Title: Two can Play That Game. 2 a.
Rating pg.

They go to Don's house, he gets excited.
"Did you find her?" Frohike is tired when he speaks
"No and we won't if we don't know, WHAT THE HELL SHE LOOKS LIKE!"
Then it strikes him too. "Oh my gosh, I know what I forgot to give 
you, the picture, it'll be just a second. 
Frohike turns to jimmy " you sure you're not related to him?"
Jimmy gives him a funny and shakes his head no. Don comes back with 
the pic.
They go back to the bartender, who studies it before speaking.
"Yeah I've seen her in here a few time, but there wasn't any man with 
her. She mostly sat and drank alone." This puzzles them 
completely. "I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help to you, I hope you 
Your Harold C. Notes." The bartender added. They thanked him and 

In the same restaurant Mary-Alice Charleston is talking with 
Yves. She is crying.
" I don't know what to do, I made up that phony name, to make him 
jealous, I guess to make him
Pay attention to me." "And now it's backfired?" Yves asked. 
Mary-Alice wiped her eyes, and nose " Yes, you know, I could see it 
if, he got jealous and found another woman, but four men." "Could 
you describe these four men?" Yves asked. 
The woman described them clearly, and as she was Yves eyes became 
She knew who these four men were, but said nothing. They go back to 
the warehouse. Langly goes through the D.MV. " Nada on a one Mr. 
Harold C. Notes." Langly says looking up from the computer.
"Maybe he doesn't drive." Stated jimmy. They look at him. " Even if 
he didn't drive, they would still at least have a state ID card on 
him" Byers finally spoke. He continues " and there is nothing on 
They decide to see their other source. 

FBI Headquarters Cameos by fox Mulder, csm and Walter skinner.
(My apologies in advance if I offend any xf fans) 
Fox sits in front of his computer. " Nope we got nothing on him 
either, He Probably doesn't even have a Block Buster card." Frohike 
changes the subject " You have one don't you"? 
Fox looks at his friend " yes, but I can't rent anything". "Why?" 
Frohike asked. As he played with the stapler. Fox's eyes became wide 
as spoke " I owe `em money". The other two become engrossed as he 
goes on about blowing the cylinders in his car. Frohike goes off in 
search of his partner. He hides as he hears Skinner and csm coming 
down the hall. Csm started first " I got a story for you, Bill 
Mulder and myself were 
Joining the service, Bill was up first, the Doctor says to him, You 
like girls Mulder?" and just that precise 
Moment, ol' Bill grabbed that nurse's ass". Skinner broke out in a 
boisterous laugh. As they were going out the door. Csm 
continues "then there was the time Bill bought Fox this unicycle-". 
The conversation died as the door was closed. He finally came to 
their office and opened the door; another woman was sitting there. 
Frohike was shocked "you're not Scully!" The strange woman looked up
"No, I'm not." "Where's Scully?" Frohike stammered 
" I don't know, I'm a temp". Fox goes into the office and ushers him 
" You got some really snotty temps." Frohike said disappointed.
"Yeah well they didn't like my temp either". Fox answered. 
They left still unable to find an answer.

<2 b conclusion>