Title: Project Jupiter Pt. Six
By: Amanda
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Rating: R for sexual situations and language. 
Summary: Anderea's past fits together with her present and that of the
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen and other X Files characters are the
property of CC, 1013 and FOX. I do not make any money off of these.
It's a labour of LOVE! But Anderea is purely MINE!!mmmhahaha
Note: Part of my "Jupitor Series"


Yves wasn't paying much attention to the computer. She knew where to go
to find Anderea's Identification number and all other information; it
would only take minutes. She was biding her time so it didn't seem
suspicious for her to have found everything the moment she started to
look. They already didn't fully trust her, with the exception of Jimmy.
She looked over to him, he was sitting with slumped shoulders staring
down at his shuffling feet. They hadn't really talked since the last
night of the operation. They celebrated the success of the sting, where
they posed as newly weds, with Champaign in their hotel room. The
numerous glasses had lowered Yves' emotional shield, allowing her
feelings for Jimmy to bubble to the surface. The gentle kiss of the
moonlit balcony exploded into more. The few glasses had more of an
effect of the goofy man, seeing as it was his first time drinking
Champaign. He was easily lead from the balcony to the bed. 

Jimmy's eyes brightened when he noticed the direction of her brown-eyed
gaze. His face was lit with hope for a break in their tension. She
turned away shattering his optimism, his eyes darkened and he cast them
down again. Yves heart ached for him, but she refused to show it in her

Again she pretended to work. Only a bit more stalling before she could
be done with this and find out what there was to all this. She
looked up, spotting Anderea entering the space looking much more
feminine than before. Rather beautiful. 
"Hey," she leaned on the workbench next to Byers, smiling at him, "How
is it going?"
He sat back in his chair, returning her open smile, "Not very
productive I'm afraid. But than again, I'm not all that great at this."
She put her hand on his shoulder in a don't-worry-about-it-way, "If
it's there you'll find it." 
He nodded excepting the encouragement, "We'll certainly try."
"It's okay if you don't find it too," She patted his shoulder as she
walked away letting him get back to it. Personally she preferred it if
they didn't find anything, so she could forget it. She had spent ten
years forgetting all se could about her past life. Everything from
childhood friends to family events.

She noticed the uncharacteristically sad form of Jimmy sitting in the
dark corner and approached him. 
"Hey," she sat on a crate in front of him, "we weren't introduced."
He looked up at her, forcing a polite smile, "I'm Jimmy."
"Anderea," she held her hand out to him and smiled.
With no enthusiasm he shook her extended hand and went back to sulking.
Resting her elbows on her knees, to rest her head at his level, "What's
"Nufin'," he sighed and shuffled his feet more.
Anderea placed her hand on his knee, "You know, you can talk to me if
you want to." She could tell he needed to talk to someone. 
Jimmy looked up and smiled more openly this time, "Thanks."
She waited to see if he'd make use of the offer, which wasn't long.
"I think I screwed up again," he confessed, sounding like a punished
"What do you mean?"
"I....I really like Yves," he blushed and a smile crossed his lips,
"And I thought maybe she liked me too" He became sad again, "But since
that sting thing, she won't talk to me, or even look at me."
"What happened?" she wanted to understand, but still not over step.
"We....ah," he looked around before leaning closer to whisper, "we
kinda....um, well we did. You know," he blushed again.
Anderea couldn't help but smile: for a grown man, he was quiet shy.
"But, she won't even talk to me now," he pouted with big puppy dog
eyes. It could melt your heart, and that's what it did to her. She
wanted to make him feel better.
She gave his knee a reassuring squeeze, "Yves probably doesn't want to
put up with the grief from the guys." She gave a logical reason that
she wasn't convinced of, but seemed to make Jimmy happier. 
"Thanks," he smiled covering her hand with his, "I feel a it better

Yves watched the whole conversation, and didn't like it. 
'She's been here days to my months and is already closer to them than I
ever will be. She's family to Frohike, a friend to Byers, even a match
to Langly and now..Jimmy!' her mind was whizzing around in violent
circles. She furiously pounded the computer keys and clicked the mouse
as she continued to think, 'My god, I'm jealous.' She was surprised by
her own reaction. She had no right to be possessive over him, not since
she won't talk to him, but she glanced up at his smiling face.

The computer beeped and she checked the screen, "I think I found
something," she announced, knowing full well that she had found the
proper page.
"Let's see it Yves," Byers came over to get a better view of the
"Are....are you sure?" Anderea was more than reluctant to check the
screen, and prayed it was nothing.
"Seems that way," Byers was quickly scanning the screen, "Frohike!
Langly! Get down here! Yves has found something."

The two men came bounding down the stairs, Frohike in his apron and
Langly chewing what he stole from the kitchen. 
"Let's see it," Langly swallowed as he reached the table. 
Yves, proud of her findings, turned the computer monitor for a betting
viewing for the two joiners. 
It was the third entry in the list on the page, reading:

48787866663 *Stepher, Anderea October 19, 1975 UNKNOWN

"Status unknown," Frohike read her line, than the two above and the
list below, "Status terminated." It didn't sit well with him, made him
uneasy. "Can we find out what they're planning to do about her status?"
he was trying his best not to think of the emotional side to it. 
Yves turned the monitor to face herself again, "It's all connected to
Project Blue Book and S4, I don't see them posting a plan of action
here or even documents." She continued to type.
"Check if there's more of a file on her," Langly instructed moving to
Yves' side of the table, leaning over her shoulder.
"I am doing what I can," she replied with annoyance at the demands. She
was not one to take orders, rather she gives them.

The words took their time before finally hitting Anderea. But when they
did, she stumbled back, "They want to terminate me?" Her voice was as
shaky as her legs.
Jimmy moved to steady her, bracing her back with his arms. 
"They're gonna kill me," she laughed nervously leaning back on the
support offered from the bigger man. Her world was being sucked down
the drain, along with the colour from her face.
"Guys," Jimmy's eyes pouted and his brow furled. 
"No," Langly rushed to her, taking her in his arms and leaning her head
on his shoulder. Her eyes were wide with fear and she trembled as he
continued, "That's NOT going to happen." He stroked her hair as she
tried not to sob on his shoulder. "It's not going to happen. It's not,"
he was saying it as much for her as for himself.
He was feeling the same dread that was in her eyes, but didn't want her
to know. One of them had to at least try to be strong.
Frohike too started reassuring, both for the benefit of other and
himself, "Come on kid," he rubbed her back, feeling her cry, "there's
no way we'd let anything happen to you." 

Byers removed himself emotionally, trying to keep his mind on a course
of action while his friends took the time to worry. He read all the
information Yves had found in the database, "This is what Mulder showed
us. Is there anything else?"
"Sorry Byers," she disconnected the server before a second thought. She
had to cover the fact that she hadn't hacked into the database at all. 
"What about the connect project? Blue...." he was determined to find
something useful.
"Blue book. Project Blue Book," she rose from the computer, feeling the
air tighten around her. She knew where he was going with this and it
was going to get too close to her. 
"Yeah," the breaded man picked up on her uncharacteristic nervousness.
She moved closer to the door, "No. They just found the aircraft and
proof of extraterrestrial life. S4 did the tests on the technology and
discovered the need for pilots so the government could use it. That's
how they determined the need for Project Jupiter." Her sudden loose
lips had proved she knew too much.

"Wait," Langly stepped closer to her, Anderea was standing under her
own will, "Yet again, you know more than you're telling us." His voice
had risen, he was angrier than usual. This time he was emotionally
connected, deeply connect. 
"Tell us Yves," Byers too advanced. 

"Back off guys," Jimmy stood between them.
The guys did as they were asked; the look on Jimmy's face was stern
even if it was well known that he was a softy. 
"Thank you Jimmy," Yves' hand brushed his shoulder, it was the first
physical contact since those weeks. His eyes lightened, almost feeling
that things could be the same.
"But, I should have told you what I know," she was anything but
"Just what is it that you know?" Byers asked.
"Not much," she relaxed, knowing she could be back in control in her
cool exterior. 
Langly groaned with frustration and rolled his eyes. A gentle,
reassuring hand squeeze from Anderea caused him to relax slightly, "Can
you help or not?" there was still anxiety in his tone. 
"I'm not really sure," Yves softened slightly, it must have been the
desperation from everyone else, "Let me do a little prodding." She
sighed, not feeling comfortable with her helpfulness.
"You'll let us know the second you find something, anything?" Frohike's
request was more of a plea.
"Yes Melvin," her eyes and voice conveyed her sincerity. She couldn't
help but go soft on these guys, no matter how hard her tried not to.
Despite herself she cared about them. 
As she walked to the door, Jimmy stopped her, "Let me walk you out."

"Ten to one, she won't even come back," Langly let his pessimistic
history shine through. His jaw was locked and he shook his head.
"Hey," Anderea tugged his arm, not liking him being hard in any other
way than the bedroom sense. "Relax," her sweet smile did relax him,
even if behind her eyes she was scared.

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