Title: Project Jupiter Pt. Four
By: Amanda
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Rating: R for sexual situations and language. 
Summary: Anderea's past fits together with her present and that of the
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen and other X Files characters are the
property of CC, 1013 and FOX. I do not make any money off of these.
It's a labour of LOVE! But Anderea is purely MINE!!mmmhahaha
Note: Part of my "Jupitor Series"


Peaceful Rest Cemetery
3:02 am 

Frohike sat on a small bench in front of a grave stone marked 'Frank
Stepher 1952 - 1994.' His whiskey bottle hung loosely from his hand.
"Why were you so god damn stubborn?! Wouldn't let me help you," he
snorted, "'No, no Melvin. They'll realize we have no connection.
They'll leave us alone.'" He laughed dryly, "You really believed that,
didn't you? So damn stubborn." He brought the bottle up to his lips,
but dropped it down again, "So was I. I let five years go." He pushed
his glasses up to rub his eyes, "God I'm so sorry Frank. I'm such a
rotten brother." Tears started to fall from the corners of his eyes. 

A hand came from behind him and rested on his shoulder.
"Fuck!" He jumped, dropping the nearly empty bottle. 
"I'm sorry," the owner of the hand said in a hushed voice as they
withdrew their hand.
The scruffy man wiped his eyes and nose, "What are you doing here?"
"I came to see Frank," Anderea stepped out in front of the headstone,
resting her hand on the top of it, "But if you want I can leave," she
turned to face him but didn't make eye contact, "Uncle 'Hike."
He looked up at her, not saying anything. 
"I just remembered," she had a look like she had done something wrong. 
"Hey hon," he reached out for her hand, "I just pieced it together
today myself." His eyes were apologetic, "I guess I'm a lousy uncle
"No," she sat next to her newly realized uncle, "The last time you saw
me, I was eleven. That was," she calculated in her head, "fifteen years
ago." She held the older man's hand as reassurance. "I've changed a
little since than," she half smiled. 

He looked at the shapely young women remembering the curveless child he
last saw. She was scrapped kneed; a real tomboy. Now a far more
feminine version. "Wow, fifteen years I could have been your family.
You wouldn't of had to be alone," he continued to beat himself up.
Anderea couldn't find anything to say. She just kept holding his
leather clad hand.
"My god," his face was riddled with guilt, "You were completely alone,
at sixteen. Just a girl...."
"That's just how it played out. It wouldn't have been any good if
anyone was close," outside she was composed, while inside she thought,
'because I could've gotten them killed.' She forced a little smile,
"but I think I turned out okay." 
"Yeah," he made the first move of platonic affection, he pulled her
into his arms and hugged, "I think you've turned out great." After a
few moments pulled back, "Although I'm a little concerned about your
taste in music," he pointed to the tee shirt she was wearing. A little
laugh escaped her as he continued, "And maybe your choice in men," he
half joking recognizing the shirt to be Langly's. 
She smiled fully now, "We can't all have great men like you," she
teased poking his shoulder.

He turned solemn when he hugged her a second time, "It'll all be fine,"
he swallowed hard, "I'm here now."
She could sense the blame he was taking on still, "I don't want to put
any of you in danger or become a problem. I can always---"
He cut her off, "Family is never a problem, just an occasional
annoyance," he chuckled and squeezed the hug tighter.

A flashlight beamed over the two, causing them to squint and attempt to
shield their eyes.
"What the HELL are you doing here?" the caretaker squinted himself to
make out the shapes. "Hey none of THAT here," he came to his own
The two separated as Frohike attempted to straighten it out, "Sorry
sir, we were just--"
"CHRIST! I don't wanna know. Just clear outta here. It's a Cemetery,
not a parking point!" The man barked.
Anderea and Frohike laughed at the accusation. "She's my niece," there
was pride in his voice.
The caretaker held his hand up, not wanting to hear anymore, "Just
clear out."
Anderea stood first, trying not to laugh out loud in the man's face,
"Yes sir. Sorry sir."
Frohike than followed suit.
"FREAKS! They only come out at night," the man huffed as he watched
them walk toward the parking lot.

"John's pretty worried," she said once they reached the van.
"I don't usually run off like that. I really shouldn't of," he fumbled
for the keys out of his jacket pocket. "We'd better get back," he
reached for the driver's side door. 
She held his hand back, "I'll drive," she noticed his surely steps. 
He was about to protest, but stopped, dropping the keys in her waiting
hand, "Do you know how to drive?" He walked to the other door.
"Of course," she beamed, "Frank taught me," she caught herself on the
name, looking to Frohike. He just smiled and nodded, climbing in after
the door was unlocked.

She pulled out of the parking lot than into the one of a diner down the
road. He gave her a puzzled look.
"If I've learned anything about John, you can't go home like this," she
was referring to him downing most of that bottle of whiskey. "Gonna get
you sobered up." She smiled.


Waking up without his lover next to him made Langly frantic. He paced
the whole of the warehouse waking Byers long before he wanted.
"Langly what is it?" he yawned and rubbed his eyes sleepily. 
"Anderea," he held the note out to Byers.
Taking a few moments to read it the older man handed the note back,
"She'll be right back," he relayed the message.
"But I don't know when that was," he whined, "Her spot was cold when I
got up."
"Alright," he yawned again, "Did Frohike come home?"
Langly seemed angry when the subject was changed, he shrugged.
This awakened the sleepy man, "Give me a minuet." He retreated into his
room to get dressed. For some reason he felt he couldn't think clearly
without his suit. The younger man didn't have the same connection to
his clothing. He continued around the vast space in the boxers he
obviously threw on after reading the note.

After being in his suit, and feeling more like himself, Byers met up
with the pacing Langly in the work area. He opened his mouth to speak
but was cut off by the door alarm sounding. Langly bolted to the door,
not checking the monitor because he was convinced it was Anderea.
He unlocked and opened the door, "Oh, it's you." He left the door open
and walked away.
"Quite the welcome," Yves said dryly, referring more to Langly's lack
of clothing then his rudeness. 
Realizing he was still just in his boxers and just had Yves and Jimmy
see him he pulled on a tee shirt that was left on his work chair a few
days ago. "Where have you been?" he asked Jimmy, trying to hide his
embarrassment for the nearly nude greeting. 
"With Yves," Jimmy had an extra shy, hangdog expression.
"I needed someone for an operation," she replied dryly and took a seat,
"He was the first one I found." Which was a lie. She wanted to spend
the last two weeks with Jimmy, without the boys. This way, undercover,
she could be close to him without being watched for it. 
"You know it's not nice to take something of ours without asking,"
Langly sneered.
Yves used her stiff upper lip and just glared back.
Byers decided is was best to explain the younger man's extra
unpleasantness, "His lady friend slipped out this morning." He tried to
find the most dignified term for it. 
"Got away while she still could," she replied.
"What do you mean by that? What do you know?" Langly had to be held
back by Byers. He was far too emotional and anxious. 
"She might be in a bit of trouble," Byers explained the outburst, "Ever
heard of Project Jupiter?" 'Might as well get some help if possible.'
Yves eyes were busy with thought, "Sounds a bit familiar." Her mind was
still wrapping around Langly having a Lady Friend. 'It must have been
some two weeks here.'
Byers nodded, noting that they could use her help if Anderea came back.
He believed in being a realist, or at least with other people's lives.

The door opened for a second time. Anderea was the first one through. 
"Anderea," Langly's face lightened and he ran to hug her and kissed her
"Ree," she giggled at the out right display of affection. 
Frohike followed into the warehouse, unnoticed by the two. In a firm,
but unthreatening voice he said, "Hey Punk, get your paws off my

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