Title: Project Jupiter Pt. Eight
By: Amanda
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Rating: R for sexual situations and language. 
Summary: Anderea's past fits together with her present and that of the
Disclaimer: The Lone Gunmen and other X Files characters are the
property of CC, 1013 and FOX. I do not make any money off of these.
It's a labour of LOVE! But Anderea is purely MINE!!mmmhahaha
Note: Part of my "Jupitor Series"


They all looked up as Scully descended the stairs, seeming like she'd
have results instantly for them.
"She's taking a nap," she explained to the barrage of faces, "She got a
little woozy, but she'll be fine."
The nodded almost in unison and seemed like they were in a hospital
waiting room. Each one fidgeting in their own way; Frohike was pacing,
Langly twiddling his thumbs, Byers idly flipping through a newspaper,
Jimmy throwing balled up paper into a wastebasket, and Mulder cracking
his sunflower seeds.
Scully stood beside Mulder, casually pulling his jacket sleeve, "I want
to get these off to the lab," she held up her medical bag. 
"Alright," he and his partner walked to the door, "See ya boys," he
Frohike followed to lock the door after them, "Thanks a lot for taking
the time."
"Just add it to the list of what you owe me, "Scully smiled, "Still
haven't made it up to me for Vegas."
"I know, I know pretty lady," Frohike nodded and smiled. 
"I'll call when I get the results," the agents left for their car and
were locked out.

Scully was quiet as they drove off.
"What's on your mind?" he asked as they pulled out of the alley.
"Anderea actually," she replied.
"Worried about the results?" he turned to face her while they stopped
for a red light.
"Oh no," she pointed to the changing light, "she's keeping too much in,
about the project. She remembers you know." This time she turned to
look at him, "It's gonna eat at her." She had a worried look in her
"Is this your medical opinion doctor?" he smiled, he loved teasing her.
She couldn't help but smile and even giggle, "No, that's my human
opinion agent."

* * * * * * *

Langly started up the stairs.
"What are you doing?" Frohike asked as he joined the group again.
"Just gonna check on her," he replied with annoyance.
"Is your article finished for this week?" Byers jumped in.
The younger man rolled his eyes, "Yes sir, may I go now sir?"
Byers nodded allowing him to finish bounding up the stairs.
"Just don't wake her," Frohike called up after him.

Langly cautiously opened Byers' bedroom door. Anderea was curled up on
one side of the bed, hugging a pillow.
"Derea?" he called in quietly as he knelt on the bed next to her.
She rolled back to look at him, "Hi Ree," she smiled wearily.
"How you feeling?" he propped himself up on one elbow.
"I was a little sick," she curled up to him, "But, I'm better now." Her
finger traced down the middle of his chest over his tee shirt.
A lump formed in his throat, "that's..ah that's good." He swallowed
hard as Anderea pulled off his glasses and kissed him.

Langly softly pushed her back and slide off the bed. She pulled herself
up to sit on her knees, pouting at him.
"You can't mean here in," he whispered, "in Byers' room."
There was an evil twinkle in her eyes. She bit her bottom lip and
crawled to the edge of the bed where he stood, reaching for the bottom
of his jeans.
HE smiled and started to climb on the bed, "I just can't say no to
"Like I have to twist your arm," she giggled, leaning back and pulling
his tee short off over his head.
"He's..gonna be..so mad..at us" he commented between kisses on
Anderea's neck. 
She brought his chin up, "Let's not talk about him," she captured his
mouth with hers and her hands went back to undoing his pants.
Langly braced himself with one hand while the other explored under her
shirt; lightly touching her skin, careful not to grope. 

She pulled his jeans and boxers as far down as she could without
breaking the contact of their lips. Slipping his clothes off onto the
floor he kissed down her, over the tank top feeling the heat of her
body through the thin fabric. His hands moved to strip her of the denim
barrier, sliding them to the floor with his. His hand moved back up her
body, this time pulling her shirt over her head, giving him full access
to cover her skin in kisses.
A sigh escaped her lips when his hand glided under her bra massaging
her breasts. Her nipples puckered under his touch.

Anderea arched her back to her bra to be unhooked and to tell Langly
she was ready. He was in control and reading her signals. He removed
her bra as he slowly entered her. Creating a rhythm of in and out that
made her gasp his name.
She wrapped her arms around her lover's neck and arched her back,
keeping them pressed together as she climbed closer to her edge. His
thrusts became faster and harder as she tightened around him.
He moaned her name as he kissed her throat. She screamed into his
shoulder as she climaxed, bringing him over the edge with her.

* * * * * * * * 

"He's been up there a while," Jimmy commented even though no one was
paying much attention to him. But he was used to that.
"I wonder if she's feeling alright," Byers looked at the stairs
ignoring the work on his computer. 
Frohike too was unable to work. He unofficially paced around the
worktables and utility shelves. He switched directions and headed for
the stairs.
Both of the other men perked their heads up.
"I'm getting something to eat," he explained, "And maybe I'll check in
on her, while I'm up there," he shrugged.
"Yeah, maybe we're all a little hungry," Byers stood.
But I'm not hungry. I just wanna know Anderea's okay," Jimmy corrected
Frohike slapped his forehead, "oh brother."
Byers tried to slowly explain it to Jimmy, "It's a cover story so they
don't accuse us of hovering."
He thought of a moment than nodded like he understood.

The three men climbed the stairs and paused in front of Byers' room.
He gave a quick knock before opening the door, the other close behind,
"Oh, God!"
They found Langly doing up his pants while Anderea covered herself with
a sheet.
"ah, hi guys," he smiled nervously and started to blush.
She was beet red and covering her face with her hand.
Frohike turned away, "We gotta get this girl her own room," he tried
not to laugh.
Jimmy just stood with a goofy grin on is face until Langly glared him
down and out of the room.
He turned to Byers, "I'm....ah, sorry man....I...."
The other man held his hand up to stop him, "Just, just change the
sheets," he left the room.

Langly laid back on the bed on the bed and looked over at Anderea, "He
reacted really well."
She laughed.

* * * * * * * 

Byers couldn't sleep, partially because images of what went on in his
bed flooded his head and because the paper wasn't finished for the
week. He quietly crept down stairs to finish the work on his computer,
but found Anderea sitting at it.
"hey," he stepped up behind her.
Anderea was caught off guard, "I couldn't sleep, so I kind of started
to edit the paper," she didn't give him a chance to reply, "I know what
I'm doing, I'm a writer. I hope you're not mad. And I'm sorry for
earlier, in your room." She bit her bottom lip.
Byers was intrigued, "You're a writer?"
She smiled and relaxed, "Uh huh. Only I haven't written anything since
Fletcher stole my laptop," her smile faded, "There was more than just
some research on there. There was two years of ME."
"Do you have any of your other writing?" he had taken the seat next to
"A whole box," she displayed the dimensions with her hands, "but it's
back at my apartment and becomes property of the landlord at the end of
the week. Along with all my other stuff," she shrugged. 
"How come you left it?" he inquired.
"It's part of my past now," she sighed sadly.
Byers didn't seem to follow the logic, "But it means something to you,
"Of course," she took offence, "but fate gave me a switch. I let go of
my writing but I get you, Melvin and Ree," there was a twinkle in her
"But can't you have both?"
"You can't hold on to the past John," she caught his eyes and noticed
she struck a nerve, "It's just not good for you. Causes too much pain."
"But it's not good to ignore it either," he became defensive, "or
forget it. Not if it means something." He played with the ring on his

They sat quietly for a few moments before Byers spoke again.
"What do you write?" he was interested and felt uncomfortable by the
"Oh, ah well, poetry, short stories, tried a script," she laughed a
little, " and I wrote for a small underground newspaper."
"Hm," he smiled, "Even let anyone read your other stuff?"
"Never had anyone to read it," she shrugged.
Byers stared at her long enough to make her feel self conscious, "Would
you let me read it? I'd like to."
"Sure," she turned back to the computer screen, "but like I said, it's
all property of the landlord come Friday," she tossed her hands up in
"We'll see," he patted her on the back, lost in a thought, "good
"Night John," she watched him walk back up the stairs, trying to read
his mind.

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