TITLE: Tormented by the Wonder Elf Part 2
AUTHOR: Meghan O'Connor 
EMAIL: gyrfalcon@yahoo.com 
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RATING: NC-17, graphic romantic sex 
DISCLAIMER: The LGM, Krycek, and anyone else you recognize are 
1013's. However, Rachel Ann MacGregor is all mine. 
SPOILERS: The X-Files, all up to the last season finale, and the LGM 
CATEGORY: Frohike/Rachel 
SYNOPSIS: Rachel should have learned by now not to play Truth or Dare 
when the guys give her a drink. Langly doesn't know any better, and 
dares Frohike to do something that could make or break her feelings 
for him.

Cause tonight I'm living in a fantasy/My own little nasty 
world/Tonight don't you wanna come with me/Ooo I'm a nasty girl ---- 
Vanity 6

Frohike's voice was velvety in her ear. He started the story, 
getting some hints from online stories, and some from just watching 
her on the laptop. He'd never noticed how delicious her lips looked.

"You have come to me tonight. Sliding the door closed behind you, 
the guys are gone. They're out of state helping Mulder on a case, so 
it's just we two. I look over at you, then I stand, wondering what 
you're doing here this late at night. You come closer, so close I 
can smell that rose shampoo you use. You're right beside me now, and 
you tug at the belt on your robe. The satin slithers to the floor, 
and oh my god. There's nothing hiding that beautiful body from my 
gaze." He paused to take a small drink of water and noticed Rachel 
was breathing through her mouth. Apparently she liked the story so 
far. A strange mix of wonder and happiness seem to flicker over her 
features. He continued with the story.

I see you and my desire grows. I look into your eyes and see them 
blaze with your passion. I bring my hands to your body, bringing them 
up high as I touch your hair...your neck...your shoulders... Your 
flesh so hot, your skin so smooth...I love the feel of you. I bend in 
close, I drink in your scent, my lips meet yours, we 
kiss...deeper...deeper...I kiss
you softly now, backing off...you grab me, you hold me closer, your 
tongue passes over my lips and presses into my mouth. A smile passes 
across my lips as our wet tongues play together in my mouth and in 
yours...back and forth we go as our hands explore each other, tongues 
exploring in pantomime of our hands. I feel your hands slip down my
back...I feel you grip at my ass and I follow suit, gripping you 
tightly, feeling the firm flesh as you flex and move from foot to 

Your knees start to feel weak, so I hold you closer, kissing you so 
deeply that you almost open your eyes again to insure this is no 
dream. Oh, your lips smolder on me so sweetly that I know you are 
here...you are the center of my sensuality... And finally, after an 
eternity of passion, the kiss breaks...your eyes opening as you draw 
a breath, but it catches in your throat for a moment as you see in my eyes that my 
desire has become still hotter...my desire to be with you...to bring 
you pleasure...to entwine with you...spend myself within you...hold 
you close...and so much more...

Your chest heaving, you put your hands on my chest and feel it rising 
and falling rapidly, but still I press on. My lips come down once 
again, kissing your earlobe, a slight nibble there...moving further 
down and across your neck to your throat...I nibble with my lips and 
twirl my tongue across your delectable skin. I feel the vibrations of 
a moan passing through your throat. Your hands grip at me once again, 
and I bring mine up to your hips...gripping with a brief squeeze, 
then trail my fingers up across your torso, your ribs, your chest... 
You moan out a yes as my hands come up and take a firm hold of your 
sweet breasts... I knead them and roll them against your chest as my 
tongue moves and my lips come up to kiss your lips again. I feel you pressing against my 
thigh, and I can feel how moist you have become in your desire...and 
I ache to fulfil your every whim, to give you the pleasure you crave 
and hunger for. I step into your pressing, grinding against you and 
you moan into my mouth and a tremor runs through you...a foretaste of 
things to come..."

He loosened the buttons on his pajama top that he'd changed into. 
Staring at her image, he noticed that her hands were gripping the 
edge of the couch and she was almost panting. But Rachel was still 
quiet and kept her eyes closed. He'd never thought of her this way, 
but the story started to take on a more personal meaning. Wouldn't 
it be nice if a beautiful young thing like her would let him do such 
things? And God, but she really was beautiful when she was turned 
on. His voice came back to her.

"Your arms encircle me, pulling me close again, wanting me soooo 
close to you and I willingly comply, kissing you, fondling your 
breasts as my thumbs play back & forth across your stiff nipples, my 
hips bumping against you in a way that intensifies your pleasure, 
increases your wetness, causes you to moan more, makes you feel like 
you will either burst or burn up...and sensing this, I withdraw 
slightly...touching you with only my fingertips as I look at you 
lovingly and smile playfully but kindly. Your breath comes in pants, 
your body calming but your passion remaining constant. Even as your 
lips form the words that will unlock my inner restraint, my mouth is 
covering your breasts and neck with light kisses, so many falling so 
quickly that it tickles you in your feverish state, the sweat from 
your lovely body tasting so good on my burning lips. And on and on I 
kiss you, my fingers sliding up your thighs, gripping them sooooo 
very firmly while sliding my hands up...and then the pressure backs 
off as my fingers come to the very tops of your
inner thighs...another mild moan escapes from your tightened lips as 
my fingers graze across your mound, touching ever so lightly that you 
can hardly constrain yourself from thrusting forward onto my waiting 

Frohike almost came himself at the sound of her low moan over the 
sensitive speakers. Now she was panting in truth , and her hands 
clenched and unclenched the couch. He realized with a start that she 
was trying not to touch herself in case someone came in. 

"They feel so very soft to your most sensitive places, and yet they 
are so firm and strong that even thinking about my hands drives you 
wild. Oh and I want to unleash your wildness, bring you to a fever 
pitch as I give you more...more...so much more...and you make me want 
to give you every last bit of it..."

Suddenly, she froze, clapping a hand over her mouth. Her other hand 
was knuckle-white against the cushions. His mouth fell open. My 
God, Rachel had just had an orgasm listening to him talk about 
fingering her! Stunned, he quickly cleared his throat and made up 
something to let her down easy. She slowly lay on her side on the 
couch. She'd regret that come morning.

"Once again I softly stroke you, kissing you softer and slower, 
giving you lighter embraces as I hear and feel your breathing slow 
to normal, slowing moment by moment as I hold you and kiss you, 
stroking the back of your neck and your hair 
now...softly...softly...slowly. You are so wonderful to be with, so 
good to be holding, so deep & refreshing a well to drink 
from...relax...relax...let me hold you...easy now, easy...take a 
breath...calm your racing heart...just feel me so close to you...I 
can feel you smiling against my chest...I can feel you returning once 
more as you relax...easy....easy, now...once more now, breathe 
deeply... relax...I'm right here with you still...not going 
anywhere...there now, another smile...sleep if you need to, I'll be 
here holding you until you wake up again...sweet dreams..."

It was like being hypnotized. She was out like a light, and no small 
part was all the alcohol. Unfortunately, Frohike was now stone sober 
and horny as hell. He sighed and closed the computer, taking off the 
mike. Grabbing his own robe, he set off for the very, very, very 
long walk to the shower. It may even take two showers before I can 
sleep, he thought. Hell, maybe three.

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