TITLE: Tormented by the Wonder Elf Part 1
AUTHOR: Meghan O'Connor 
EMAIL: gyrfalcon@yahoo.com 
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DISCLAIMER: The LGM, Krycek, and anyone else you recognize are 
1013's. However, Rachel Ann MacGregor is all mine. 
SPOILERS: The X-Files, all up to the last season finale, and the LGM 
CATEGORY: Frohike/Rachel 
SYNOPSIS: Rachel should have learned by now not to play Truth or Dare 
when the guys give her a drink. Langly doesn't know any better, and 
dares Frohike to do something that could make or break her feelings 
for him.

Cause tonight I'm living in a fantasy/My own little nasty 
world/Tonight don't you wanna come with me/Ooo I'm a nasty girl ---- 
Vanity 6

Rachel wasn't totally stupid. She knew that if she was going to 
drink with the guys, she had better choose truth. God only knows 
what dares they might come up with for her. Of course, Langly had no 
idea how she felt, so his actions were only mischievous to himself. 
To her, it was pure torment.

"Doo-hickey." Frohike blinked owlishly at Langly, then back at his 
J&B, then back at Langly.

"What, hippie freak?"

"Truth or Dare, Doo-Hickey?"

"How about you dare me to come over there and kick your ass?" Langly 
started giggling. Byers snorted into his beer. Frohike 
sighed. "Ok, but last one. Dare." Langly grinned maniacally as 
Byers fell over laughing. Rachel was giggling and only looked up 
when she heard her name.

"OK, but I have to write it out so Rachel won't see it."

"See what?" Langly started jotting something down on paper, then 
quickly folded it and handed it to Frohike. He unfolded it and 
scanned it as Rachel stumbled to her feet. She headed for the couch 
as Frohike rapidly blushed and stuffed the offending note in his 
pocket. "C'mon, what can't I see?" Frohike glared at Langly.

"No way, hairboy. She's too nice for that."

Now Rachel was a little tweaked at being left out of the loop. It 
must have been the alcohol that let her do what she did next. 
Right? She sat next to Frohike and leaned against him. She started 
batting her eyes comically and breathing deeply. She trailed one 
finger up and down his arm while she spoke. "Awww, come on, Mel. 
I'm not afraid of his suggestions. And it's just a game, no harm 
done. You said it was the last one anyway. Please? I'm really 
curious." He glanced at her, then stood up.

"OK, fine, but we do this on MY terms." He lurched over to the 
workbench and shuffled around a few items before pulling an earpiece 
and another with a throat mike out of the pile. He handed her the 
earpiece. "I'll go in the other room, " he said, "and you just sit 
there and close your eyes." Her eyebrows rose in confusion, but she 
put on the small earpiece and sat back down. She looked over at 
Langly as Frohike left the room. He was smirking.

"You have to listen to everything he says, no matter what it is. He 
has to talk to you for at least three minutes straight." Now she was 
really lost. That was it? What was the big deal about Frohike 
talking to her privately? Langly grabbed Byers and started hauling 
him upstairs. "Just listen. I'm gonna get the narc here in bed so I 
don't have to clean it up when he wakes up. Have fun." She frowned, 
then lay back on the couch as she heard the mike come on and Frohike 
clear his throat.

"Don't be alarmed, Rae. Langly dared me to tell you a dirty 
story." She gasped and sat upright. "If you don't want me to do 
this, just take off the earpiece and go to bed. I'll hear your door 
and know to stop. You have three minutes to make it up the stairs." 
Her eyes darted towards the stairs. Could she listen to Frohike talk 
about sex? Part of her was mortified and part of her was dying to 
hear what he would say. "Minute and a half, chickadee." Making her 
decision, she sat back on the sofa. At least she could use this in 
the future, imagine that he actually meant whatever he said. She 
closed her eyes, still unaware that he was tapped into the security 
cameras and watching her on a laptop in his room. "OK, Rae. Relax 
and just let your mind go with the images. And remember, none of 
this really happened."

Continued in part two…

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