Title: You are the light of the world. 
Writer: T'PeeJ
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You are the light of the world. 

A city on a hill cannot be hidden

-Matthew 5:14

By T'PeeJ

Special thanks to Linda and Jackie for working out the problems and helping me to fine tuning
the picture. You two are good souls in a weird world. 

The Lone Gunmen were sitting around the TV watching all the reports coming from DC and NYC
after the planes clashed into the buildings. They were keeping a watch on Jimmy. He was so
jumpy over the WTC. He had several friends that worked in or near the buildings. Several of
them were missing. He tried to bolt earlier in the day to get to New York and find them. They
somehow had talked the man-child into not going. the door buzzer sounded, it made all the men

Byers got up to answer the door. He stood at the monitor for a second or two. "Guys, do you
know man with three kids?" asked the bearded man.

"Three kids?" called out Langly. "Two boys and a girl?"

"Yes it is, Langly." answered Byers. 

Langly came forward and looked at the monitor. "Sarah, Jon and Jamie. What are you three doing
here with Bayliss?" asked the man out loud. He undid the locks and opened the door. "Hey Guys!"
Langly was crouched down to hug the kids. "Hey Bayliss, what is going?" Each child hugged

"Hey Langly. The kids wanted come over and try to make your friend from NY feel better. I gave
in to them. I hope it is ok. I didn't realize you were worked on the Lone Gunman newspaper?
Munch use to bring it in all the time into the station," said the Baltimore detective.

"Does your Mom know you guys are out here in Takoma Park? Is she going to putting all of us in
the dog house over this?" asked Langly.

"No, she doesn't know we are out here, Poppa Ringo, but we thought it was important to come
here for your friend Jimmy," said the smallest child.

"Come here, Jamie. Lets go find Jimmy and you can make him feel better," said Langly as he took
the child be the hand. He turned to find Byers and Frohike and Jimmy standing there. "Hey guys,
I want you to meet my god children, Sarah (pointing to the girl), her twin Jon (pointing to the
dark haired boy that looked just like the girl) and Jamie (pointing to the blonde haired
child). They are Randi Oblee's kids." He smiled at his friends. "And this is their Poppa, Tim
Bayliss, who is a Baltimore homicide detective." Byers and Frohike shivered the words
'Baltimore Homicide'.

"Hello kids," said Byers. "What are you guys doing out here?"

"We came to give something to your friend," said Sarah.

"Yes, what are they doing out here in Takoma Park instead of Baltimore, Timothy?" said a voice
from the door. Every one looked to see Randi Oblee standing in door way.

"They wanted to do something nice for Langly's friend from New York. So I brought them out. I
didn't think you would mind," said the cop. Randi just stood there not looking not very happy.

"Mom, it's not Poppa Tim's fault. We just want to do something nice for Jimmy," said Jon.

"Excuse me, what did you just call Mr. Bond? Have you adopted him? Has he give blood to any of
you three? I don't think so. It's Mr. Bond, Mr. Frohike and Mr. Byers. I called them that and I
know them a heck a lot better them you do," said the woman.

"Yes ma' am," said all three kids.

"OK. Do whatever it is that you want to for Mr. Bond and then you three are out of here, right
Tim?" asked the woman

"Yes, Randi. I will take them straight home," said the cop. He knew what she would say to him
once they were alone. Good thing he was use to a little butt chewing from his captain.

Jon stepped up to Jimmy. "Um, Mr. Bond, I had to a report on one the states and I was given the
state of New York. I wanted to give you the report. I got an A on it. I have some real cool
stuff in there like old maps. I think you will really like it." Jon gave Jimmy the big three
ring binder. Jimmy opened it up to look at it. He found old maps of New York state that went
back to the 1700's. Maps of New Amsterdam and when the name was changed to New York City. Jon
had moved back to where Jamie was standing with Sarah. 

Sarah came up to Jimmy next. "Mr. Bond, I was on the Internet and ..."

"You were what?" said her Mother.

"I was on the Internet at Molly's house. I went to one of those music sites. That is all I did.
I swear," said the female child.

"You know you aren't allowed on the net. You guys can't keep from hacking into places. I had
the FBI at the house once already for your little trip into the DOD." 

Randi looked over at Langly. "If I ever can prove that you turned all three of kids into your
future little hackers, you are dead meat, Nebraska!"

"What?" laughed Langly. Randi pointed a finger at him and smiled back at him.

Sarah turned back to Jimmy, "Um I downloaded some songs about New York for you. I burnt a CD
for you," said Sarah. "I asked Molly's Mom if it was ok to make the CD on their computer. She
was with me the whole time. You can check with her Mom." The child handed him the CD.

"Hi, Mr. Bond. I am James Robert Berluti O'Neill but everyone calls me Jamie," said Jamie as he
came forward to Jimmy. "I am only four years old, so I can't write reports yet or download any
CD's for you , but I can give you a hug." 

The child wrapped his arms around Jimmy's neck. The man-child put his arms around the small one
and stood up. He turned to the others and was trying not to cry, but he couldn't hold it in any
longer. The tears fell down his cheeks. He didn't care about the tears. These kids brought back
all the joy his childhood. The fun trips into the city. Going to WTC and the Statue of Liberty.
When friends or family showed up in town, they would be taken there. All the laughter and joy
that going to these place meant to everyone. Now they were gone. Taken away by someone that
hated America. Jimmy held on tight to Jamie. The child was holding on to Jimmy as tight.

"Jimmy, are you going to be OK?" asked Byers. 

"I am now," said the man-child with a sniff. "I am now. So James Robert Berluti O'Neill, where
did you get a name like that?"

"My Mom named me after two friends of hers from law school. They are in practice together up in
Boston. He goes by Jimmy, just like you. So Mom choose Jamie for me, because that way no one
would be confused by so many Jimmy's. Now, there's you, too. Boy, there are lots of James out
there in the world." said the small child.

"Yes there is," said Jimmy.

"Ok, you guys are out of here and back to Baltimore. You must have some school work to do,"
said Randi.

"Yes Mom," said Jon.

"Sure Mom," commented Sarah.

"Mom, I'm still not in school yet," said Jamie, who was still in Jimmy's arms. 

Randi raised her eyebrows at him. 

Jimmy put Jamie down on the floor."OK, I'm going. Man when I get older, Poppa Ringo, I'm gonna
to live with you and she isn't going to boss me around anymore," said Jamie as he stalked out
of the room. Tim was the last one out the door. He just smiled and went.

"Randi, that was awfully rude of you. You just kicked out your own kids. They just want to..."
started Langly.

"Yeah, I know, but I want to tell Jimmy something. I found a couple of your friends at Saint
Vincent's Hospital. I have a friend on the NYPD and he did some checking for me on your
friends," said Randi as she handed Jimmy a piece of paper. 

He opened it up and saw two names on it. One was in surgery and the other was waiting to go
into surgery. Jimmy started to cry again. He was never so happy to see that his old friends
were OK. Now, if only he could find out about the rest."How did you get the names, Randi?"
asked Jimmy.

"I called earlier to check up on you guys. Langly said you had named some friends' names and I
wrote them down. I called Munch in NYC and asked him if he could get anything on these people.
He was able to find out about those two. I thought that was pretty good since it's hell right
now in New York. I have been looking for some people I knew that work at the Pentagon. So far
no luck. I think I need to get closer to the place, and I am going there now. I am glad I was
able to help you, Jimmy," said Randi as she put Jimmy in a hug. She let go of him and gave hugs
to the rest of the group. "OK, I am out of here. I need to be a spy for a bit. I have a bad
feeling about some of this stuff. If I get anything good, Ringo. I will let you know. We have
an agreement," said Randi as she walked over to the door and went out it.