TITLE: Who Pushed the Button? (3/?)
AUTHORS: Rose and Zealnote (her 15 year old daughter)
SEQUELS: Unknown


CONTENT WARNINGS: Language and some romance

SUMMARY: A mysterious woman comes to the LGM for protection
and before they know it they are "Lost in time!"

STATUS: unfinished

DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognizable characters are
the property of FOX Television, 10-13 productions,
Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Background on me. This is the first Fic I
ever wrote. And I had my 15 year old, that writes Digimon
fics, to help me with it. So please bear with me I'm learning.

Personal note - Thanks to Jen who gave me the idea about the room,
and thanks I think to my own husband dirty pre-me apartment.

Chap 3 OHHHHH what does this button do?

Langly stared at his bedroom door, with longing eyes as he started
to decode the CD Ranalla bought them.

Frohike happen to spot him a few times and when the tall blond did
not answer his question, snapped and said, "You know she is not your

Langly looked over to the older man and said in a voice willed with
hurt and anger, "What you mean Doo-hicky?"

Frohike always hated it when Langly called him counted with getting
in Langly's face, "She is alive for one thing not a blow up doll!"

Langly's eyes got wide and he stood up ready to fight Frohike when
Byers seeing that this was going to get bad pushed between his two
friends and said, "Enough, she came to us for help and by the email 
that Mr. Parker sent to us we will need to decode this CD."

Langly gave Frohike a hard look, while Frohike sent daggers at the
taller man's back and sighed deeply to get his temper under control,
"Just do it," he snapped.

Langly sighed and ran his big hand threw his long hair and quickly
worked on decoding it. Every few minutes looking up at the door
in hopes that Ranalla would come out. Byers, playing with his 
beard watched his friend work and he wondered if she was all 
right. Maybe she was cold he thought and got up to get a 
blanket for her, when he remembered that Frohike gave her the last
clean one.

With a cough he moved to make some coffee, in hopes to hide his
actions from the others, for it seem it was going to be a long 
night. With Langly and Frohike complaining softly about how 
slow the decoding was going.

After a few hours Jimmy came home with a bang, towing in bags of

"Hey guys!", he said with that happy puppy dog voice of his.

The other three men sighed and looked over at Jimmy. In their
hearts they knew Ranalla would fall for Jimmy. 
I mean he was what most women thought was good looking. 
He had lots of cash. A great looking car. And well he
was Jimmy, everyone seem to like him.

"Shhhh, you big ox!", Frohike said seeing in his mind Ranalla in
Jimmy's arms, "She is asleep."

"Who?", Jimmy said trying to tip toe into the warehouse but making
more noise.

Langly sighed and knew that his one and only change to get laid was
gone with Jimmy's smile, "The woman in my room. Now be quiet!"

Byers too seem a bit depressed at seeing Jimmy spoke, "We have a
guest Jimmy. Her name is Ranalla Parker.", and he thought along with 
the rest of the Gunmen - she is ours we saw her first, "She came to 
us for help."

"Wow. You guys are so cool." Jimmy said with a big smile, "When
can I meet her?"

"Never if we are lucky." Langly said softly so no one could hear
and looked at the computer screen to find it was done decoding, 
"Done guys. Look at this!", he told the others.

The other three came over and crowed around Langly as Byers read
out loud:

Frohike whispered, "Is this guy for real?"

Byers said, "Well Ranalla is here and look at this.", he pointed to
the plans for the time machine. "It goes on to say that Ranalla should
have the machine with her. Or part of it. But the question is
should we tell her that Dr. Parker maybe dead?"

Langly said nothing as he thought how heart broken the red head
woman would be when she found out that her grandfather was dead. 
And getting up he walked to the door, "Should we wake her?"

Just then his door open and Ranalla found herself staring into
Langly's blue eyes again.

"Wake me for what?", she asked softly as she stared at him

"Ahhhh.ahhhhh.ahhhh."  Langly said as he tried to remember what he
was going to say.

Byers looked up at the sound of Ranalla's voice and said in a soft
voice, "We decoded the file that your grandfather gave you."

Jimmy, who was holding a soda at the time, smiled at the sound of
her voice and walked over to Langly and Ranalla meaning to say hello to her.
Tripping over a wire his soda flew and hit Ranalla making the t-shirt cling
to her breasts as the sticky fluid seeped threw the thin material.

All four men just started for a full minute, watching how rounded
her breast seem to be now. Byers coughed, Frohike smiled lewdly, 
Jimmy's mouth hung open, and Langly's eyes got wider. Ranalla 
blushed red again as she wondered why she blushed so much around 
this men and who was the jock.

Jimmy said in that puppy dog voice, "Sorry. I'm so sorry. Here
let me get that." only to have both Byers and Frohike slap him 
on the back of the head for saying that. He looked at them with that 
'what I do' look of his.

"Drr. Dry shirt.', Langly got out, "Would you like a dry shirt,"
and rushed into his room to look for a clean t-shirt before the 
others offered her one.

Ranalla turned and followed Langly back into his room, folding her
arms over her large breasts. She tried hard to hide them most 
of her life under lose fitting t-shirts. Looking any were 
but Langly's back she happen to see the stuff on the floor 
for the first time.

Tons of dirty and clothes where on the floor, along computer
magazines cables, CD's and peeking under the bed was a few 
Playboy, Hustler, Gent magazines. Which where quickly 
kicked under by Langly when he caught her looking at them.

"Just get them to read the articles.", he said shyly blushing in

Ranalla laughed lightly, "Sure you do."

Langly threw a t-shirt at her and laughing, "That is my story and
I'm sticking to it.", which only made Ranalla laugh harder. Langly
thought to himself - 'Nice laugh. She has a great laugh.'

Coughing he went on to say, "Bathroom this way."

Ranalla followed him taking her backpack with her, and when she got
there just started at the dirty bathroom. It looked like it was not
cleaned in years. With a sigh she closed the door and hoped 
nothing was alive under the pile of towels on the floor.

"Man they really need a woman around here.", she said softly to
herself. Quickly she shed the wet shirt and cleaned up as quickly as
possible, eyeing a big pile of towels that seem to move on its own. 
When all clean she found herself looking in her back pack and 
pulled out the black box.

"What in the hell is this?" she asked no one and bought it out to
the guys to look at.

"What is it?", Frohike asked confused.

"Beats me, but grandfather put it in my backpack for some reason."
Ranalla told him.

Byers look up from the print out that Langly handed and both he and
Langly stood on each side of Ranalla looking at the box she was 

Jimmy, still bummed about spilling his soda on Ranalla asked, "What
those this button do?", and pushed the red glowing button on the
underside of the box.

"NO! Don't touch it!" Frohike said as a light seem to come around
Ranalla who was still holding the box with wide green-blue eyes.

All three Gunmen grabbed hold of Ranalla as the light got brighter
and brighter. There screams of terror filled the warehouse. And with
one final blinding light the four where gone.

"Guys?!", Jimmy called out, "GUYS?!! Where are you?"

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