Title: Two can Play That Game. 1 b
rating: G

Disclaimer: i don't own the lone gunmen. i do however own the man and
wife. Original working title "Not With MY WIFE you DON'T

Two Can Play That Game

Two Can Play That Game 1 b they are back at 
the warehouse. The other three are barely talking to jimmy. He feels 
very bad.
"Come on guys, how was I suppose to know it was a crime watch area?" 
Jimmy pleaded with them. "Oh I don't know, maybe the signpost that 
read "Neighborhood crime watch" gave it away"! Langly retorted 
irritably. Jimmy hung his head. Frohike looked up
From his work. He is gritting his teeth. "All you had to do was 
pretend to be hanging up some blinds". "Nothing more, nothing less". 
Byers disgusted finally spoke " You blew our cover jimmy,
I told you to act normal". Jimmy tried to defend himself. "I thought 
I was." Langly came up to him. "Oh really, let me refresh your 
memory, Ok?" "This was you, Jimmy". Langly lies on the floor 
Kicking and thrashing. "You'll never take me alive"!! Langly gets up 
and walks away. Jimmy just stands there. He notices Frohike's 
leather jacket. Frohike looks up. "Don't do it Buddy". Frohike 
Warned. Jimmy puts it on. " Awww come on just want to see you laugh." 
Jimmy said smiling. He dances around flexing his arms.
"TAKE IT OFF!" Frohike shouted jimmy continues to dance around. 
Jimmy starts singing. Frohike is on his 
Feet. His eyes spitting fire. "I SAID TAKE IT OFF, I'M NOT FREAKIN' 
KIDDING!!" Jimmy flexes his arms again and pretends to be doing a 
commercial. "Hi once upon a time, I used to be a weakling, always 
having my girlfriends stolen from me at the beach. Having sand kicked 
in my face, until I said no more, and joined Armstrong bodybuilding. 
Now I can tell you I am no longer a weakling." He flexes again, the 
lining in the jacket tears. 
He turns to Frohike "Oops". Frohike stares at him stunned.
He lunges towards him. "Now, Frohike started, let's see Armstrong 
save you now"!! He grabs jimmy's throat and starts 
Strangling him. Byers and Langly run over and pull him off.

A few Days Later they meet with Don Charleston again, 
at the same restaurant
" I heard about the complications you had." Don remarked.
"How did you find out?" Jimmy inquired.
"A neighbor." Was his reply. The three turn and glower at jimmy, 
which makes jimmy look away. Byers spoke to change the subject "if 
only we had more to go on". Don remembered the matchbook cover. " I 
almost forgot this". He said as he handed it to them.
They didn't know what to make of it, so they decided to see an 

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