Title :Some Like It Hot
Author: Sue
Rating: NC17 (no hype, folks, this is graphic
content, so be warned. Detailed with love,
Category: Vignette, an idyll
Summary: 'Connubial Bliss Biscuit'
Note: To know who 'wifey' is, you need to
be familiar with 'Thrown Back'.

Some Like It Hot

Manchebo Beach Resort
Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean
Cabana 113
1:00 A.M. (89 degrees)

His bathing trunks, her bikini bottom and top lie
in a tangle not far from the shower stall. The
small, but sweetly-decorated bathroom is topped
off with steam which is rising from the busily
occupied stall. The close air is saturated with
sultry moans and groans likewise erupting from
within the glassed enclosure, its opague glass
sheet drenched with heavy, glistening moisture.

Heaven is the silky mouth lifting him to newer
dizzying heights. His right hand grips the
slippery stainless metal of the glass partition's
sliding doors, his left, with a 5-finger spread is
propped against the stall's sheeny tiled sea-green
wall. The left hand begins sliding lower in
response to his every grunting moan he makes until
the hand falls away from the wall, holding it up.

The intense spiking of pleasure drives his hand
to the back of her head, which he palms. Her
thick, jet black stringy ringlets jiggle as she
steps up the suction of her sucking. It's all about
him, for his very first time with a real live woman,
and not just any woman...his wife.

"Yo-you're g-gonna blow m-my fre-freakin' head
o-off-ooohhh, Gahh--God!!" His eyelids droop, and
he shudders in molten ecstasy.

"That's the idea, Lamby," she answers, sounding
seductively patient, mumbling around his engorged
penis, relishing how it fills her mouth thoroughly.

His right hand joins the left at the back of her
undulating head, and when he opens his eyes, he
sees that hers are aflame with raw desire. He
draws her in closer so the head of his shaft is at
the entrance of her throat. They breathe as one
now, but she shakes her head, and he panicks,
thinking he's grossed her out. She reads his
nervous look correctly, and shakes her head again,
while drawing her mouth away from his stiff penis
until it slides out, its tip in the initial throes
of spurting little drops of semen.

"How about this?" she purrs. She takes the
dripping ball peeking nearest to her wholly into
her mouth in the next breath, and his eyes roll
back like dice. Jumbled thoughts of one of
Frohike's skin vids, he'd dared him to watch with
him on a Saturday night before this carnal nymphet
came into his life, collide. She is making him
live one of those impossibilities he'd viewed,
gotten off on at the time, without even Frohike's

All he can think of now is how impossibly wonder-
ful it feels, as her skillful tongue wears him down
to jelled putty.

"Mar, Ma-ah, oh-oh, yeah--YEAH," he gasps, clasping
her head, and holding on for dear life once she
takes his other scrotum into her mouth, giving him
advance notice that she didn't want it to feel

"Talk dirty to me, love."

"Li-li-like how?" he pants.

She teases the slick ball with some munchy lip-
bites then, and licks its underside with more
skilled tongue action. From somewhere cavernous
in her throat she says, "It's all right, precious,
I'm having too much fun, sans encouragement...
regardless, you're exquisite."

His eyes flutter, and he gulps, and wheezes, "I
lo-love y-you..." A white, blinding shudder rips
through him, and he battles for breath, feeling
her mouth slip over his penis again, like a
condom, and again, the tip of her tireless tongue
tantalizes the life into the tip of his swollen

With the massaging spray of the warm water shower
plinking upon his back, he comes hard and strong,
errant semen streaming from the sides of her mouth,
washing over the taut nipples of her breasts, down
into the drain. She swallows some of his seed with
an intoxicated smile of a wanton vixen, and focuses
her burning eyes on his open mouth. Her hands lead
the way, traveling up the length of his spazzing
body, rising from her kneel, pausing at his chest
long enough to pinch his nipples, and when she
reaches his mouth, she kisses him with her mouth
agape, full on, with violent lust, as though she'll
never kiss him again, depositing some of his semen
into his mouth so he samples what he tastes like.

"OH, GOD," he heaves, his mind shutting down, his
body on sexual auto-pilot.

"Good to the last drop, lover," she pushes into
his quivering mouth, with her hands anchored at
his temples, he devouring her just as abandonly,
with his hands like a potter's, molding the fleshy,
supple firmness of her irresistable bottom. "Was
it good?" she pants, licking her lips that have
been made larger by their ferverish kisses,
inches from his mouth which appears incapable of
saying anything that's making sense.

He nods against the side of her face as his hands
flow downwards, and he squeezes her rear end again,
and again, his face a gentle mosaic of saiety.
"Love you," he murmurs, throatily and repeats it
like a defective tape stuck in a loop, or a man
head over heels in love, who isn't solely concerned
about having his needs satisfied. "Sorry..."

She looks at him without any hint of subtly, like
she'll never take him seriously ever again.
"Sorry? Whatever for, my love?"

Hearing her call him her 'love' is nearly as
mind-blowing as the ball-busting, cock-throbbing
fellatio she's performed, performed magnificently;
a 'blow-job' extraordinaire, and this, their first
time reveling in the sexual frenzy of aroused flesh.
The like of arousal which he never dared to imagine
he'd ever be the boneless recipient of. He is
reborn in the afterglow of such passion, unleashed
and festooned with every glance, touch, no holds
barred embrace.

"I don't have anything left for you, baby. So
not fair, after you've taken me to the next
constellation and back. I wanna give as good as
I got," he says sounding defeated, bordering on

She chuckles and takes his flaccid outshoot of
manhood into her right hand tenderly milking it
like an udder. His naivety for a man his age is
such a turn-on, she considers, so little does he
know... "Who says you won't? Don't be so hasty
to sell yourself short. I'm not through with
you yet..." He has no prayer of knowing what that
means. Not yet, anyway. Her Siberian Husky eyes
smolder afresh as she tugs on his cock a little to
move him along. "We'll get it up, my incredibly
endowed, stud crumpet...you take my breath away."

"Ditto that for me, you. Good God, you've got the
hottest bod." That earns him more gut-shredding
penile worship. Nothing shy and retiring about her,
my wifey, the tigress, he thinks as she towel dries
them off. She buffs his buns, that are worthy to
be called a sculptor's best work, with painstaking
care, remarking how sexy his butt is, having the
identical anatomical proportions of the 'David,'
which makes his face catch on fire. She kneels,
assuming the same position as before, and caresses
his buttock with reverential lips.

My non-blushing new bride all over again's kissin'
my ass--she's literally kissin' my whitey-heinie
off. What other woman would ever do that he,
gloats, feeling his fire igniting. She's plumb
nuts about me. He pauses just long enough to
reflect on the second ceremony they were jubilant
participants in, here at the resort, to compliment
the ceremony witnessed by their friends back in
D.C. a few days ago. Double indemnity with a marital

Wobbly, he gets her to her feet, and wraps his
arms around her fine warm frame, vowing he's never
letting her go.

"Yes you will, because it's time to make you *my*
man, the take no prisoners' way," she asserts.

His damp, long blond wavelets whip past his face
when he scoops her up into his arms. "I du-dunno,"
he says, his reflexive blush coloring his pale
skin, spreading down to his neck, despite the
extreme intimacy they've shared moments ago, "Don't
think I'm gonna be fully-operational again for a
while, angel."

"Do you trust me, Lambs?"

"With my life." 

"Then..." As he lowers her body onto the bed,
with the greatest of care, she has other ideas
about what should logically happen next within
the confines of their mutedly-shaded bedroom.
The candles she requested the attendant to light
beforehand, gently flicker.

She succeeds flipping over on him, so she's on
top so she's straddling him. In his eyes there's
expectation mingled with hesitancy. But then a
gutteral moan escapes his mouth as once again
she's in the pure erotica zone, driving him
insane. "Sooo hot--oh, my God!"

"You're hotter, lover..."

She plants both palms over his nipples which
look rosey pink like a young boy's dwarfted buds,
and rubs them, circularly as well as linearly.
She leans down, and starts laving them with
relentless determination until they grow firmly
ripe for inexorable inventive nibbling. Inflamed,
he can barely manage coherence. Huskily, "I, I
thi-think you-you've got it go-goin' on..." His
hands come up to take her energetic head between
them, his fingers like rakes in her tresses. She
creeps her hand due south to his crotch to check
on developments, while he feels the infant wakings
of another arousal. She wraps her hand around
his ballooning penis and smiles.

"And you didn't think you had it in you," she
teases, with a fluid squeeze that makes his hips
buck like a bronc.

When his shaft is as tumid as a water-logged
cucumber, she sinks herself into his ramrod of
an erection, keening ferally as his deep
penetration is such that she feels his cock's
bulbous head pushing against the limits of her
vulval depth. It's a snug, riveting fit which
makes her cry out louder, momentarily held fast
by a paresis of a unique sort. A paroxysm of
intense pleasure and joy unbounded, with mutual
pulsion steadily building. Her head lolls as
though in slow motion, and he feels as if he's
back in one of the resort's private, secluded
lagoons with her, as they had been a while ago,
when she'd had her legs welded around his waist,
and every kiss was a gateway to this paradise.

She rocks back and forth upon him like she's
riding a hobbyhorse, slowly, with a swirling,
grinding motion to her hips, and he hurtles
closer to the edge she's committed to driving him
over. Their momentum increases with every nuance
of contortion. Her succulent breasts, the replicas
of round watermelons, bob and bounce before his
glazed, feasting eyes and they mist; the magic of
the moment flooding him with awe previously unknown.
Never has this part of the female anatomy ever
tantalized him this much before. His seductive
bride is every definition of beautiful he's ever
defined for himself.

"Your cock's a rock, Pet," she extols with breaths
charged with lusty excitement. "You make me so
hot!" He nods, sort of, as though she's just said
that to somebody else, but when she brings her
hands to the sides of each gourd-like breast, and
mashes them together, and repeats with variations
on the rub and press and grope theme, he's with her
again one hundred and infinity percent. When she
squeezes her own nipples with her thumbs and fore-
fingers, he knows he's going to explode any second
now. The rocking gyrations step up. "Your turn,
my enormous stud. Come on, don't be shy. Touch
them. They're yours to touch as much as you like."
Her busy hands fall away from her bulging cornucopias,
their hypnotizing areolae two shades darker, as
though the color's bleeding, and the teats as erect
as Pinocchio's telltale nose.

It's as though his hands are weighted when she
positions them at her breasts, encouraging him
to cup them. His hands shake, and his eyes are
bugged-out, like he's too enthralled to twitch.
So, she gets him going by governing the rubbing
of her firm globes with his hands by hers.
"That's right, love, that's the way." Her eyes
bang shut, and she sighs, "So, good...so, so good."

"Y-You're so go-good to me."

"You feel sooo gooood..." She divorces her hands
from his, as she opens her eyes just in time to
watch his trusting smile transform the squimish
look on his face to one of 'I am so diggin' this,
baby, see.' When his thumbs circle her nipples to
stroke them, she's on the verge of coming.

"Oooooh, looove, YES, RINGO--YES, RINGO--YES!"
She presses in on his penis harder, and they
both writhe more furiously. She grinds into him
harder and harder, and to him the feeling is as
if his cock's getting squeezed by a huge wet
fist. Jacking off over the years is a laughable,
pitiful substitute for what she's giving him; the
'sextastic' real thing, at long last.

"OH MY GOD--I, I'M COMING!" he hollers, "again!"
He's going over Niagara Falls in a barrel that's
breaking up in midair. So overwhelmed is he, he
can't even close his eyes, as though they're frozen.
Sight blurrs that very instant, moments away from
seminal expulsion.

She smiles down at him wickedly, humping him all
the more until her face lights up all one thousand
watts' worth of sumptious. They come together in
more ways than the physical. "I am too," she crows,
with ebullient breaths, "am I ever. You are
the personification of the most sensual lover I've
searched for all my life," she raggedly divulges,
then collapses upon his heaving chest in a sated,
consummated heap, aglow from the heat of the torrid
interlude, and hugs him tightly.

"W-Was I al-all right?" he asks nervously after
some time passes, after he judges it's been quiet
a little too long. "I di-didn't suck?"

"If you recall," she says lazily, "I was doing
most of that in the shower." Her knee jabs his
upper thigh. "You're kidding, asking that, of
course. You'd better be." She nuzzles the downy
soft skin in his pectoral valley, and he tells her
that it tickles. "Delectible man..."

"Ju-just checking. For my first time, I don't have
a clue how it was for you." Sounding like he's
spellbound, he says, "You're wizard."

"Trust me, you're electric, love. Without question,
the best I've ever had, and will have, over and
over again."

"You've slept with lots of guys, huh?"

"I told you. It's not as though I kept that from
you, Lamby."

"Yeah, no. I know. It's just that they were much
better than me, I bet." He wonders if he'll always
be saddled with nagging doubt.

"You'd lose that bet. Believe me. I love you,
Ringo, and want only you, always." Softly, she
nibbles his moist flesh, sighing all over the place.
"Oh, no, don't go," she whines plaintively, feeling
him pulling out.

"Huh?" It was a whisper.

"You feel so good where you are. Stay the night,
sweetness, won't you?"

His heart flutters violently, and he curtails his
withdrawal, adrift in vibratory sensory overload.
"All night like this?" He feels her nod languish
upon him.

"Exactly like this." Her hips cradle his crotch
in a lovingly tenacious embrace. She seals her
desire with a long, cohesive kiss, wherein her
tongue explores places he never knew were there.

"Li-like yeah," he manages, sounding like he'd
cleared his throat, when she withdraws from his
mouth just enough for him to speak. He draws
his legs up a little so his cock, though limp an
empty waterbottle, rests comfortably within her,
and she rubs against him, touching off some
unexpected fireworks, beneath the blades of the
softly-whirring ceiling fan. "What happens if,
like we fall asleep, but I wake up, feel where I
am, my dick gets hard, rarin' ta go, but you're
still asleep? What happens then, huh? I mean,
it'd be weird with you still asleep. Kinda sick,

She giggles briefly, his innocense firing her up
again, but she reins herself in when she senses
he's not amused. "You wake me, and we have another
go, of course."



"No foolin'?"

"Not one wit."


"Remember months ago I told you I was insatiable in
that IHOP?"

"Yep," he says behind a yawn, and blinks sleepily,
"but you meant when it came to food, least that's
what you said."

Following another spate of bubbly giggles and a
meaninful thrust to his crotch, she reneges, "I
lied..." Incredibly, as she feels his penis
grow rigid in obedient response, she whispers,
"Apparently, I'm not the only one, love..."

"Well you'd be real horny too if you were a virgin
as long as me."

"I daresay, perhaps moreso. Was it worth the

"Wha'ddya think?" With a spark of its own, his
cock swells within her moist folds. "Why d'ya
think I waited so long?"

"End the mystery for me, love."

He chuckles into her soft hair, not totally
committed to telling her how adrift he's always
felt with women. "A no-brainer. So I could give
it all to you, the only woman I'll ever love more
than I do me." He rolls her over so she's on her
back this time, taking the lead being the aggressor
while his nerve holds. "I want you, Marge," he
muffles urgently into the dewy skin, above her
supple breasts, his right hand stroking her abdomen.

No longer sleepy, she whispers hoarsely, sounding
as expansive as he's beginning to feel within her,
"You've got me, sweetness. Right where I want

"You're the best."

"As you, because we're so in love..."

When the first light of the new day taps their
peaceful faces, they're slumbering, fast asleep,
finally. The marathon temporarily suspended, but
this is only the beginning. They'll be many of these
all-nighters in their future.