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Summary: Post-ep for Jump the Shark

Mother's Day, 2002 

Dana is in the kitchen, getting William's breakfast,
when the doorbell rings. 

Maggie Scully, in the living room, calls "I'll get it,
Dana" and by the time 
Dana comes out of the kitchen, drying her hands on a
towel, her mother 
has shut the door and is standing in the middle of the
living room with her arms full of roses. 

Maggie puts them down on the coffee table with a
puzzled frown, 
glancing across the room to the massive arrangement
which arrived yesterday from Mulder. 

"More flowers, Dana! Who else would be sending you
flowers for Mother's Day?" 

"I don't know, Mom, who brought them?"

"I didn't see. When I opened the door they were just
there lying on the floor."

Dana sighs. So many flowers, these last few days. 
The funeral . . . no, don't go there. It's still too painful.

Sitting down on the couch, the flowers on the coffee
table in front of her, she rips open the envelope with the typewritten
"Dana Scully" on the front.

Inside, a Mothers Day card with a picture of a teddy
bear, blue ribbons 
and forget-me-nots, but no signature, only a folded
piece of paper.

On the paper, yesterday's date at the top, then three
lines of anonymous typescript.

It takes a second or two for the significance to sink

Three short lines, three sentences. Three messages,
the significance of 
which would be known to no-one else in the world,
except her.

"Hi, Cutie"

"You're still hot"

"I still owe you $20"

Maggie can't understand why Dana is just sitting
there, staring at the roses, 
smiling as if the sun has come out for the first time
for weeks. Smiling, 
then laughing in sheer delight and relief and
amazement. Suddenly a weight has been lifted off her
shoulders, and the world for a short while is a better
place. She walks across the room and picks up the new
photograph that's only stood there a couple of weeks,
of the three Gunmen smiling out of the picture at her.
Langly, Frohike, Byers. 

They did it! I should have known they'd find a way
out. How did they do it?

Why didn't they tell me before? Boys, am I gonna kick
your asses next time I see you!

She looks up at her mother looking at her as if she's
taken leave of her 
senses. "I'm sorry, Mom, I can't tell you yet. Maybe
one day."