TITLE: Who Pushed the Button? (4/?)
AUTHORS: Rose and Zealnote (her 15 year old daughter)
SEQUELS: Unknown


CONTENT WARNINGS: Language and some romance

SUMMARY: A mysterious woman comes to the LGM for protection
and before they know it they are "Lost in time!"

STATUS: unfinished

DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognizable characters are
the property of FOX Television, 10-13 productions,
Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Background on me. This is the first Fic I
ever wrote. And I had my 15 year old, that writes Digimon
fics, to help me with it. So please bear with me I'm learning.

Personal note - Thanks to Jen who gave me the idea about the room,
and thanks I think to my own husband dirty pre-me apartment.

note - again thanks to Jen who gave me some great ideas for the cows :>

Chap 4 Where the heck are we?!

A blinding light with a roaring sound filled each one of their heads.
Ranalla held on the box to afraid to let it go. She felt each of the Lone
Gunmen strong hands hold her. Each hand so different from the next she knew
the owner just by touch.

Byers held on to her right arm, his grip was gentle and yet his hidden
strength came threw by his touch. He held her to him in the firm yet gentle
after glow of a lover would as his right arm held her hip to his waist.

Frohike callused hand gripped her left shoulder. It was firm and spoke of
his never give up fiery spirit. His left arm wound around her stomach as he
pulled her closer to his side.
It was as if he was starting to make love to her in his grip.

And Langly hand held her around the waist. Years of typing gave his hands
more strength that you would think a man of his size would have. He held
her like a lover her back to his stomach in the embrace that all lovers
share as they make love.

She knew bruises would be there in the morning from their grips. But she
did not mind, she was safe in these men’s arms. For some unknown reason she
knew she was safe.

For some reason the past, present and future came to her mind as they held
her. She was safe and she was loved by each of these men. Loved so much
that it bought tears to her eyes.

Then just as the trip started it was over with them falling on each other on
the hard cold ground. Langly yelled for Byers to get his arm out of his
eye. Frohike just happen to land face first on her breasts, with a lewd
smile he said – Thank you.

Ranalla blushed and pushed him off of her and took Byers offered hand up.
Looking around the first thing she noticed that it was dark. To dark, she
thought and wondered what happen to the lights.

With a smile she asked, “You forget to pay your light bill?”

Byers blushed some under his beard and coughed as he said, “No not this

Langly swore as he groped for the lights, and yelled more when he fell flat
on his face.

Frohike laughed under his breathe and pulled out a lighter and flicked it.
Sending a small light around them.

The first thing that came to them was the smell. It was an earthy smell.
One that would take your breath away if you breathe threw your nose for
long. But the odor of many unwashed things came at them, it was like the
sewer backed up.

A small whimper came from Langly as he was trying to move back from a big
beast. One with white and black hide.

It licked all over Langly’s face as he moved back from it yelling, “Damn
Cow! Take me now. Just shoot me and get it over with.”, he pleaded to the
others as he slipped his way back to the others. Making a face he looked
down at his sneakers, “I hate cows!”

Ranalla looked at Byers and Frohike with raised eye brows at the blond man
swearing. Frohike laughed and said, “He has issues with cows.”, which
brought a giggle to Ranalla

Byers sighed and pushed the other man to help Langly out of the cow’s way,
“Langly was raised on a farm. Something he does not like to speak of.”

Ranalla nodded and giggled. At the dirty look Langly gave her she tried
hard to stop from laughing out right, “I know how you feel Langly I can’t
stand chickens myself.
My parents had a chicken farm when I was small.”

After Langly was helped from the licking cows, who seem to love him even if
he did not like them, they found their selves near a big door. Looking at
each other and nodding the men pushed back the door as Ranalla held the

The light was blinding as it hit them and when their eyes adjusted to the
light they where shocked to find out where they where. Ranalla let out a
little scream as she felt a pinch on her butt.

Looking back she saw Langly smiling, “Just wanted to be sure we are not

Ranalla gave him a dirty look as she said “Pinch your own butt then. Not
mine.” as she rubbed her sore pinched butt, which only made Langly and
Frohike laugh all the more.

Frohike said with a lewd smile, “Well then pinch away.”

Byers sighed and looked away only to be hit by a flying paper. With a soft
growl he pulled it from his face only to look at it in shock.

“Guys!”, he said softly. “Guys! Look around! Look at this!”

The others did as asked as the looked at the paper and down at their muddy
feet. The street that was once paved was now dirt.

The wood buildings that would never make the code back home. The smell of
cows, unwashed bodies, that laid in the street and where doing other things
in the street, hit them all at once. The clothes on the people seem to fix
in their minds. Women in those long dresses and men looking like cowboys.
Not the movie cowboys but real working cowboys.

Looking at the paper in Byers’ shaking hands they all read out loud the
date - July 16, 1840.

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