Title: Project Jupiter Pt. Five
By: Amanda
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Rating: R for sexual situations and language. 
Summary: Anderea's past fits together with her present and that of the
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen and other X Files characters are the
property of CC, 1013 and FOX. I do not make any money off of these.
It's a labour of LOVE! But Anderea is purely MINE!!mmmhahaha
Note: Part of my "Jupitor Series"


"Wha?" Langly stepped back surprised by the revolution. 
"What I said, Get your paws off my niece," Frohike smiled putting his
arm around Anderea. 
"Niece?" Langly raised his eyebrow.
"Um hum," she smiled with contentment as her uncle kissed her cheek. 
"Frank was my half brother," Frohike explained to clear up any further
questions. Not wanting to go into too many specifics. 
Byers nodded with the satisfaction of a situation resolved. 
The younger gunman was still processing everything, "So, she's
"Damn straight," the arm around Anderea became a hug. "And, I'm gonna
pretend the last two weeks didn't happen," he looked at Langly, "She's
getting her own room."
She giggled, "'Hike, he's not my first ---"
"I don't need to hear that," the older man raised his hands to the
words as he walked farther into the warehouse. 
"I DON'T want to hear that," Langly's voice sounded hurt.
"Aww," she went over to hug him and whispered in his ear, "the only one
I love."
This made him happier, he tightened the hug.

"This is all so sweet," Jimmy smiled and gained the attention of
"Hey Big Guy! Didn't see you," Frohike slapped him on the back, "Where
you been?"
"With Yves," he had the same shyness as before, and his cheeks blushed
a little. 
The older man just nodded, "Anyone hungry? I'm in the mood to cook." He
cracked his knuckles in front of himself.
"Huevos Rancheros?" Jimmy asked with a general taste for it. 
"You got it buddy," he smiled.
"I'm not sure if I can get used to this cheerier you," Yves admitted
cracking a small smile. 
The other possibilities for Anderea drifted through the back of his
mind, "Let's just hope he can stay."

"I have to get changed," Langly said to no one particular, feeling
uncomfortable in the day old tee shirt and boxers. 
"Me too," Anderea chimed in, not feeling much like herself in her
Langly wear.
The younger man smiled at the idea of having her alone in their room
for a while, before she was sent to her own. 
"Don't take too long up there," Frohike couldn't help but sound like an
over zealous father. 
"Yes Uncle 'Hike," the couple replied in unison while striding up to
their shared room. 
"Hey," he couldn't help but smile, "Only she can call me that."

The moment the two were in the room Langly had his lips and hands on
She pulled back, breathless, "Miss me?"
The passion melted away into a soft hug, "It scared me when I woke up,
and you weren't there."
"Aww, I'm sorry," a coy smile danced across her lips, "I could make it
up to you."
He moved to look in her eyes, "Seriously, I was afraid something ---,"
he couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence and didn't need to,
they both knew what the something could be.
"I really am sorry," she brushed her fingers down the side of his
cheek, "I just had to leave."
"You could have told me," he pouted.
"But you were sleeping and looked so cute," she pinched his cheek
lightly and playfully, "You're always so cute." She stole quick kiss,
her fingers lightly traced his jaw line. She pulled back, "And I wasn't
sure where I was going."
"But you found Frohike?"
"I was just walking and thinking and spotted the van," She explained,
"Can always tell it's *the van*," she smiled faintly. 
He ran his fingers though her hair casually and kissed her. Seeing in
her eyes that she wanted and needed it. 

The kiss turned into a warm embrace when their lips parted. 
"I'm gonna make sure everything's fine," Langly vowed in her ear.
"We're gonna keep you safe."
"I'm realising that," She rested her head on his shoulder. 


"Just give them a little more time," Byers answered Frohike's unasked
The shorter man complied taking a seat on a stool, still eager to do
"He was really worried when she wasn't here this morning."
The tired lines under he younger man's eyes generated another question
in Frohike's mind. The query must have appeared on his face since the
answer came. 
"We tried searching the database all day, but couldn't find anything,"
Byers decided to skip the details of the day of fretting over his
location and the state Anderea was in. 
"What database is this?" Yves joined into the conversation. 
"A government one, where a file on Anderea should be," Byers replied
"Project Jupiter," she clarified. 
Byers and Frohike simply nodded.
"Why would she be in a government project?" Jimmy asked, showing in was
following the conversation too.
The two gunmen were reluctant to reply. Not sure if Anderea would be
comfortable with more people knowing. 
"I might be able to help," Yves coaxed them, then sealed it, "I'll try

With a sigh Frohike explained what the 'blasted government' had done to
his niece and numerous other government children. Yves held a quizzical
look when the 
identity of Anderea's parental father was revealed. 
Jimmy's reaction was more emotional, "That's sick! How could people do
that to their own kids?" His face was scrunched with disgust. 
"Can I get a shot at that database?" Yves was careful to ignore Jimmy.
Nothing like her usual attempts to comfort him. 
The enthusiastic younger man's face slumped into a pout again.
"I don't understand it either," Frohike patted the line backer sized
shoulder while Byers took Yves over to a computer. 
"It. Makes me mad," Jimmy continued knowing that someone else cared
what he thought. 
"Hey, I'm there too," Frohike replied, thinking of the rather large
bottle of whiskey he used to try and stop being mad. "But let's say we
eat?" he smiled getting one from the other man in return. 
"Can I help?" His eyes glowing with hope.
Frohike shook his head, "You know I work alone." He went up the stairs
as the younger man smiled and nodded solemnly on the old couch. 
"You'd better be decent," Frohike called up before he entered their
"Only as decent as usual," Langly laughed as he and Anderea released
their embrace. She gave him a playful slap on the chest and smiled. 
"That doesn't give me a lot of confidence," Frohike cautiously rounded
the corner. 
Anderea was sorting through the pile of her things looking for a fresh
outfit. The usually neat pile was a mess from her earlier freak-out.
She pulled out a pleasing tank top and scrambled together some make-up,
"I don't know what you'd have to be worried about," she flashed an
innocent smile. 
Langly sighed at the sight of her smile and slumped onto the bed. 
Frohike slipped into his newly realised fatherly role; "I'll just feel
better having you in your own room. We've got a room back there we'll
clean out for you."
"No hurry," she patted his shoulder as she passed him on her way to the
bathroom to freshen up.
"And you behave," Frohike pointed to the man on the bed.
He propped himself up on this elbows, "I'm trying," he smirked, "But,"
he whistled. 
Shaking his head the scruffy man leaned on the doorframe. "I'm gonna
have Scully look at her," he confided. 
A puzzled look crossed the other man's face, "What for?"
"Ju --- Just to make sure," he wasn't sure if his reasoning would stand
up to criticism from anyone, "Peace of mind."
"It'd be good for her to talk about it," Langly rose from the bed,
thinking it was time for him to change into his regular clothing. "She
hasn't really said anything about it. Keeps it all in." He picked up a
tee shirt and sniffed it, happy with it he flung it on the bed.
"I know," Frohike dismissed Langly's dressing ritual and remained in
his worried state.

"Know what?" Anderea emerged changed and primped in her usual state:
basic make-up and clean clothes. 
"Oh, nothing," Frohike stood straight up, "I'd better get cracking," he
disappeared into the kitchen. 
Anderea peeked her head into the room, while still standing in the
hall, "What were you talking about?"
Langly pulled off his old shirt, "Oh, nothing."
She stared for a few moments at her half naked lover and smiled, "I'd
better go downstairs before I get any ideas"
He smirked and raised his eyebrows, "Like what?"
She balled up the borrowed tee shirt and through it at him, "oh,
nothing." She blew him a kiss and went down to the workroom.

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