TITLE: Sundae Voyeurs
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RATING: PG-13, minor language
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Sundae Voyeurs
By TíPeeJ

Frohike let Byers and Jimmy into the HQ with his key. He threw the locks 
back on and started to yell out for Langly when they heard laughter. Male 
and female laughter and the one was Langly. Frohike moved toward the 
kitchen where the sound was coming from, Byers and Jimmy following him. He 
held up his hand to keep them quiet. He moved up to the bookshelves that 
made the walls for the kitchen area, which was as close as he could get to 
see into the kitchen, without being seen by the two in there. He could see 
Langly in there and someone else, a female with light brown hair. She was 
feeding Langly something from a spoon. Then she was having some of the food.

"Frohike," whispered Byers. "You canít just go over there and watch them. 
They wanted to be alone."

"Oh come on Byers, Langly is getting some and we can watch and he will never 
know it. This could be better then any of my skin flicks." The man smiled at 
the two younger men.

"Frohike," said Jimmy in a whisper. "That is really wrong. Would you want 
us to watch you when you were with a lady?" The man-child was serious with 
the question.

The couple in the kitchen keep feeding each other. They seemed to be playing 
with each other too.

"Sure the more the merrier, Jimmy. I would sell tickets myself," said 
Frohike with a wide smile on his face. Both Jimmy and Byers moved back 
toward the front door.

"So Ringo, do you want so more whip cream and another cherry?" asked the 

Valon, did I just hear something? She thought in her head.

Yes, Ranta. Three human males come into the building. Two are in my memory 
as Mr. Frohike and Mr. Byers. The last one is unknown to me, was said in 
Randina Chegwidden Obleeís head.

That must be Bond, James Bond. He is the newest member of the Lone Gunmen. 
Silence was all that was in her head. Valon, did I finally lose you or are 
you in denial over the fact that someone actually on this planet named their 
child, James Bond?

Ranta, are you telling me that someone actually did name this person James 
Bond as in the books and movies? Thought the computer.

Youíve got it. Donít know why his parents disliked him that much, Randi 
laughed in her head. Look I want you to watch them and keep track of them. 
I am going to have some fun with them and Ringo. I might get murdered by 
one of them if they figure out what I am up to, but it will be fun.

Then is it wise, Ranta? Asked the computer.

Oh Valon, you do still take thing too literal. They wonít really kill me. 
They will most likely think about it, thought the woman back to the 

As you wish, Ranta. The computer wondered how she got stuck with this 

"Well as long as you promise your aim is better then the last time. You got 
the whip cream all over me. That was a terrible mess, Randi," said Langly 
with a laugh.

"Hey I cleaned you up. It was almost as good as the shower we had later 
on." Randi reached out touching Langlyís chin with her fingers. She laughed 
and leaned over and kissed him on the mouth and the whip cream can sound was 

"Hey, you got me again," said Langly. He tried to take the whip cream can 
away from her. Randi was able to keep it out of his reach. He did get the 
bowl away from her.

"Oh dear, I am a sailor not a short order cook, you know that. I can climb a 
main mast for you or I can just climb up you, but either way, I am not good 
in the kitchen." Randi laugh and got down on her knees in front Langly and 
was out of Frohikeís sight. Randi touched Langly and he started to moan.

"Oh my god, she is...Langly!" Frohike started to move to another spot to see 
if he could see her do it to him. Randi watched in her minds eye as Frohike 
tried to see what she was doing to Ringo.

Ranta, thought the computer. Mr. Frohike is moving to get a better look at 
what you are doing to Ringee. He believes that you two are in sexual habits 
of this planet.

Oh well he will be disappointed then, thought the woman back to the 
computer. We will just have to keep him thinking we are for a bit longer.
I need some more ice cream, Valon. Could you put more in the freezer for 
me? Pick some thing the others like.

As you wish, thought the computer. A hum filled the room.

Langly looked around the room. That happened a lot when Randi was around. 
There was humming in this building. The other three men heard the sound 
too. They also looked around the place. Wondering about it too.

Byers and Jimmy had backed off from Frohike, but when the man started to 
almost run to an other spot, they followed once more and to get him to come 
out of the HQ before they got caught by the two.

Circling to the right of the kitchen area, Frohike was still looking through 
the shelves with all its junk on it. There were times; he wished they 
didnít collect so much stuff. Or the stuff they thought they needed. All 
that he could still see was the woman sitting on the floor in front of 
Langly. That wasnít any help for Frohike. He had to get someplace or move 
some stuff to see well. Langly had his head leaded back on the back of the 
chair and had his eyes closed. She was putting cherries in his mouth. The 
smile on manís face was as bright as a beacon. Then Frohike noticed that 
they were both in robes. By god, he had missed the sex, but made it for the 
food after ward. "Damn," whispered Frohike. He started to move back to where 
Byers and Jimmy had been waiting for him.

"Donít worry, there isnít anything to see. They already had the sex. They 
are just eating. Crap I canít believe we missed it all. What a waste." 
Frohike moved toward the door to leave.

"Oh good," said Byers. "Letís get out of here before they catch us."

Langly sat up straight and grabbed the whip cream can and aimed it at Randi. 
"You will give in to the will of Lord Manhammer!"

"Hey cut that out, Langly. No fair. I can still kick your butt and not 
break out in sweat," yelled out Randi. Valon, is Frohike losing interest 
already?? He is being no fun.

He is retreating to the door, thought the computer.

This will never do, Thought Randi to the computer. Need to get their 
attention back to us. What could I do to get even Mr. Byers to let loose 
and come to a Ďpeep showí???

"Well if you could be a better shot with the whip cream," Langly started to 
laugh. "I wouldnít need to get nasty with you." The laughter got worse.

"Any way, I thought we could have some more fun here and then get into other 
things before your friends get back. I donít really want to get caught here 
with you dressed improper. What would they think?" Said the woman.

"They would be shocked that I have a female here with me period." Langly 
laughed. "I did tell you that Frohike loves to tease me about being a 
virgin. I bite my tongue every time he says it. Well thanks to you any way 
Randi, Iím not."

Randi smiled well this could be fun. Are the others still listening?

No, Ranta, they are not close enough to hear this, said the computer in 
Randiís head.

We can fix that one, Valon. I want you to make it so they can hear this. 
That will get the reaction I want from our friends, thought Randi.

As you wish, thought the computer.

"Well you could have told Mr. Frohike that you havenít been a virgin for a 
while, Ringo. Then I would have had to kill him for knowing and then where 
would your newspaper be?" Randi laughed. The computer sent the conversation 
to them in their minds, but the men thought they were actually listening to 
them speak.

All three men moved closer to the kitchen, forgetting that they had planned 
on leaving.

"Langly isnít a virgin?" said Frohike. "I donít believe it!"

"Why? Because he doesnít have women falling over him like you do, Frohike? 
Thatís not fair," said Jimmy.

Byers looked at the two men, then back into the kitchen. "Frohike, your 
problem is that you donít believe that Langly could get a woman in bed with 
him without him paying for it. Well it looks like it is possible."

Randi moved Langlyís hands from his lap and crawled on his lap. She leaned 
in close to his ear, "Ringo I am going to tell you something. You are not t 
react to it at all. Your friends are here and they are watching us. I think 
we should have some fun with them."

Langly tried to push Randi off his lap, "Iíll kill them!"

"No," said Randi loudly as she pushed Langly down. "Donít get mad. Letís 
get even first, and then you can kill them. Wouldnít you love to see Frohike 
with a problems that he canít take of?"

Langly looked at her, "You are terrible. What do you want to do to them?"

"Ringo, how would you like to be a blue meanies??? Or should I say, they 
will have the blue meanies." Randi smiled at Langly. Leaning forward she 
ran her tongue over his lips. "We will be the source of the blues."

"You realize that you are a complete witch?" said Langly with a smile. ďI 
am going to stay on your good side.

"Yes, me and my twin sister, the Wicked Witch of the West. She smiled at 
Langly. "Plus youíve seen me in every light there is, Ringo. So we should 
get this little fun going in the right direction." Randi kissed Ringo again.

"You are such a witch and God, I love you!" said Langly. He leaned forward 
and kissed her. "So what do you have in mind?"

Moving closer to Langly, she started to whisper in his ear. Langly started 
to laugh.

"I follow your lead, Randi," said the young man.

Randi climbed off Langlyís lap and started to dance around the kitchen. 
Langly got up and started to jump around with her.

"You know where this is going to lead to Randi?" asked the man. "I just want 
to do it all over again with you. From the first time on the farm to the 
last time today." He smiled at her and watched her eyes get big.

"You are cruising for a bruising if you talk about the first time again, 
Ringo. You know the Navy will kick me out because of it." Randi looked very 
serious about it.

"I am sorry, I forgot, but the first time was good. It was the best thing 
that ever happened to me. I hated the farm so much. It is the only good 
memory I have of it."

Randi moved closer to Langly, "You better keep it inside toots, if the Navy 
finds out about it, I will lose my career."

"Sorry, no one will ever hear that from me," said Langly.

"Yes, I am sure you are. Now come over here and talk dirty to me and no 
more any memories of the past." Said Randi as she came at Langly. Randi just 
hoped that his friends didnít get any ideas on asking about it either and 
the Navy to find out about it that way.

Langly laughed and grabbed Randi and started to whisper into her ear.

Randi laughed with him, "Now you are talking Farm Boy!"

Langly ran his hand down the front of her robe, lightly running his fingers 
her skin. It was electrify through Randi. She wanted him even more then 
another time. It was killing her not to have him, right now here in the 
kitchen. His friends be damned.

Leaning down, Langly started to kiss Randiís neck and down the front of her. 
Randi reached into Langlyís robe and played with the band around the shorts 
he was wearing. It was so tempting to jerk the suckers off and do 
everything for real.

"Langly," whispered Randi. "If you keep this up we will be in trouble and 
Frohike get the real show not the make believe one we have in mind."

Pulling his head up out of her cleavage, "All right, if you are going to be 
like that." He stepped back away from her.

Frohike was about to come totally unglued.
Byers was getting really warm. He need to get cooled off.
Jimmyís mouth was locked in the on the floor positions. It would be awhile 
before it was closed again.

"Yes," said Randi as she danced and jumped around. Her robe came up and 
showed more of her legs.

"Nice! Can we go further up, then?" asked Langly as he moved closer to her 
and took her one hand. He brought it up to his lips and kissed it.

"Oh I was thinking down not up," said the woman as she opened up the top 
part of her robe to Langly. This was done, so that only Langly saw her. They 
had kept moving. Randi knew where the men were, but Langly didnít.

"My, oh my, the Mariners are up to bat!" said Langly as he went to grab her 
other hand. Holding the woman close to him, Langly ran his one hand up and 
down her back. He pulled Randi as close to him as he could with removing the 
robes off.

The three men moved closer to the bookcase to watch the couple.
Byers loosed his tie around his neck. He felt a little warm.
Frohike adjusted himself in other ways.
Jimmy just watched the couple dance and he started to feel very warm all 
over his body. Feeling bad about watching the couple, the man-child wanted 
to see more of them, of flesh, of it all.

Ranta, the menís body temperatures are rising. The three of them are all 
watching you two very closely, the computer in Randiís head.

Oh good, Valon and I think itís time for the big finish. Randi started to 
laugh. Whispering in Langlyís ear, "Now is the big one. Are you in the mood 
for a run upstairs and let them think the worse?"

Langly whispered to her, "Oh yea, I am following your lead, my love." He 
smiled as he let go of her.

Randi took off running out of the kitchen and moved forward the stairs. 
Langly was a second or two behind her.

Frohike and the others jumped behind the closes objects they could find to 
keep from being seen by the couple.

When she got to the top of the stairs, she stopped and waited for Langly. 
"Hey lets use Frohikeís room this time. He wonít know it. Byers sure 

"Sounds good to me," called up Langly as he climbed the stairs. "You still 
want to be on top, right?" Giving her one of his wicked smiles.

"You know I do. I am still it, Ringo and this is going to the end of all 
ends." Randi disappeared into the bedroom area. Langly was gone too.

Frohike and the other two came from where they had been hiding. "They are 
going to have sex in my room?" said the older man. "I knew we should have 
put cameras up there."

"Frohike, they had sex in my room. I am going to kill them. That is 
disgusting. Itís my room; my stuff and they have not right to be in there."
Byers wasnít a happy camper now. He was going to talk to the two of them as 
soon as they came down. No he wasnít going to wait. He was going to put a 
stop to this now. The guy with the common sense in the group started for 
the stairs.

"Byers, where the hell are you going?" asked Frohike. He followed the man 
and Jimmy was close behind them.

"I am putting a stop to this. They have no right to use our rooms like 

Byers face changed into his serious look and yelled, "Langly!" He started 
up the stairs. The other two looked at each other and followed.
When they reached the top there stood Langly and the woman, fully dressed.

"Yes, Byers?" Said Langly a little hotly.

"Um," said Byers a little taken back to see them dressed. "Thought you two 
were busy." Now the man felt a little disorientated.

"What you thought we were having sex in Frohikeís room, maybe?? This is what 
you get for being PEEPING TOMS. No we were, not that itís any of your 
business if we did." Langly was mad. The woman reached out and touched 
Langlyís shoulder. He took a deep breath. He let it out slowly.

The woman walked passed the men and Langly followed her down the stairs. She 
smiled at them as she went by them. When she got to the bottom of the 
stairs, she leaned over to kiss Ringo. He took her in his arms deepen the 
kiss. He thought he might eat her up right there in front of the guys. He 
didnít care at this moment. He was thinking of killing them any way. So if 
didnít matter.

"We are going out. Donít wait up for me. If the world ends, I donít care. 
If the aliens from another planet land, I donít care. If you guys think that 
I am a jerk, I donít care." Said Langly as walked toward the front door.

"Mr. Frohike, Byers and Bond," said the woman. "I hope you enjoyed the 
show. I would have given you guys more acts, but Ringo wants to go play 
somewhere there isnít as many people watching. Now thatís a first. Have a 
great day. The cold water here is great for all kinds of problems." The 
locks were taken off and they went out the door.

The three remaining Lone Gunmen just looked at each other.

"I think we made them mad," said Jimmy.

"No shit, Sherlock," said Frohike. "So when Langly cools off, heíll come 

"We hope," said Byers. "I donít know about you two, but a cold shower does 
sound good." He started off to the bathroom. Shutting the door behind him.

"Hey Byers," yelled Frohike from one side of the bathroom door.

"What?" said Byers as opened the door? He had his jacket and tie off. The 
shower was running already.

"Did that woman look familiar to you?" asked Frohike.

"Yes a little, but I canít place her either. She looked different from the 
last time we saw her with Langly. I just canít get to come forward in my 
head." Said Frohike.

"Yes, well Frohike I am going to take a cold shower now," said Byers. "You 
two can decide on your own who is next." Shutting the door behind him, 
Byers started to remove his shirt, when a memory came to him. Byers stopped 
and opened the door back up. "Frohike she was here about eight or nine years 
ago. Langly let her stay after her husband beat her up. I donít remember her 
name though."

"Yes," said Frohike. "You are right. Her name is initials. We will get it, 
Byers. Donít worry we will get it. Hurry up, I want the next cold shower."