Title: Project Jupiter Pt. Three
By: Amanda
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Rating: R for sexual situations and language. 
Summary: Anderea's past fits together with her present and that of the
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen and other X Files characters are the
property of CC, 1013 and FOX. I do not make any money off of these.
It's a labour of LOVE! But Anderea is purely MINE!!mmmhahaha
Note: Part of my "Jupitor Series"


Lone Gunmen Headquarters
9:34 p.m.

Byers and I hadn't made much more progress in the database. There were
too many firewalls and I just didn't have the concentration I needed.
We'd run her ID number and hit a wall. I was about to hit my head
against a wall. 

Anderea still hadn't come out of the room. But she had taken the tea
Byers insisted she drink. Since she hadn't eaten all-day he worried.
Almost forced her to take the mug.
She was gracious about it, "thank you Byers." Her eyes were cast down
and her hands trembled as she took the mug from him. 
"Make sure you drink it," he could be very *motherly*. But that was
Byers. And boy was I glad. I wouldn't know what to do really today.
I've NEVER been able to deal with women crying. Couldn't deal when my
mom or sister would. Not even as a kid. I don't work well with the
water works.

I couldn't take this anymore, not getting anywhere. I sat back in my
chair and took my glasses off to rub the bridge of my nose. My eyes
were stained and so was my neck. I was desperately hoping that since we
hadn't found anything then it was over. But I knew that was never the
case. It kind of felt like the calm before the storm. And it was
majorly creeping me out. It gave me such a sick feeling. 
Byers had given up too. He sat with his elbows on the table rubbing his
tried eyes. He didn't even look up when I rose from the table. He was
too tired, both mind and body. He'd been worrying all day. And he had
been thinking about Suzanne. I could tell by his sighs and it was in
his eyes. It used to really bother me, him being all depressed would
sort of piss me off. I mean, 'She's not here, get over it.' But now,
since Anderea, I understand it. I just don't know how he functions
without her. 

I went to her hide out of the day and knocked, "Do you need anything?" 
The bed creaked and a breath later the door opened. Her face was
stained from tears and her bottom lips quivered, "I need a shower," her
voice was just above a whisper.
"Okay, sure," I moved out of her way to let her walk across and down
the hall. She was weak and shaky. Completely wiped out. Today took its
toll on everyone. It was a day you'd want to erase.

I went into the bedroom to get her a fresh Ramones tee shit to change
into. The room was a little mess. Tissues were scattered all over; she
must have used the whole box. She had also tidied up the clothing pile:
It was folded! But her stuff was another story. Most of it had been
thrown against the wall. A compact mirror was smashed. It must have
been some emotional roller coaster she was on. I just wish I could have
been the safety bar. But I don't know how good I'd be at it..... 'I'll
get this after.' I took the shirt over to the bathroom for Anderea.
"It's just me," I informed her when I opened the door. Didn't want to
spook her. "I got you some clothes," I pulled a towel out from under
the sink, "and a towel."
I had my hand on the doorknob to leave when she stopped me, "Ree."
I spun around, "Yeah." Her voice almost sounded recovered.
She peeked her head out of the shower curtain, "I...." She was
searching for words, but seemed to change what she was going to say,
"um, thanks."
"Hey no problem. Couldn't have you running around here naked," the
thought made me smile, "Well...." 
A laugh started to escape from her lips, but got caught in her throat,
"It'd be cold."
"And I wouldn't want the guys looking at you."
Again she tried to laugh, but couldn't.
"I'll let you shower," *Did that sound as lame as I thought it did?*
She nodded and went back behind the curtain, where I would be VERY
happy to join her. I slipped out the door instead and closed it behind

Before I could let out a sigh Byers met me in the hall, "How is she?"
I shrugged a little, "Alright."
He nodded, seeming to know all too well, "If Frohike calls or comes
back, let me know." He was massively worried about him. 
I nodded. Like if Byers was THIS worried about him, it worried me.
'Hike didn't usually just take off. Today was just unusual. I mean the
hug from Byers summed that up. 
"How are you?" 
I shrugged again, "Alright." But I wasn't; a lump formed in my throat.
Man, I think I'm gonna cry. It was seeing how much she hurt: it hurt
me. I mean, I love her. Yeah, I can think it be couldn't say it. It's
like love at first sight. Never believed in it. What woman would fall
in love with me at first sight, or otherwise for that matter?! But
hell, I guess that doesn't really matter when it comes down to it ---
That first day I met her, I was hooked. 

Byers was looking at me with concern. I think that lump in my throat
had changed into tears. I wiped my eyes. Yeah. Tears. He hugged me
again as I sniffled.
"John man, Don't tell me this is going to become a habit," I laughed a
He slapped me on the back as he stepped back, "I'll try and control
myself." He laughed as he walked to his room. 
"Hey, you know, thanks," I hope he knows I didn't mean the hug. I ment
"No problem," he smiled and closed his door.

I went into the bedroom to get ready for bed and I remembered the
broken glass. I knelt down next to the scatter of broken mirror and
started to collect the pieces. I was paying too much attention to the
mess. I didn't notice Anderea enter the room. 
"I'm sorry," she was too apologetic.
"Hey, it's no problem if you don't mind the seven years of bad luck," I
looked up at her with a smirk. Her hair was still wet enough to soak
the back of the tee shirt as it hung over her shoulders.
Her lips curved in a little half acknowledging smile; "I just didn't
want to see myself."
I must have had a confused look on my face because she explained, "I'm
a freak." She choked on the words.
I jumped to my feet, "No....you're not."
"Oh come on," She sat on the edge of the bed, "I could have my own tent
at a freak show. *Come see Anderea, the half human, half alien*." She
was both sad and angry. Her rested her head in her hands. 
I sat next to her putting my arm around her; "You're not."
She rested her head on my chest and trembled a little. I put my other
arm around her, to hold her. I knew it wasn't the best time but holding
her got to me. The smell of her hair was intoxicating. I kissed the top
of her head and inhaled the sent of vanilla. My head was spinning. 
"I'm so scared," She confessed. 
I rubbed her back lightly, remembering to comfort her and try to ignore
the excitement growing in me. "It'll be okay." I brought hand under her
chin, raising her eyes to met mine, "I don't want to lose you."
She sat up and brushed the hair away from my face, "Ree," She bit her
bottom lip, "I love you."

'Wholly Shit!' The smile on my face must have been huge. I felt like I
was glowing. I don't care how cheesy this sounds, but it was the
biggest deal of my life, "Ohmigod! I love you too." I was smiling from
ear to ear. I clumsily leaned in and kissed her.
Hungrily she returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around my neck.
Desperately wanting to feel something normal. She kissed and nibbled my
ear lobe making me moan quietly. My head was still spinning: SHE LOVES

Her hands reached under my shirt and pulled it over my head, tossing it
to the floor. She was instantly kissing and licking my skin. She sent
shivers through my body. I did the same to her, pulling off her shirt
and covering her in kisses. She almost purred. 
We both struggled to free me from my jeans and boxers, never breaking
the connection of our lips and tongues. 
Our lips met again, leaving me breathless. Already this was SO much
better then the first time or the second time or any other time. This
time, she loved me. I wanted this to last forever. This passion, this
need, this heat. But my *enthusiasm* wouldn't allow that. With one
quick thrust I entered her.
"Oh Ree!" She gasped. I was afraid I hurt her until she started to suck
on my tongue. 
"Mmm," I moaned as we started to develop a rhythm. I looked up into her
mild blue eyes, they were lovingly staring at me. If I ever doubted the
words, (which I didn't!) it was all there in her eyes. She wanted and
loved me, ME. God, making love was so much better than sex, especially
now that I knew the difference. There was the emotional bond that made
the physical so much stronger. It would have been nicer to hold out
longer, but couldn't. "God Anderea.....I Love you."


The two lovers lay spooned together. Langly's arm was wrapped tightly
around Anderea's middle. His head was nuzzled against her neck,
mumbling in his sleep. She smiled at his almost incoherent babbling.
She'd been trying to understand it, since she couldn't sleep but she
was doing fairly well at it. She was still awake since she was
practising her worst habit: over worrying. She did it a lot.....kept
her up most of the time too. Especially now. But feeling Langly
breathing against her back and his *words* in her ears made her feel
"Notgonnaloseyou," he snuggled closer to her.
'Seems his mind is at the same place as mine,' she thought lacing her
fingers through the long slender ones of her mate. 
"Keepyousafe," he tightened his arm around her, "MeByes'and 'Hike," He
yawned a little and adjusted his position. 
"'Hike," she says quietly to herself and her mouth drops. She mouthed,
'Ohmigod,' and slowly slipped out of Langly's embrace. She carefully
crept around the darkened bedroom, searching. Pulling on the tee shirt
he picked for her and rest of her appropriate clothing she found a pen
and paper, scribbling a note. 

I had to go some where. Be back ASAP.
Love you, 

She knelt on the bed, in the spot she just left and kissed her lover's
lips softly. His lips curved slightly into a smile and she pulled the
covers over his bare chest. She slowly slid out the bedroom door and
down the hall. Now all she had to do was figure a way to leave without
setting of the alarm system.

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