Title: Project Jupiter Pt. Ten
By: Amanda
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Rating: R for sexual situations and language. 
Summary: Anderea's past fits together with her present and that of the
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen and other X Files characters are the
property of CC, 1013 and FOX. I do not make any money off of these.
It's a labour of LOVE! But Anderea is purely MINE!!mmmhahaha
Note: Part of my "Jupitor Series"

(Disclaimer: I just used the names Tom Cruise and "Risky Business" as a
reference. Not mine! DUH!!)

It took days before Anderea felt the least bit comfortable around the
guys after they witnessed her emotional breakdown. She was worried that
if she ever appeared without her smile, they'd be all over her with
questions. Making sure every little thing was okay. But how can it be?

Langly was her solace. Twice in their short relationship he had been.
Sitting with her while she cried and holding her when she needed it. 
"Thank you," she whispered, as they lay curled up on her bed.
"Why? I should be thanking you, letting me lye in bed with a beautiful
woman," he smiled and managed to squeeze a small one out of her. 
She playfully smacked him; "You're such a terrible flirt Richard
"Ah, you love me," he kissed her cheek.
She pushed herself up on one arm, leaning in to kiss his lips, "I
really do love you."
He put his hand on her cheek, "and I love you." He leaned forward to
make connection with their lips.

Frohike's knock on the door interrupted them, "ah, guys," he slowly
pushed the door open, "Yves is here."

* * * * * * * *

The brunette fem-fatal sat impatiently on a work stool as both Jimmy
and Byers watched her. She tapped her fingers on the near by table
fighting the urge to chew them out for making her wait. She had taken
the time to come here and help them, and they make her wait! She had
half a mind to leave, so she could get back to her work, but she
wouldn't do that. Despite what they thought about her, she did have
general affection for them. And did want to help.
Also judging from what Jimmy told her about the last few days there,
these guys needed all the help they could get.

When Frohike, Langly and Anderea joined the other three downstairs,
Yves couldn't help but look at the other woman like she was studying
her. In a way she was.
The glare wasn't lost on Anderea, 'oh great, they told her about my
emotional break!' "Hello Yves." She smiled trying to hide how studied
she felt. 
"Anderea," she nodded to her, "How are we?" her eyes displayed actual
"I'm good," the younger woman half smiled. 
Yves nodded, content that the other was well, much better than how
Jimmy put it. 

"What have you got for us Yves?" Frohike interrupted the tiny female
bonding without realising it had happened. 
"Just what you wanted Melvin," She turned back to all business, pulling
a small computer disk from her jacket.
Langly grabbed the disk from her and instantly inserted it into his
computer, "Encrypted."
"Would you expect anything less from the Military?" Yves moved in
behind him, "But can you decode it?"
He looked up at her, "Would you expect anything less from me?" He
cracked his knuckles and started on the keys.
Byers and Frohike soon had the computer surrounded while Jimmy and
Anderea stood back. Neither of them really could, or wanted to follow

After a half-hour Langly sat back, proud of himself, "B-I-N-G-O!"
"Blue prints?" Byers didn't seem to know how to put it together.
"They're of a Military Compound in D.C. That is where their mainframe
computer is," she pointed to a room created on the screen, "The
record's room."
"Where the file on Anderea is," Frohike nodded. 
"So we just get in there and change the file," Langly shrugged and
started to load the Internet on another computer.
Yves put her hand over his to stop him, "It has to be done at the

The gunmen looked from one to the other.
"Funky poaching," Langly raised his eyebrows mischievously as Byers
"Oh come on buddy," Frohike patted his shoulder, "you get to put on
something black and sexy."
The middleman grumbled to himself about how wrong and dangerous it was.
"Jesus! Loosen up ya narc!" Langly was frustrated, "this is really
important," he looked back to Anderea. 
Byers nodded, he wanted her to be safe too. He cared. "Looks like we're
going funky poaching," he forced a small smile. 

"What's funky poaching? Anderea questioned when she and Jimmy rejoined
the group.
"Basically, investigating," was the way Frohike put it.
"But more accurately, it's breaking and entering in a government
building," Byers' fly straight attitude was shinning. 
"But only and always for a good reason," Langly wrapped his arms around
"What have you guys gotten into though?" she pulled away from him,
proving she expected an answer.
"Darlin'," Frohike tried to avoid telling her, but she kept glaring,
"It'll be an easy in and out job." Both his tone and domineer mimicked
those of a politician's "trust me."

Anderea put her hands on her hips, "Nothing with you guys is easy."
Yves smiled at this, it was something she would say. This girl just
might be all right. 
"does no one have faith?" Langly crossed his arms over his chest. 
Anderea put her hands on his arms, in a hope that he'd uncross them, "I
love you to death."
"But?" he stayed like stone.
She sighed and turned to Frohike, "Easy, right?"
"Absolutely," he smiled. 
"I'll make sure of it," Yves offered to go with them in her own way,
also while comforting Anderea, again in her own way.

The younger woman nodded, "Excuse me," her voice cracked as she bolted
up the stairs. 
Langly waited only a beat before following her, taking two stairs at a
The three men exchanged looks leaving Yves shaking he head.
"She's scared," she explained for them, "She is afraid of losing you
like her other family."
Frohike's eyes narrowed, "How much do you know?"
"Did you really expect me to find this and not do my own checking
first, Melvin?" Yves explained herself, not that she felt she needed
to, "And," she sat herself on the worktable, crossing her legs, "if any
of you took the time, it's written all over her face."
They looked embarrassed by being told twice they had missed something
about her. 

* * * * * * * * * * 

Langly was headed for Anderea's room, but stopped when he heard her in
"Derea?" he slipped into his room finding her with her back to the
door, sniffling, "What's wrong?"
"Do you really have to go?" she was still sniffling and facing away.
"Well, yeah," he was blunt, "it's to help you."
She turned to face him, tears streaming her cheeks, "I don't want you
to," she cried into her hands. 
He pulled her to his chest, rubbing her back working on calming her

She lightly touched his face, staring into his beautiful blue eyes,
"I'm scared," she took a deep breath, "that.....that you won't come
back." A tear fell silently down her face. 
"Whoa," he tightened his hold around her, being more protective. "I'm
SO coming back. Knowing you're here is gonna make me get back faster
and move heaven and hell to do it."
Langly silenced her by holding his finger to her lips, "There's no
buts, I'm coming back."
Anderea rested her head on his chest, working on pushing the uneasy
feeling she had out.

* * * * * * * * * * 

The three lone gunmen were gathering and packing equipment in their
duffel bags. Each man was dressed in their own version of black
poaching gear.
Frohike checked his watch, "We'd better get the lead out."
"Just a few more tests," Langly fiddled with the headsets.
Byers went over each piece of equipment categorising it to make sure
they had everything. Yves did the same in her head. 

Anderea whistled when she came downstairs from her nap, which proved to
be pointless from tossing and turning the whole time, "You guys sure
look sexy in your black," she smiled and winked.
Byers blushed just slightly, "How was your nap?" he turned the
attention away from himself.
"Lonely," she pouted moving closer to Langly looking him up and down,
"I do really like this," she held the lapels of his jacket and pulled
him into a kiss.

Yves cleared her throat as she stood, "We should get moving boys."
They picked up their bags as they walked to the door with Anderea
"You be careful," she told them, stealing another kiss from Langly. 
Her and Jimmy watched as the VW van and Yves' silver sports car drove
out the alley.
"Don't worry too much. They do this all the time," Jimmy assured her as
he went though the door locking procedure. 
"Yeah," she couldn't help but feel nervous and even cold without them
in the warehouse, "Ah, so, what do you do when they leave you here?"
He smiled his goofy grin, "Ever see that Tom Cruise movie where he's
home alone and he dances in his underwear?"
Anderea giggled, "I'm not the "Risky Business" kind of girl," she was
walking between the computer stations and noticed a dick on the table. 

Jimmy seemed confused, "Was that the movie? "Risky Business"?"
She was too interested in the disk to acknowledge his question, "Is
this the disk Yves brought?"
He looked at it over her shoulder, "I think so."
She inserted it into the nearest computer, Langly's and sat on the
stool. She scanned through the content, "I wish I paid attention
earlier. I can't figure it out." She looked at him. 
He shrugged, "Don't look at me. I can barely check my email without
making the computer freeze."
"Do you know anyone who can?"
He thought for a moment, "I think so. I'll be right back." He grabbed
his car keys and left.

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