Title: Project Jupiter Pt. Seven
By: Amanda
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Rating: R for sexual situations and language. 
Summary: Anderea's past fits together with her present and that of the
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen and other X Files characters are the
property of CC, 1013 and FOX. I do not make any money off of these.
It's a labour of LOVE! But Anderea is purely MINE!!mmmhahaha
Note: Part of my "Jupitor Series"


Jimmy was quiet until he and Yves reached her car. He was mustering up
all his courage before he could speak.
"Yves," he was extremely shy and it was showing, "We....we
"I know," her back was to him as she gripped the car door. 'Why am I so
emotionally wreaked by him?'
"Did.....did I do something wrong?" he sounded and looked like a child;
weak and scared he had done something.
"Jimmy," she turned to face him. She was struck by how soulful his eyes
were. "Oh, Jimmy," she let herself fall into an embrace with him. She
kissed him feverishly as her fingers danced through the back of his

He pulled back, looking a little confused. She went from not talking to
him to kissing him the same way they did that night.
"God Jimmy, I'm sorry," she lightly caressed his face. 
He took her hand in his, "I just want to know what's doing on. Did I do
"No, oh no," she leaned back on her car, covering her face with her
hands. "This shouldn't have happened."
"What shouldn't of happened?" he stood closer to her, waiting for
She took her hands down, but kept her eyes closed, "Everything. The
last two weeks. Being with you."
"No, don't say that," she could hear the hurt in his voice, "You can't
mean that, not when I love you." He blurted everything out.
Yves' eyes snapped open, "No, you can't." She shook her head, "You
don't even know my name, or my past, or....."
He put his index finger to her lips, "I don't care about your name or
what you've done. I know who you really are, right here, right now." 
She went to shake her head, but his hand moved to hold her chin,
locking their eyes, "And.....and I love you." He leaned in cautiously
to kiss her and was met by her willing lips.

Their alleyway embrace was cut short when a car pulled up. Jimmy shyly
stepped back from Yves as the two figures exited the car. 
"Don't let us interrupt you two," Mulder quipped as he met Scully in
front of the car. 
He could only muster a shy smile, while he started to blush as the two
walked to the door.
Yves climbed into her car, "I'll contact you when I find anything," She
regained herself by ignoring Mulder's remark, "We can talk than too."
She pulled on her sunglasses and drove away as Jimmy watched. 

Mulder with Scully at his side pressed the door buzzer. 
"Mulder, why am I here?" she shifted her weight back and forth on her
feet, effortlessly holding her medical bag.
"Not in the mood to visit?" he smiled at her. Receiving only Scully's
patented glare in reply. A glare he was used to and was rather amused
by. "It's a favour," he gave a quick explanation as the large door

"Hello Pretty Lady," Frohike beamed as he let the two agents in. 
She controlled herself from rolling her eyes and forced a small smile,
"Hello Frohike."
"Mulder dude," Langly greeted from his seat by his computer, across
from Byers with Anderea reading over his shoulder.
"Hey guys," Mulder said as they reached the workbench, "Anderea," he
"Hi Fox," she flashed her smile.
Scully elbowed him to get an introduction and explanation. 
Frohike offered it, "Miss Dana Scully, I'd love you to meet my lovely
niece Anderea."
A modest smile came from Anderea and confusion from Scully, "Niece?"

Anderea came around the table and extended her hand, "Nice to meet you
"Same here," she shook her hand but still seemed bewildered looking at
the men for some information. 
"Can I get you something?" she offered, wanting to give everyone a
chance to explain without her having to hear it. 
"Er....okay," Scully was still reeling with all the niece business,
"Whatever there is...." 
She nodded and started up the stairs.
"I'll help you," Langly rose from the computer and followed her up the
stairs. Thinking of having a brief moment alone with her.

Byers shook his head and smiled when they heard Anderea giggle from the
top of the stairs.
"Kids," Frohike too shook his head. 
"You seemed to have relaxed a bit on those too," Mulder commented.
Frohike smiled, "Family agrees with me."
Scully glanced from face to face, "Can someone please fill me in here?
What's going on and why am I here?"
"She would be the answer for all of that," Mulder pointed up the
"Anderea? Why?" 
"Well," Frohike's eyes shifted around the room, "She was part of a
government project, account of her father."
Scully looked to Mulder.
"Deep Throat," he told her, with all his expression in his eyebrows. 
Her eyes widened as she turned back to Frohike, asking for an
explanation of the 'family' connection. 
"My half brother married her mother," he gave the shortest and fastest

"The project involved testing.....," Byers searched for a proper
wording, that didn't sound spooky, but found nothing, "it was alien
Scully's eyes widened more.
Frohike looked down, "I want to make sure she's alright. She hasn't
seen a doctor in over ten years, and the tests," the worry was clear in
his face.
"What am I supposed to look for?" Scully was ready to help, if
possible, after the look on Frohike's normally stern face. 
"Just make sure the government bastards didn't.....didn't fuck her up,"
the scruffy man gasped at the last part of his sentence, for both anger
and fear that they had messed her up.
The female agent was taken aback by the pure emotion he was exhibiting,
"I'll check."
She didn't know what to say really. 
A simple nod was Frohike's thanks as he turned to wipe his eyes.

Still skeptical to a degree of the government using Anderea, Scully
whispered to Mulder, "Do you believe all this?"
He stared at her, "After all these years, you still have to ask me
that?" he smiled, "There's documentation too."
She nodded with acceptance on that. 

* * * * * * * * 

Anderea's body was pinned against the fridge by Langly's. His hands
were sliding up and down her sides as her arms wrapped around his neck,
keeping him close. Her tongue persuaded his lips and mouth to open and
to take her in. His hands travelled up her again, letting his fingers
lightly caress her breasts. 
"Mmm," she moaned twisting her fingers in the ends of his hair. 
His excitement was obvious from their closeness and she reluctantly
pulled back, breathless. His eyes had a confused, desperate pout to
them when he looked at her.
She lightly outlined his jaw line with her fingers, "Everyone's down
stairs," she was still breathless and forcing herself to resist,
"they're waiting."
He nodded, taking a few deep breaths but not happy about it, "Okie."
"Later," she whispered the promise in his ear, causing him to perk up.

She opened the fridge door, relieved by the cool air hitting her
flushed face. She took out a can of cola and poured it into a glass on
the counter. 
"You coming?" she asked when she reached the top of the stairs.
Langly stood in the cold air from the refrigerator, "Ah, just give me a
couple of minuets," he smiled shyly. 
Anderea couldn't hold back her giggle, "Okay," she descended the

".....I'll take some blood," Anderea caught the end of Scully's
"Take what blood?" she asked handing the glass to the agent.
"She doesn't know?" Scully asked of the gunmen, avoiding the question
asked of her. 
"I don't know what?" the young woman's voice rose.
Frohike moved to calm her, "A few tests.....to make sure you're
"Tests? On me?" she almost looked scared and her breathing became
erratic, "I don't like this TEST thing."

Langly came down the stairs, "It's just a small thing," he put his hand
on her back. 
"Oh great, you're ganging up on me," Anderea throw her arms up in
"We're not ganging up, purposely," Byers spoke up, walking over to the
group around her. His brown eyes were sympathetic, "We're just
concerned about you. We care about you," his eyes communicated this.
Anderea looked at everyone's eyes, they all said the same thing. Aside
from the two agents, who were paying almost complete attention to each
other. She sighed, "Alright."
"I'll just be taking a little blood," Scully reassured, than looked
around at the unsanitary mess of the warehouse, "I'm not sure where we
can do this."
"There is my room," Byers offered and everyone noted his immaculate
cleanliness, "You're welcome to it."
Scully nodded, "That'd be great." She picked up her medical bag and
waited for Anderea to lead the way.
She swallowed hard and walked up the stairs, like she was on a death

Byers' room appeared more clean and organised than a doctor's office.
Everything was perfectly placed; something out of a decorating
magazine. The two women felt that their mere entrance into the room
could contaminate it. 
"Wow," both their mouths dropped as they took in the sight, an odd
phenomenon in the middle of a mess. 
Scully placed her bag down on the bed and Anderea stared at it. "It'll
just be a few needles," she tried to relax the young woman. Both her
voice and demeanor had softened. 
"I can only think of one that I've had, and I didn't like that much,"
she forced a laugh as she sat next to the medical bag on the bed. 
"Do you remember much of that?" Scully tried to start a conversation
about the project as she unpacked in preparation. 
"That was life times ago," she shook her head, erasing it.
"It's good to get it all out," the red head offered, "No matter how
much you think you should be strong," she made eye contact with the
other, "Speaking from experience. It's better to talk."

Anderea smiled, but didn't take advantage of the listening offer,
"Let's get this over with," she held her arm out.
Scully nodded and proceeded to draw blood. Anderea cringed and flinched
at every action of the needle.

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