Title: Two can Play That Game. 1 a

Disclaimer: i don't own the lone gunmen. i do however own the man and
wife. Original working title "Not With MY WIFE you DON'T

Two Can Play That Game

Meet Mary-Alice and Don Charleston. Happily Married couple. Second 
mortgage almost paid off. Two daughters, who had grown, Life was as 
perfect as it was going to get. What more could they
Possibly want? One day Don comes home, Mary-Alice is not home. So Don 
waits and waits.
Finally Mary-Alice comes home drunk. "Where were you"? Don Demanded.
" Ahh wasth fill ling ta empty hoooles in my lifish". Mary-Alice 
replied drunkenly.
On that note she stumbled up to bed, Don watched her. He went through 
her coat pocket and found a man's name and number on a matchbook 
cover. He was furious with her. But decided to leave it. He slept on 
the couch.
Several weeks have passed. His wife not being there when he came home 
from work was beginning to upset him. It was time for desperate 
In a local restaurant Don sits nervously. 
" I just don't know what to do". Don said helplessly. Byers watched 
him sympathetically 
"This is not our area of expertise, I'm afraid". Byers said 
talking about 
My life here, my wife". My beautifulů he breaks off and starts to cry.
"NOW buddy". Frohike started tightly, he smiles at him. "I know a 
little something about women, and all I can tell you is, you can lead 
a horse to water, but you can't make `em drink".
Don stared at Frohike, "That's it, she's been coming home drunk, she 
stays out late".
"Please guys". Byers and Frohike look at each other. They agree to 
help him.
The Blue VW Van was parked out side a pink and White House
The van had a banner across it. "Top Notch Blinds And draperies. The 
four get out. There is a signpost on the corner, unnoticed by them. 
Jimmy looks around.
"What do I do"? He asked. A roll of blinds is placed on his shoulder. 
Byers whispers to him
"We're going to find out if this man's wife is cheating on him; just 
pretend to be putting up these blinds. The three leave him standing 
there. Holding the blinds. 
Across the street there is Mrs. Spencer, a farsighted neighbor. She 
calls the police nervously.
"Hello this Mrs. Spencer. I live at 445-rosebud lane. Listen, there 
is a man across the street. He's carrying a bazooka! Yes, yes a 
bazooka!! Please hurry"! Jimmy takes the blinds off his shoulder. 
Then police, their weapons drawn, surround him. A policeman steps 
forward, and
Starts yelling. "FREEZE, DON'T MOVE, put down the bazooka nice and 
Jimmy mouths "Bazooka?" "put it down now"!! The cop yells again. 
Jimmy drops the blinds and puts his hands in the air.

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