sighed as a tear fell on it, "You
better be what Grandfather said you were Lone Gunmen. You better be." Making her way she found herself at the door of the Lone Gunmen and knocked waiting to see what
would happen next.

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