Author: Sue (
Rating: M-14 (for mature audiences)
Category: Gunfic (Story)
Spoilers: Those you recognize.
Timeline: Events happening not too long after 'Three
Of A Kind.'

Summary: The discovery of a deep-cover covert
operation doing the Government's dirty work
in plain sight under the guise of environmental
activism and charity projects... And many
other discoveries along the way.
Disclaimer: All X-Files characters and
references are property of C. Carter and Company,
Morgan & Wong, 10-13 Productions and FOX. The
British chick's mine.

Thrown Back - 18/18

9:15 A.M.

"Nomad," Mulder chirped, beaming in triumph.
"The curvaceous, Communications vixen meets the
itinerant, baffling probe. Brain drained all
the way, biggest time."

The laptop made a noise very much like a teapot
whistling, the sound high and shrill. So much
so that Frohike was tempted to shut the computer's
cover, leaving 'her' out.

"You're nitro, dude. Can't touch you," Langly
awarded, very demonstrative about making
boisterous, congratulatory overtures. "Stardate,
two-two-six-seven. Space probe Nomad stripped
Nyota of *all* her knowledge when she got locked
in the path of its exploratory beam. Nomad
destroyed everything she knew."

"Inadvertantly erased," Mulder corrected. Langly
stood corrected with ease.

"Like I said, nitro," the avid 'Trek' enthusiast
said, again bestowing rife admiration, the
blonder of the two over-grown kids held up his
hands while wriggling his fingers.

"I knows my 'Trek,'" Mulder retorted, exuding
unabashed pride.

"There's no such thing as too much 'Trek,'" the
ex-farm boy extolled. "There ain't any situation
in real life it hasn't covered, y'know."

"So?" Frohike had his eyes locked on Langly's
emotive face, anxious to know where he was
leading with this gusher of useless data, which
Langly had tucked away in his mind like a
collection of encyclopedias; dusty ones.

Langly hustled to pick up the skein to make the
point. "Nyota had to relearn everything she'd

"Uh huh," Mulder said, just has nimbly, "had to
be re-educated, starting from square one. Her
a-b-c's and 1-2-3's."

"Maybe we can help Margot like that," Langly
said, sounding hopeful. "And it'll be easier
because she hasn't lost everything, like Uhura

"Help her like how?" Frohike said roughly.

"Like we re-educate her..." Langly looked to
Mulder, and the Agent flattened his lower lip
into a downward curve, with a 'who knows'

"Worth a shot," he said, wondering if the entity
would stick an additional two cents worth in.

"Are you two *nuts*?" Frohike superseded,
looking and sounding like he wanted to knock
more sense than the two of them combined had,
into their heads. The grumbler threw Byers a
disgruntled visual salvo, and the contemplative
bearded man felt his spine stiffen.

"What's nuts about it?" Langly spat hotly,
upping the volume of his fingernails on a
blackboard voice. His Gunmen friends winced,
and Mulder moved the chair he was sitting on
back some. "We've got every on-line resource
at our disposal. 'Nairn' said she'd kick in
too. It'd take too damn long if she started
over from scratch, going the normal undergrad
route. What the hell's the problem with us
being her tutors?"


"See--so what's your problem, Doohickey? John?"
The cubbyhole-dimensioned room vibrated, with
Byers' stomach seizing up like a mainspring,
seeing Langly practically spitting blood. He
could see that Ringo was worse than he when it
came to going out on a limb for the woman he
loved. The irony cloyed.

"The problem is, this ain't no half-assed TV
show, punk-ass," Frohike rasped as his
fingerless-gloved hands fisted at his sides. He
was seriously toying with the idea of 'thwacking'
Langly over the head with his chickadee's
backpack. "She might have sustained some brain
damage--have you thought about that, huh?"

Langly stared blankly at him, a slight shift of
the head, and then blankly at Margot. Worry lines
creased his forehead. "No," he answered, cowed.

Frohike's eyes narrowed, and he chuckle-snorted,
going on, "Couse you didn't, since you're mostly
thinkin' with your dick up your as--"

"Uh--gentlemen...a lady present." Byers look
had grown stern, but it mellowed when he re-
directed his attention to the blond, and
addressing him. "Langly," he said gently, "your
heart, as usual's in the right place, but Margot
being examined first bespeaks the course of

"Yeah, yeah, I guess so," Langly said slowly.

"Hello. I haven't left the room," Margot spoke
up then, snapping out of her trance. "John's
right, Lambkins. My being examined is a good
idea. That way, if there isn't any injury, I
can embark upon being re-educated, huhm?"
Margot's light rapping on the sourpuss' right knee
converted into a long sweeping caress, and he
nodded, and looked more settled, albeit somewhat
sheepish for her having spoken her mind like the
temperer she was, especially with him. She
threaded the space between his arm and his waist
with her arm, and brought him around further.
"Once it's been decided I'm okay, I'll take you up
on your kind offer, Tutor." Langly's sheepish look
was eclisped by a smile that was gaining strength,
and his eyes shone behind his glasses. "There now,
since that's settled..." Margot looked intently at
Mulder. "You seem to be the alien expert in the

"At least I like to think so...Greys, The
Rebels, or as they are also referred to as
shapeshifters...bring 'em on."

"Where would you recommend I go to get." She
shrugged, searching her vocabulary for the right
term. "Analyzed?"

Serious girl, sounds more than book smart,
Mulder ruminated, regarding her a few more
moments before anwering. ....Where did Scarecrow
find this worthy contender?.... "I can help you
out there," he said, and the Gunmen's heads
bobbed as they nodded.

"He puts the 'I' in the FBI," Frohike upstaged,
knowing that's what Mulder would have said next.
"When his own partner, the winsome Agent Scully
had a brush with aliens, her initial analysis
was conducted at an FBI-run facility."

Langly, who had the date Mulder had called to
tell them he was back with her, circled in red
in his mind, nodded along with Byers.

Mulder refocused his full attention on Langly's
love interest again. It was time to own up.
"Margot, my partner and I are assigned to a
special unit of the FBI, the X-Files..."

"They investigate and try to hang a name tag on
the weird and strange," Langly supplemented.

"The paranormal, which covers a lot of territory,"
Mulder said in ad hoc.

"Yeah," Frohike concurred, "which they have.
They're regular globetrotters." Byers and Langly
traded looks of agreement with their shorter
associate, and Mulder stood then. "We help 'em
out, here an' there."

"A lot," Langly felt forced to adorn.

Mulder extended a mock salute to the older of
his two friends. "Modesty sounds strange on
you, 'Hike."

The veteran and rascal returned the salute
jauntily, with interest compounded in his eyes.
"And even stranger on you, man."

"I'll give Scully a call," Mulder said, removing
his cell phone from the inside pocket of his dark
charcoal windbreaker, the one his partner had helped
him pick out, and he'd purchased because she'd said
it brought out the hazel flecks in his eyes.

"Who's up for some cheese-smothered scrambled
eggs, 'tater tot home fries and bacon?" Frohike
was rubbing his hands together, looking the
part he and his chums were in the business of
disclosing, having made his own mouth water.

"I'll make some fresh coffee," Byers added, as
his hand shot up. The phone in the nexus
'tweeped,' and Byers tipped towards its
direction, determined to answer the call.
Frohike followed him, thinking perhaps he'd
spoken rashly, and he should have made a brief
inventory before promising breakfast all around.

Mulder drifted out of the bedroom too, sensing
his friend who was throwing him some none too
subtle head nods at the door, and his girl wanted
some privacy. When they were seemingly alone,
Langly said, "I know you'll check out okay--I'm
positive. You better. And once the evaluating's
over, I'm gonna help ya all I can." He kissed
her where her forehead ended and her scalp began,
hugging her like a bear, the soft cast riding
up his arm. "True, I'm no oceanographer, and
the closest I've been to marine life is at the
aquarium, but I work the Web like I invented it,
and whatever you need to relearn, I'll surface
it for ya. I'll do better than my best for you.

Margot cupped his bruised face with her two hands,
gently pressing in on his cheeks from the sides,
just regarding him, who was feeling shy suddenly,
for several moments before she was able to say a
thing herself, she summarily choked up by the
sweetness of his sincereity and love flooding
his eyes. "Seems I'll be staying awhile, then,
that is if you don't mind sharing your room with
a bedmate."

Langly's laughter sounded more like a sharp
snort, it wasn't scornful, but more to convey,
'you'll be stayin' longer than that if I've got
anything to do with it.' "I've wanted one of the
female persuasion for a real long time. Never
thought it was really ever gonna happen. Cool you
comin' along when ya did."

"Isn't it though..."


They pretended they hadn't heard the entity.
Margot veered her lips towards his, licking hers,
and then traced his with her tongue until she
enticed his, which felt as thick as gluey rice,
to wrestle with hers in a more concealed venue,
to which Langly gleefully obliged. Her tongue,
slowly and deliberately, stroked the underside
of his, and it rolled over and played dead, unlike
something else which had a life of its own.

"God..." he said puffily into the side of her
warm cheek after he dragged his tongue out of
her mouth what felt like after a whole week,
"when you kiss me like that it's like we're
already havin' sex." He tried to hide the
sizeable bulge that had budded between his

"All in good time, Lamby," Margot cooed at him
lustily, flicking her tongue at him very
serpent-like. "I'll make every bit of it good
for you." With an iron-will, she refrained
from caressing the evidence of his ardor, not
wanting to fan the flames of the fire only the
union of their bodies could smother when the
time was right. Her grin could have melted a
solid 4-inch ice block at the North Pole, though.
Langly was no challenge whatsoever, as he felt
his heart about to leap out of his chest with its
body-racking thumping.


"Not a chance, Esther, love." As she bow-tied
her arms behind Langly's head, the identical way
she'd done that telling afternoon, she added,
glancing at the laptop screen from the corner of
her eye, "Truth be told, I was thinking along
those lines when I was at my wits' end, what feels
like decades ago. It definitely doesn't feel
where I'm at now. Now..." She tied the bow
tighter, his head holding in place nicely, as he
tilted it into her face again, anticipation
incarnate... "I want to make this work, dear."

"Me too," Langly pledged, accepting what her
mouth was generously offering, and shuddering
when she nipped his tongue this time.


"'Bye, Es-Esther," Langly strained, sounding drunk
all over again.

"Ta, love. I'll be in touch soon," Margot
promised, she too sounding tipsy herself. Now
they really were alone, and as she eased Langly's
head down into her lap, her fingers like little
sparrows nesting in his downy hair, and with
his eyes latched onto hers as though hers were
magnets, she told him with a voice that coated
his ears like honey, "I'll be ever so good to you."

"You already are, good like I never thought a
woman like you could be to a, a guy like me."

Margot rolled her eyes, playing off his low self-
esteem every chance she got. "A beautiful man,
yes, as I've said. Stop belittling yourself
like that."

"Not so easy when you've been told you're a
loser almost every day of your life." Langly
smirked, but she quickly smoothed out the craggy
lines that he'd stitched into his face. "A man
who's always felt lost at times like these. Lost,
alone and mostly thinkin', 'no big deal stayin'
that way 'cos this is as good as it's gonna get.'"

Margot's lips teased the puffy peak at the end of
his nose until they made themselves at home again,
after reaching their true destination. Coming up
from his mouth, she breathed, "To be sure, you've
been found..." He met her mouth halfway as he
greedily needed to have her lips make love to his.
"You teach me..."

"You teach me," Langly breathlessly repeated.

"I'll teach you." Her breath left her body,
and a tingly hum vibrated within her core.
Loving someone could never mean having to
endure inhumanity, and senseless degradement,
ever again.

"I, I'll teach you," he murmured, his breathing,
a memory of control, as his entire being was
engulfed in a reciprocal joy he'd never known,
until now.

"Love," she spilled like an unburdened spigot
into his mouth.

"Love," he exclaimed, as though the word was one
of a language he was beginning to learn. When
he opened his eyes, she was smiling down into
his tear-limned face, as the careless spillage
of her own trickled into his mouth. His tears
were salty, yet sweet on her lips and tongue,
she lapping at them, unashamed. "I want you more
than anything I've ever wanted in my life." He
reached up to dry her wetness with the well-worn
pad of his right thumb.

"And you shall have me, you cleverest boy,"
Margot bequeathed a hairbreadth above his nose.
Langly's hand brought the gentlest of pressure to
the back of her head, brining her face down to his
once more. The expressive groaning in the other's
mouth was mutual. "You'll have...everything. My
humble promise..."