Title:  Two can Play That Game. 1 c

Disclaimer and rating refer to the previous parts.

Cameo appearance By Frank Black. My apologies
If I offend any Millennium or Frank Black fans out there.
It was all in good fun and I hope it's perceived that way.
Frank Black greeted them, shaking their hands as he spoke.
"I knew it was you, the minute you called."
Jimmy steps forward in amazement " I know who you are. Oh my Gawd
You're that guy that can see thing as they actually happened. He 
Frank looked at the other three. "Jimmy, VAN NOW! Frohike intervened.
They hand him the matchbook; he is concentrating on it. He finally 
" I got something!" "Really?" Byers exclaims.
Frank shakes his head "No, not really, I got nothing". They start to 
grab the matchbook; Frank stops them "wait!" " No it's gone now". 
Langly gets impatient "what's gone?" Langly yells
Frank begins "oh the time my wife and I went to the Bahamas, this was 
before my daughter was born, and the sand was so white, so-".
They grab the matchbook and walk out. Frank sits talking to himself.
"That was rude, I never saw that coming."
The men were right back to where they started.
Inside the van:
"Total waste of time." Langly sneered.
"Yeah, like he knew who we were the minute we called, but couldn't 
tell us anything 
About the matchbook." Retorted jimmy, trying to get on everybody's 
good side.
Frohike stares ahead as he spoke "and do you know why that is?"
"No why". Jimmy answered.
"Caller ID." Frohike stated.
They go where the matchbook originated from .it was a small bar.
Several men were playing pool. The bartender looks at it.
"Yeah, it's our matchbook, though I don't recognize the name written 
on it.
"We're helping this man with his wife." Byers says trying to be 
The bartender replies "If you could describe her, then I could tell 
I don't forget a face". Then it hits them forty eight hours on the 
case and they have
No clue of what she looks like.

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