Title: Project Jupiter Pt. Two
By: Amanda
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Rating: R for sexual situations and language. 
Summary: Anderea's past fits together with her present and that of the
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen and other X Files characters are the
property of CC, 1013 and FOX. I do not make any money off of these.
It's a labour of LOVE! But Anderea is purely MINE!!mmmhahaha
Note: Part of my "Jupitor Series"

Mulder needing to talk to Anderea made me feel uneasy. I wasn't
concentrating on the newspaper search and Frohike noticed. He was
staring at me with his beady little eyes, he was mad. But what else is

Mulder came down the hall first, Anderea wasn't with him. The whole
thing made me nervous. There was such a government secret feel to this,
even if it is just Mulder. He looked really solemn.

"What's up man?"

He opened his mouth to reply, but closed it. There was nothing he could
find to say. He looked back down the hall, toward my room. 
Anderea emerged from the hall. The smile that I usually have when I see
her wasn't as bright; she didn't seem happy. She was still wearing my
Korn tee shirt, but was holding some folder. Her eyes were red and
puffy, she had been crying. And it looked like she could start again
any minute. 

Before I could do much reacting, she spoke, "Seems like a good time to
tell you about me." She tried to keep a light tone to her voice, but I
heard the..fear she felt.

Byers and Frohike looked up at her.

"Got my attention," Frohike looked up at her with accusing eyes.
I wanted to shelter her from him or even go to her. Only she seemed to
want me to stay where I was. She wanted to see my reaction. I was
straight out nervous. She was the first one I was EVER close to. And
now she was keeping something big from me?!

She started by revealing who her real father was.

"Thee Deep Throat?" Byers was reacting like it was some sort of major
celebrity. I guess it would be kind of exciting if I wasn't this
worried. Man, I'm never like this. 

Mulder nodded and Byers controlled his amazement, allowing Anderea to
go on with her story. She almost cried as she relayed what happened to
her mother and her stepfather, Frank because of her father and of their
death. "I was supposed to be in the car."

When she had described the demise of her family Byers had a look on his
face. A look like he had just found the holly grail. He turned to
Frohike, whose eyes had the same wideness but his face was still,

Frohike waved Byers away and closed his eyes, like he needed to clear
his mind.  These two men knew something I didn't. Something that plagued Frohike.
I was curious, but more intrigued about Anderea. She seemed like there
was something more, something worse. 

"And then there's what we just found out," Mulder continued, taking the
folder, almost offering to tell us so that she wouldn't have to. 
She closed her eyes, tight and her shoulders slumped. Oh god, this was

Mulder rubbed her back lightly, letting his hand rest on the small of
her back, "There was a program. Her father was involved with it;
Project Jupiter."

I've heard of it," Byers' brow furled, "Injections?"

Anderea shuttered. Mulder again rubbed her back, trying to comfort her
as he continued, "It was a military plan. Create pilots for the
government UFOs using alien DNA." He didn't wait for any reaction from
us, "They created an injection to use on government children in their

Tears started to stream down her cheeks from her closed eyes.

Byers stood and walked closer, "Did they.." his voice changed to a
whisper, "test on her?"

She started to sob, answering his question and affirming my fear. My
heart sank and Byers turned to Frohike. His eyes had the same look in
them, but now anger. 

"Deep Throat pulled her out after phase one," Mulder continued to
explain.  She shook her head, not wanting to hear it. Not wanting it to seep into
her reality. She fled down the hall to my, well our room. I could still
hear her crying behind the door. 

This was like way too much for me. "They tested on her?" I was so
angry, so frustrated, SO outraged. "THEY used HER as a guinea pig?!" I
slammed my hands down on the worktable. This is unbelievable. I had to
go to her. I can't just let her cry alone. Mulder was oddly quiet. 

"There's something she doesn't know." Byers was reading him.
He closed his eyes and nodded slowly. This wasn't going to be as easy
as he thought. 

"Well, what is it?" I had no patience, "You HAVE to tell me us."

Mulder took a slow, long breath, "They're trying to tie up all the
loose ends of the project. And if they know she's alive," he waited a
beat, "She'll be one of those ends."

"NO," my automatic response.

Mulder put his hand on my arm. He must have thought I needed the
restraint, or even the comfort, but I pulled away, misreading his

"She's not leaving! There's nothing you, them or Frohike can say about

"Langly," Byers wanted me to relax.

"No, I won't lose her! I refuse to let them win, let them keep us
apart! Not like you let them do with Suzanne," I knew I shouldn't have
said it. 

But Byers reacted differently than I expected, he hugged me. He
understood how I was feeling. We could relate to each other on this.
We've never been really able to relate on anything. It was nice to
finally have something personal connecting us. If only it wasn't this.
"We'll do anything we can to prevent that," Byers swallowed hard and
let me out of the hug. He regained himself, putting his mind on
possible solutions and pushing Suzanne slightly out, "We need to get
into the database." His mind was going a mile a minuet. I could barely
think straight. "Frohike," he turned to where the shortest man was
sitting. The stool was empty, "Where'd he go?"

"He must have slipped out when Langly " Mulder left the rest of the
sentence unfinished. It would have been interesting to see what he
called my 'outburst.'

Byers searched the tabletops for the keys, "He took the van." He was
worried. "He probably had to clear his head," he said to himself than
he turned back to us, "Mulder could you help us a bit, where'd you get
this information?" he didn't wait for any reply, he held his hand out
for the folder.

"I can show you," Mulder handed off the folder as they walked over to a

"I'm gonna go check on Anderea," I walked toward the door she was
hiding behind. 

Byers stopped me, "I think she needs sometime to let everything soak
in," he was thinking of what was best. I think he always thinks of
what's best. That's how he gets hurt. "We'll need you over here soon."
I nodded. He was right, she needed to absorb it, I needed to absorb it.
What would I say to her anyway? So I met them at the computer. 

It had been hours since Mulder had left and there was little movement
from Anderea. I had knocked on the bedroom door asking if she wanted or
needed anything every hour. 

Her voice was scratchy through her crying when she replied, "no thank
you." And Frohike still hadn't returned or even called. The vast
warehouse was almost silent. 

Byers and I had hacked into the database for 'Project Jupiter'. But
hadn't found anything useful. Mostly because I wasn't concentrating on
it. My mind was on Anderea. I couldn't help worrying about her. I think
I was falling or had fallen completely for her. And it wasn't just our
late night rende vouz. Byers wasn't doing much better, he was
preoccupied too. 

"Go check on her," he instructed as he went over to the phone. My
guess; he was calling the cell phone we leave in the van again. He'd
been calling whenever I checked on Anderea. 


"God damn phone!" Frohike turned the power off the cell and tossed it
onto the passenger seat. "Just leave me alone for a bit Byers." He knew
that only Byers would call him every freaking hour, "Worry wart." There
wasn't any reason to worry. He was just driving around in the
gas-guzzler. And he hadn't even opened the bottle of whiskey he bought
yet. Everything was fine, outside anyway. Frohike was piecing together
everything he had heard today and what he knew. Anderea: Government
father, stepfather, Frank. My half brother, Frank was a stepfather to a
girl with a government father. Car crash death. Government poobahs.....

He slammed on the breaks to turn into a parking lot on the other side
of two driving lanes. He stopped the car and opened the glove
compartment. He pulled out a brown paper bag and pulled the bottle from
it. He untwisted the lid and took a swig. His face contracted in
reaction to the burring down his throat from the liquor. He took
another swig, he was used to the burn now. Resting his wrists on the
steering wheel he took up out the windshield, 'Peaceful Rest Cemetery.'
"Go figure," He swigged again.

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