TITLE: Thanking the Gods 
AUTHOR: Meghan O'Connor 
EMAIL: gyrfalcon@yahoo.com 
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DISCLAIMER: The LGM and anyone else you recognize are 1013's. 
However, Rachel Ann MacGregor is all mine. 
SPOILERS: The X-Files, all up to the last season finale, and the LGM 
series. CATEGORY: Frohike/Rachel 
SYNOPSIS: Frohike's alive, and boy is Rachel happy about it. 
NOTES: Comes after "First Bliss, then Trauma". Frohike and Rachel do 
the wacky again. Be gentle, this is my first fic beyond a PG-18, 

She was dragging him back to the bedroom by the front of his vest 
while walking backwards. She hit the edge of the bed and stopped, 
still kissing him ferociously. He was breathing almost as hard as 
she was as they tore at each other's clothes. His glasses dragged 
off his face as she pulled his shirt over his head, and he managed to 
pop a few buttons on her shirt. When he started to apologize, she 
growled a little and pushed him back on the bed. She quickly 
divested him of the remainder of his clothes and teased him a little 
as she wiggled out of her jeans.

She crawled over him, her hair coming out of its braid. He threaded 
his fingers through it and pulled her close for a soul-searching 
kiss. One hand slipped down to a breast and eased between them to 
play with the nipple. Her hips trapped his erection between them and 
she pressed against him as his other hand fell to the other breast. 
He was licking her neck, lapping up the taste of her. He bit at the 
base of her throat, causing her to arch against him wetly. "Unhhh, 
God, Melů"

Suddenly, she lifted away from him and sat up. The heat between her 
legs was searing his cock as she stared down at him. With one swift 
movement, she rose on her knees and impaled herself on his shaft. 
His hands grabbed her hips, holding her still for moment so he didn't 
lose himself too quickly in that slice of heaven. She was slick with 
need for him, her nipples hard with excitement. He let his hands 
have free rein over those luscious globes as she started to slip up 
and down him.

She was sure the look on her face betrayed how well he fit. Each 
slide on his shaft brought it into contact with her sweet spot, and 
she increased the tempo. She wouldn't let him do any of the work as 
she rose and fell above him. He grinned evilly and slid a thumb 
across her clitoris, making her rhythm falter as she gasped. A few 
more strokes of that, and white light burst behind her eyes. The 
coiling heat in her belly suddenly flushed across her thighs and 
chest as she fell forward onto her hands. Her hair surrounded his 
face, and she barely recognized the keening voice as her own.

The ringing in her ears made it difficult to get her bearings as he 
suddenly rolled them over and thrust deeply within her. He pushed 
deep within her and froze, gasping for air. His fingers dug into her 
shoulders as his eyes squeezed shut. She quivered with aftershocks, 
his seed bathing her insides. `Oh God Rachel, oh God, Oh Rachelů." 

After a long moment, he took a deep, shuddering breath and slipped 
from her. He eased himself down beside her so as not to hurt her 
with his weight. She curled within his arms on his chest, not caring 
how sweaty and sticky they were. He had to clear his throat before 
he could speak.

"Yeah, being alive is far better." His arm around her tightened. "I 
could get used to this, if you don't kill this old man with pleasure."

She looked up at his face, smiling. A light kiss landed on his 
mouth. "You're not old, I'm glad you're alive, and who says I'm done 
with you yet?" His laughter shook her warmly as her head fell to his 
chest, still smiling.